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Peter Dornauf: Rules for rules' sake don't cut it 1, 2017

All hat deniers out there suddenly rose up, shouting down anyone who would dare trample on their precious social customs. The amount of sheer vitriol plied in the writer's direction from Facebook was a spectacle to behold, a sociologists and a ...more »

Diego Pellicer, The 'Premium' Marijuana Brand That Never Touches The Plant
BenzingaMay 1, 2017

Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc (OTC: DPWW) is a real estate and consumer retail development company in the cannabis industry. You might have seen their cool, fancy stores if you've ever been to Seattle or Denver, or maybe heard about the company's ...more »

Real Estate Law News and Stories

Building Codes
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The advantages of owning real estate in a single-member LLC
MarketWatchMay 1, 2017

Although disregarded SMLLCs are ignored for federal income tax purposes, they are not ignored for general state-law purposes. Therefore: * A disregarded SMLLC will deliver to its member (owner) the liability protection benefits specified by the ...more »

Industrial Development Issues
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New law could open way for additional southern interstate
Greensburg Daily NewsMay 2, 2017

The Regional Development Authority fund would be used to off-set the funding for the state match. This law gives regional areas additional tools to help fund their specific infrastructure projects. By providing new ways for local governments and ...more »

Commercial Real Estate
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Inside Track: Trials prepare attorney for dual career
grbj.comMay 5, 2017

The Business Journal reported in 2013 that the Grand Rapids Law Group partners began practicing family, criminal, immigration, small business, commercial, real estate and wills and estate planning law. Now, Rosario has honed the firm's focus to three ...more »

Mechanic's Liens
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SEC Probes Solar Companies Over Customer Cancellations
Fox BusinessMay 3, 2017

Some customers say they were strong-armed into buying solar-energy systems by sales representatives who threatened to sue them if they didn't proceed with a project or to place a so-called mechanic's lien on their homes -- a measure used to force a ...more »

Mortgage rate war: HSBC launches new lowest five-year fix 5, 2017

HSBC has launched the cheapest five-year fixed rate mortgage at 1.69pc, as the mortgage price war continues. Available for deposits of 40pc and with a £999 ...more »

Construction Contracts & Disputes, Boundaries
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Bond spat between Paul LePage, Terry Hayes threatens construction projects
Lewiston Sun JournalMay 5, 2017

AUGUSTA — Approximately $600 million earmarked for Maine infrastructure projects is held up in an arcane dispute between Gov. Paul LePage and State Treasurer Terry Hayes over a contract with lawyers hired to work on a bond sale set for June.more »

Reits And Limited Partnerships
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Uncrowded market? Few companies capitalize on Michigan law allowing intrastate crowdfunding
MiBizMay 14, 2017

Joe Elias, co-founder and COO of Grand Rapids-based Loquidity LLC, said the crowdfunding platform formed in 2015 to invest in commercial real estate had trouble finding a bank willing to help with an escrow account. One regional bank wanted to see a ...more »

Construction Litigation
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Proffer cases create planning logjam
Chesterfield ObserverMay 3, 2017

The new law took effect July 1, 2016, capping the amount of money a locality can accept from developers to offset the economic impact of rezoning land for residential development. With the local housing market heating up, many developers rushed to ...more »

Residential Real Estate
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Contrecoeur: City's legal dept. kept out of the loop on real-estate agencies' privatization
Montreal GazetteMay 4, 2017

The city of Montreal's legal department learned “by accident” in 2006 that the administration of former Montreal mayor Gérald Tremblay had gone behind its back to privatize the city's real-estate agencies, the former director of the department ...more »

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Rescuing Neighborhoods from Foreclosure
Shepherd ExpressMay 2, 2017

ACTS was born out of a pilot program at St. Michael's Church in the early 1990s to push back against some of the crime and foreclosures swirling around the neighborhood. Since that time, though, the organization's footprint has spread all over ...more »

Restrictive Covenant Injunctions
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Legal Notices For May 29, 2017
The Transylvania TimesMay 29, 2017

Having qualified as Executrix of the Estate of Alice M. Dalton (Estate File Number 17 E 124), deceased, late of Transyl-vania County, North Carolina, the undersigned does hereby notify all persons, firms and corporations having claims against the ...more »

Hotel Reit Practice
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Dream Industrial Real Estate Invest Trst (DIR.UN) PT Set at C$8.50 by Scotiabank
Markets DailyMay 3, 2017

... providing predictable and sustainable cash distributions to unitholders while prudently managing its capital structure over time, and maintaining a REIT that satisfies the REIT exception under the specified investment flow-through (SIFT ...more »

Title Litigation
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Texas Attorney General Files Lawsuit To Prevent Litigation Against Sanctuary Cities Law
Patch.comMay 8, 2017

AUSTIN, TX — In a preemptive strike against likely legal challenges to the newly passed sanctuary cities law, the state's attorney general filed a lawsuit on Monday seeking to "uphold the constitutionality" of the bill signed into law on Sunday ...more »


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