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Indians top foreign investors in Dubai realty sector
Economic TimesNovember 1, 2015

DUBAI: Indians have emerged the top foreign property investors in Dubai, spending over Rs 30,000 crore last year alone. This is more than a quarter of the total of around Rs 1 lakh crore of 'non-Arab' property investments recorded in 2014, according to ...more »

Sex-crimes bill would require DNA from johns
Columbus DispatchNovember 1, 2015

Ohio law enforcement, led by Columbus police and the city attorney's office, is pressing state legislators to pass a bill that would expand the list of crimes for which a convicted offender is required to provide a DNA sample to the state. Anyone in ...more »

Tax Law News and Stories

Audit Defence
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How Ukraine's Finance Chief Got Rich
Truth-OutNovember 12, 2015

The near 12-fold discrepancy between the compensation ceiling and Jaresko's bonuses, paid in 2013, was justified in the IRS filing from the Jaresko-led Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF) by drawing a distinction between getting paid directly from the ...more »

International Taxation
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Dell's EMC Deal Could Fall Apart on Tax Rule
Re/codeNovember 10, 2015

Dell's plan to create tracking shares in a company it does not yet own (that's VMware) would, if successful, amount to a clever threading of a needle in U.S. tax laws: It is intended as neither a distribution of shares nor the spinoff of a subsidiary ...more »

Business Audit Defence
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Minnesota state auditor prepares legal fight over her duties
The Lake Country EchoNovember 4, 2015

... Senate and signed into law by Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton, that allows some counties to hire private accounting firms instead of paying Otto's office to audit their books. Removing the county auditing duty, she said Tuesday, violates the state ...more »

Irs Filing & Compliance
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El Paso Electric Announces Third Quarter Financial Results
MarketWatchNovember 4, 2015

On April 15, 2015, we filed a request to lower our Texas fixed fuel factor by approximately 24% to reflect a change in fuel costs primarily related to a reduction in natural gas prices. .... (ix) deregulation and competition in the electric utility ...more »

Personal Irs Disputes
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On-site health clinics provide convenience, control costs
Bend BulletinNovember 4, 2015

Work-site clinics could add some complexity to calculating the value of a health plan, said Charlie Stevens, a lawyer with Michael Best & Friedrich. It also has added some uncertainty because the IRS has not issued final rules. That's not a major ...more »

Corporate Income Taxes
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Allentown has legal right to raise earned income tax
WFMZ AllentownNovember 5, 2015

Allentown City Council has received quick legal assurance that the administration has the right to raise the city's earned income tax to help balance the proposed 2016 budget. Mayor Ed Pawlowski presented an overview of his $99.9 million budget to City ...more »

Tax Evasion Defence
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ICC cases, tax evasion and cash scandal stories dominate Kenyan newspapers
StarAfrica.comNovember 3, 2015

“Super rich evade tax as poor carry burden,” reported the Daily Nation which further noted that the government has been accused of opening a loophole that allows super rich individuals and multinational companies to avoid taxes. “The Tax Justice ...more »

Estate Taxes & Gift Taxes
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The Tax Law on Foreign Cash Gifts
Motley FoolNovember 16, 2015

Few people realize that in a strict sense, all gifts are potentially subject to gift tax by the IRS. Various provisions of gift-tax law prevent most people from ever having to deal with gift tax, but it can still come into play. In particular, when ...more »

Tax Planning
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Year-End Tax Planning Tips to Start 2016 in Best Shape
The Legal IntelligencerNovember 10, 2015

November is a great time to start thinking about year-end tax planning. Although we still have two months to go until the end of the year, getting a head start on planning can improve your chances of concluding matters by Dec. 31. Here are some options ...more »


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