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Sales-Tax Measures 'to Cost Us Big'
Wall Street JournalDecember 1, 2011

But Ms. Strawn, and others like her who operate with just a dozen or so employees, would have to begin collecting and remitting taxes for the more than 40 states that currently charge sales and use taxes, along with thousands of cities and counties ...more »

In Boon to Palm Coast, Appeals Court Rules Red-Light Cameras Legal Even ...
FlaglerLive.comDecember 1, 2011

The city countered that penalties were code infractions rather than criminal infractions, and that they were non-moving violations, even though a vehicle had to be moving to trigger such a violation. A trial court ruled in favor of Masone, saying state ...more »

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Reliance on high-tech and high-turnover leading to lawsuits in 'hospitalist ...
San Antonio CurrentDecember 7, 2011

The De La Zerdas think they have a strong legal case, especially since IPC told the family that it had terminated the employment of Dr. Sherif Shamaa, the hospitalist assigned to care for De La Zerda. “I just received your letter of complaint regarding ...more »

Medical Malpractice
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How would candidates really hold health care costs down?
DesMoinesRegister.comDecember 3, 2011

Brown sees the economy and the budget deficit crowding out other important debate topics, including how to keep Medicare and Medicaid costs under control and to prevent Americans from losing private coverage. “Health care isn't close to being the ...more »

Legal Malpractice
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Tort reform: Keep proper balance
Jackson Clarion LedgerDecember 6, 2011

To an individual injured by negligence by a business, a doctor or a trial lawyer facing off against unlimited resources of a giant insurance company, tort reform means a high wall to climb to find justice in a stacked legal system. ...more »

Professional Malpractice - Other
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Obamacare Could Obliterate Most Health-Care Conscience Protections, Experts Say
National Catholic RegisterDecember 13, 2011

... throughout the health-care system and to enforce it, to make it a mandated service through force of law, through force of malpractice law, through ethical so-called norms adopted by particular professional societies and other methods,” he said. ...more »


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