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Reforms coming to the state foster care system
kjrh.comMarch 1, 2012

"Litigation was hotly contested for years," said Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. "The state defended the case pretty aggressively," said Marica Lowry, executive director of Children's Rights. It's all been over a federal suit that claims the ...more »

US judge allows DEA to suspend Cardinal license
ReutersMarch 1, 2012

An administrative hearing of Cardinal's Lakeland license is scheduled to begin at the DEA on April 3. That process could take as long as a year to play out as both sides present their cases. The DEA judge will then make a recommendation to the DEA's ...more »

Trusts & Estate Planning News and Stories

Asset Protection
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Institutional Shareholder Services Helps Clearstream Enhance Proxy Voting Service
MarketWatch (press release)March 1, 2012

... ProxyExchange(TM) and will also be able to manage meetings for assets in the Clearstream securities lending programme and vote on positions pledged as collateral as part of the CMS with Clearstream. Customer data protection is handled by multiple ...more »

Guardianship & Conservatorship
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Homeless Student Policy Is Tabled By Lake Wales Charter System
The LedgerMarch 1, 2012

Gibson told the Board of Trustees that federal law guarantees homeless children have access to public education. That access, under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, includes attending the same school even if the child's homeless situation ...more »

Charitable Trusts
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Mass. court arguments in case of 351-year-old will
The Sheboygan PressMarch 2, 2012

By Rodrique Ngowi, AP BOSTON (WTW) — The Massachusetts Appeals Court should not allow trustee mismanagement to justify efforts to tear up the 351-year-old will that created the nation's oldest charitable trust to raise funds for Ipswich public schools ...more »

Preview calendar: Theater and auditions for March 1-7
North County TimesMarch 1, 2012

"Crime Pay$" ---- Mystery Cafe Dinner Theatre presents a fast-paced mystery-comedy about a series of murders that take place on the set of a TV game show, where the contestants are Las Vegas crime families; 8 pm Fridays and Saturdays; runs indefinitely ...more »

Living Trusts
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Treasure hunt digs up Palmer
Sydney Morning HeraldMarch 4, 2012

THE outspoken, combative billionaire Clive Palmer will be announced today as one of seven new National Living Treasures, provoking infighting within the National Trust, which compiles the list. ''This is not nationally endorsed at all, ...more »

Estate Administration
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Ag secretary turns up the heat
AG WeekMarch 12, 2012

Vilsack repeated his previous statements on the Obama administration's farm bill principles: that a safety net should start with a “strong, stable crop insurance system,” continue programs to sell American products overseas and continue commitments to ...more »

Power Of Attorney
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LEGAL EASE: Lessons for agents and executors
The MercuryMarch 18, 2012

Tim Takacs, in his Elder Law FAX blog ( reports on a case in Tennessee which he calls “Lessons in how not to be an attorney-in-fact and personal representative of an estate.” Viola and Clyde Copas owned a ...more »

Wedding Q&A
New York TimesMarch 2, 2012

I also wondered if it would be acceptable to include a card in the wedding invitations that states not only where she is registered but also includes a note that gift cards to those stores would be preferred since the couple will be traveling back to ...more »

Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts
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Secure Communities: The Real Cost of Failed Immigration Policy
Huffington PostMarch 2, 2012

They then make decisions about whether or not to put that person into deportation proceedings. The assumption here is that everyone who is arrested must be a criminal because law enforcement does not arrest just anybody, right?more »


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