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The mess isn't over: Florida residents search shadows for end to foreclosure ...
Naples Daily NewsApril 1, 2012

The homeowner tells the judge he thought a loan modification had been finalized, allowing him to keep the home, until a lawyer called to say it was back in foreclosure. "That's ridiculous," Lewis tells the lawyer for the bank. "I'm not doing this thing ...more »

Debt, Credit, Tormentors
Albuquerque Journal (subscription)April 1, 2012

Both debt collectors and credit bureaus are supposed to comply with various statutes and regulations, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act respectively, but violations are rarely punished.more »

Trusts & Estate Planning News and Stories

Asset Protection
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MIDDAY UPDATE: Government targets loan sharks
Yahoo!Xtra New Zealand NewsApril 2, 2012

“These will be the biggest changes to consumer credit law in a decade,” Tremain said. “It is time for a significant shift in lending laws to increase protection for borrows and target irresponsible lenders.” The changes include better controls against ...more »

Guardianship & Conservatorship
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Indian cabinet clears proposal to introduce ammendment bill just to provide ...
SikhSiyasat.NetApril 12, 2012

Current amendment would only add a clause for registration of the Sikh marriages under the Anand Marriage Act, 1909 but the Sikhs shall continue to be governed by Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, Hindu Adoption and Maintenance ...more »

Charitable Trusts
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House and charities agree on electronic pull-tab deal
MinnPost.comApril 2, 2012

By Brian Lambert | 05:36 am Well, if no one else, the House has reached an agreement with charitable gambling operations for a tax relief package that puts charities on the bus for electronic pull-tabs. Doug Belden's PiPress story says: “It wasn't ...more »

ICE nationwide sweep of criminals nets 64 Arizona arrests
Green Valley NewsApril 3, 2012

“In my 28 years of immigration enforcement, our strategic focus on criminal aliens is the most effective I've ever seen,” Homan said, adding that communities are safer because of such efforts. But Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American ...more »

Living Trusts
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The “B- in Apt 23” Is My New Best Frenemy
DivineCarolineApril 11, 2012

We're not just living in the golden age of television—we're living in the golden age of the misanthrope. The dial is full of complicated characters—like House's Dr. Gregory House, Mad Men's Don Draper, Breaking Bad's Walter White, most of the cast of ...more »

Estate Administration
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Delhi toys with idea of maximum autonomy with administrative and financial ...
E-Pao.netApril 5, 2012

However, the subject of law and order will remain with the respective state governments. This is exactly the supra-state model as reported by the Seven Sisters Post in November last year. Although this time there may be a new nomenclature, ...more »

Power Of Attorney
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Your Legal Corner: Standy guardians
Gloucester County Times - NJ.comApril 1, 2012

A Standby Guardian may be named in a Will, in a Power of Attorney, within a Guardianship Application to the court, or created on its own. (New Jersey Statute 3B:12-74, referring to Designation of the Standby Guardian by the parent).more »

The Showdown Over Liberal Education at Yale
Huffington PostApril 4, 2012

It's one thing for New York University Law School to set up a law center in Singapore, or Duke University a medical school and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology an engineering program there, all of these transmitting delimited skill sets to ...more »

Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts
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Urgency plea for land acquisition can't be done casually: SC
Daily News & AnalysisApril 1, 2012

The apex court said the burden of justifying acquisition by invoking the urgency clause under Section 17(1)(4) of Land Acquisition Act solely rests on the government as otherwise it amounts to depriving a person of his or her property.more »


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