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Washington County stake in threatened federal grants: Under $1 million
Pamplin Media GroupApril 1, 2017

Washington County could lose as much as $900,000 from the sheriff's budget if federal officials carry out a threat to withhold money from police agencies that do not aid federal immigration enforcement. The total is overstated because it includes money ...more »

Advocates push to restore military benefits
Albany Democrat HeraldApril 1, 2017

Organizations representing members of the National Guard and Reserve are mobilizing to prod Congress into restoring benefits for active duty deployments that have been denied under a new legal authority quietly implemented several years ago by the ...more »

Tax Law News and Stories

Audit Defence
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Life on Contract: Hacking your Taxes | Hackaday
HackadayApril 24, 2017

You're a contractor and people are paying you to work in your pajamas. It's a life of luxury, but when tax time comes, you are in a world of hurt and you wonder ...more »

Irs Filing & Compliance
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Some thoughts, facts, and charts for Tax Day: Bring us back to 1913 (or better yet, bring us back to 1912!)
American Enterprise InstituteApril 17, 2017

We are quickly approaching the deadline for filing (and paying) our federal and state income taxes (extended to April 18 this year because of Emancipation Day), and that means it's time for my annual post at tax time to help put things in perspective ...more »

Business Audit Defence
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FGCU Violates State Law
WGCU NewsApril 5, 2017

The Florida Board of Governors' inspector general's office says Florida Gulf Coast University violated state law on two separate occasions over the last year. The investigation was prompted by eight allegations that were first brought to the FGCU Audit ...more »

Personal Irs Disputes
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IRS Enlists Debt Collectors to Recover Overdue Taxes
New York TimesApril 20, 2017

John A. Koskinen, commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, said of his agency's plan to use private debt-collection companies, “We will do everything we can to make sure this program is effective.” Credit Gabriella Demczuk for The New York Times.more »

Property Taxes
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Salt Lake City schools hopes to retain $8M in property taxes after equalization 'quirk' ends
Salt Lake TribuneApril 12, 2017

Property owners throughout Salt Lake County will face tax adjustments this year after a 7-year-old school equalization law expires. In most cases, the changes will be negligible, such as the estimated 55-cent annual tax break that Granite School ...more »

Corporate Income Taxes
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Idaho Governor Allows Road Bill To Become Law Despite Concerns
Boise State Public RadioApril 12, 2017

Governor Otter is not happy with this funding formula, but with bridges and roads falling apart across the state he allowed the bill to become law – without his signature. Right now, infrastructure repairs are paid for by things like gasoline tax and ...more »

Sales Tax & Use Tax
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Economic nexus: Solving online tax dodge
Maui NewsApril 5, 2017

Now, in Hawaii and in states that have sales taxes, the law says that if a person imports something from a retailer who doesn't have to pay sales tax, then that person, the customer, becomes liable for the same amount of money. It's called “Use Tax.more »

Estate Taxes & Gift Taxes
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50 years ago this week, Nebraska made tax history
Lincoln Journal StarApril 9, 2017

Voters had wiped out a newly enacted state income tax law and simultaneously eliminated the state property tax, which was the state government's essential funding source at the time, just two months before state senators and a newly elected governor ...more »

Tax Evasion Defence
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IRS Polices What Is Tax Planning Or Tax Evasion
ForbesApril 3, 2017

Tax planning--even tax avoidance--can be OK, but not tax evasion, so how do you tell the difference? It is tax filing season and whether you've started or not, it isn't pleasant. And the stakes are high. After all, every IRS tax return must be filed ...more »

International Taxation
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Editorial: Tax lid fine as is
Lawrence Journal WorldApril 14, 2017

Representatives of the League said Wednesday the organization, which lobbies on behalf of local governments such as cities, plans to push for a bill that amends the property tax lid law the Legislature adopted in 2015. The property tax lid law requires ...more »

Tax Planning
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Creative Tax Strategies Can Stretch Your Nest Egg
Kiplinger Personal FinanceApril 18, 2017

How you tap into your various accounts can make a big difference in what you may pay in taxes and what you manage to keep during a retirement that could last for decades. And yet, not all financial professionals make tax planning a priority when ...more »


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