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Did Christie's 2016 PAC just skirt NJ's pay-to-play laws?
NJ.comMay 1, 2015

The state's 2005 pay-to-play law mandates that no business that has a contract worth more than $17,500 with the state department or agency can solicit or contribute money "to a candidate committee or election fund of any candidate or holder of the ...more »

Mental health a crucial part of our well-being
U-T San DiegoMay 1, 2015

Many people with mental health concerns might not realize the severity of their condition and continue living with their symptoms because they don't perceive it as a problem that needs to be addressed. Others might recognize that they need help, but ...more »

Tax Law News and Stories

Audit Defence
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Patriots: Reason for ESPN text has got to be the shoes
NBCSports.comMay 14, 2015

In their effort to poke holes in the Ted Wells Report, the Patriots are taking some pretty big liberties with logic and reason. As incredible as the suggestion that Jim McNally called himself the “Deflator” because he was trying to lose weight, now ...more »

Irs Filing & Compliance
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CPA Group Lacks Standing in Tax Preparer Suit, IRS Says
Law360 (subscription)May 21, 2015

Although the rule, known as the annual filing season program, is styled as voluntary, it is effectively mandatory because it creates "overwhelming economic incentives" for participation, the AICPA said. Those compliance costs are then likely to be ...more »

Business Audit Defence
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Audit of former Edmonson county clerk 'concerning'
Bowling Green Daily NewsMay 17, 2015

The audit report noted questionable costs of $12,647 for legal fees for a private attorney Carroll hired to represent him in litigation involving the Edmonson County Fiscal Court. Carroll is involved in three separate lawsuits involving the Fiscal ...more »

Personal Irs Disputes
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Feds keep NC store owner's money
News & ObserverMay 4, 2015

But Lyndon McLellan, the owner of a convenience store in the town of Fairmont, south of Lumberton, where catfish sandwiches go for $2.75, is still trying to recover the $107,703 – his entire business bank account – that was seized by the IRS last ...more »

Property Taxes
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Property tax freeze bill a “pitiful display of insincerity”
Reboot IllinoisMay 20, 2015

101 counties in the state of Illinois have the same property tax laws. But Cook County is the only county allowed to operate under different rules. Their under valuation of property for both residential and commercial makes them seem to have less local ...more »

Corporate Income Taxes
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INTERVIEW: Lawmaker proposes changing Michigan's income tax law
WXYZMay 12, 2015

Now, a new bill in Lansing could send us to the polls to vote on a tax once again. Introduced by Democratic Representative Jim Townsend from Royal Oak, it would change our state income tax from a flat 4.25% tax to a graduated tax, based on income.more »

Sales Tax & Use Tax
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Electronic messaging services not subject to Colorado sales or use tax as ...
Lexology (registration)May 1, 2015

Colorado determined in two private letter rulings that a number of electronic messaging services are not subject to Colorado sales or use tax as a telephone or telegraph service or any other taxable service. The Company, which is not a regulated ...more »

Estate Taxes & Gift Taxes
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Ecuador's leader says no more tweaks to mining tax law
ReutersMay 13, 2015

QUITO May 13 Ecuador's President Rafael Correa said on Wednesday he was not planning any additional overhaul of the Andean country's mining law, likely disappointing investors who have been pushing for lower taxes. The government has pushed ...more »

Tax Evasion Defence
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Chinese National Cleared of Tax Evasion Charges in Liberia > Monro
Front Page AfricaMay 4, 2015

Monrovia - Chinese Businessman, Shun Feng, held on charges of tax evasion, economic sabotage and smuggling by the West Point Magisterial Court was Friday cleared of the charges, but warned by the court not to repeat the act. The five-year penalty that ...more »

International Taxation
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Deal signs $900M transportation bill, gas tax increase
WSB AtlantaMay 4, 2015

Gov. Nathan Deal has signed a new $900 million transportation bill into law which includes changes to the state's gas taxes and new fees on electric cars and hotel visits. Channel 2's Lori Geary attended the bill-signing outside the Capitol on Monday.more »

Tax Planning
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A place in the sun: Retiring overseas requires careful tax planning
Professional AdviserMay 5, 2015

Perhaps in part thanks to the weakening euro and the current strength of property prices in the UK against the continent, the percentage of UK retirees seeking advice to move abroad could rise significantly when they become aware of the potential tax...more »


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