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Wanted: A bully to end bullying
My Fox 8April 1, 2012

The Scary Guy is his legal name — we checked. It's safe to say his presentation is unlike anything most students have ever seen. The kids love him, and many school officials sing his praises. But CNN learned not every past customer believes he offers ...more »

Letter: A pending budget disaster
Topeka Capital JournalApril 1, 2012

Now, my wife and I depend on Social Security and Medicare, I do not consider this an “entitlement.” Medicare was signed into law in reaction to seniors' numbers having grown to 9.4 percent of the total population. Today, that percentage is much larger, ...more »

Tax Law News and Stories

Business Audit Defence
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Alabama Fools' Day
Huffington Post (blog)April 2, 2012

On April Fools' Day Alabama's immigration law (HB 56) mandates E-Verify for all employers. E-Verify is a federally run electronic employment verification system that checks employee identification against government records to weed unauthorized ...more »

Personal Irs Disputes
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IRS goes digital to help tax filers complete before April 17
WEARApril 11, 2012

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -- A lawyer for the state of Arkansas says a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary lied to doctors about side effects linked to its antipsychotic drug Risperdal. ... WASHINGTON (AP) -- The head of the Federal Communications Commission ...more »

Corporate Income Taxes
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Kansas business tax cuts would shift revenue to other states
Kansas.comApril 1, 2012

By Dion Lefler and Brent D. Wistrom TOPEKA — The centerpiece business tax cut in Gov. Sam Brownback's plan to reform income taxes would enrich dozens of other states at Kansas' expense, The Eagle has learned. For out-of-state taxpayers who earn ...more »

Property Taxes
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Lega Nord's Maroni criticises Monti law on IMU property tax
Agenzia Giornalistica ItaliaApril 2, 2012

(AGI) Milan- Right-wing politician Roberto Maroni criticized the government's "unforgivably superficial" approach to the IMU tax. "We don't even know what the tax rate will be," Maroni told reporters following a reunion of Lega Nord's Federal Council.more »

Sales Tax & Use Tax
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Taxing Amazon: Good For States And Good For Me
ForbesApril 4, 2012

I've finally finished my income tax returns for 2011. The last task—and least pleasant—is figuring my Virginia use tax. That's the sales tax I owe on our many out-of-state web purchases. It's a pain to plow through 12 months of receipts to identify ...more »

Estate Taxes & Gift Taxes
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Monday newspaper round-up: RBS, LTROs, Indian tax law...
ShareCastApril 2, 2012

"The international business community has launched a stinging attack against the Indian government and its decision to introduce a retrospective tax law. The changes, which could crystallise a £1.4bn tax charge for Vodafone, threaten an exodus of ...more »

Tax Evasion Defence
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Two For Two: Tax Director Resigns Over Tax Evasion
Inside Costa RicaApril 4, 2012

The scandal at Hacienda has caused a stir in the social networks as users offered comments such as: "A finance minister evading taxes? And then ask the people to pay up? That they call tax solidarity". "Stealing from the country", "corruption", "fraud" ...more »

International Taxation
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With The Tax Deadline Fast Approaching, Here's What You Need To Know
Patch.comApril 1, 2012

Use the worksheet in Form 1040-ES, Estimated Tax for Individuals, for this. You want to be as accurate as possible to avoid penalties. Also, consider changes in your situation and recent tax law changes. 5. The year is divided into four payment periods ...more »

Tax Planning
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Multiple Taxation May Cause Capital Flight in Telecom Sector
AllAfrica.comApril 2, 2012

It has been taken to another level in Imo where the Imo State, Environmental Transformation Commission (Entraco) and the Imo State Town Planning Authority are demanding N262.4million for pest/vector controls fee and fumigation charges for the year ...more »

Irs Filing & Compliance
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Toughest filing season in years goes into the final weeks...
ForbesApril 5, 2012

IRS was aware the brokerages were not generally going to be able to provide that format for 2011…yet insisted on the form changes. The second place award goes to the brokerages who gave up attempting to comply with the new format requirements.more »


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