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2 dead after plane crash at Collinston - The News Star
Monroe News StarMay 1, 2017

Two people are dead following a Sunday afternoon plane crash in Collinston.more »

GOP Suffers From Irrational Belief in Tax Reform
NewsmaxMay 1, 2017

It was a bad idea when foisted on the American people in 1913 and, after 114 years, it is nothing but a catastrophe for the American economy now. There are a plethora of tax ... Categorizing all the circumstances, situations, transactions, and possible ...more »

Professional Malpractice News and Stories

Meet your neighbor: Attorney Michael Wise
Pamplin Media GroupMay 1, 2017

You get to talk to me, not a legal assistant." The firm has grown to include several attorneys practicing in areas of litigation, personal injury, wrongful death, professional negligence, construction law, business formation, insurance coverage ...more »

Medical Malpractice
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Mom with incurable breast cancer wins...
Local 10May 5, 2017

Lazard recently won a $21.6 million medical malpractice verdict. But after Miami-Dade Circuit Judge John Schlesinger ruled in her favor, it was hard for Lazard to celebrate. Both the disease and the treatment have taken a toll on the single mother of two.more »

Legal Malpractice
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Can a former lawyer disclose our communications if we sue for malpractice?
The Daily BreezeMay 9, 2017

A You do, indeed, open up those communications to scrutiny by suing the lawyer for legal malpractice. Under California Evidence Code Section 958, he or she would no longer prevented from disclosing what otherwise were or may be your confidential and ...more »

Professional Malpractice - Other
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American Bar Journal Publishes Article on Legal Malpractice Claims Co-Authored by Lipson Neilson Attorneys Joseph ...
Nevada Business MagazineMay 2, 2017

Joseph Garin, the Managing Partner of the Las Vegas office of Lipson, Neilson, Cole, Seltzer, Garin, P.C., is consulted nationally on the defense of professional liability claims, ethics, employment, insurance coverage disputes, director and officer ...more »


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