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Banning Kids From Streets May Make Us Less Safe: Mike Males
BloombergSeptember 1, 2011

Likewise, a study by the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice found that during the 1990s and 2000s, juvenile crime and crime in general fell faster in California cities that didn't enforce youth curfews than in those that did. ...more »

Richmond Car Accident Attorneys Encouraged By Virginia's Reduction in DUI ... (press release)September 1, 2011

Although that figure was down from 294 fatalities in 2008, hundreds of people are still losing their lives because of entirely preventable behavior, the law firm says. The Virginia auto accident attorneys at Marks & Harrison urge motorists to pay heed ...more »

Personal Injury News and Stories

Birth Injury
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Building Site Manager Fined After Worker Suffers Serious Injury
Injuries Direct NewsSeptember 9, 2011

A site manager has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), after a worker suffered serious personal injury in a construction site accident. Site manager Matthew Saville, instructed a thirty two year old employee to remove a diamond ...more »

Did You Know... Missouri Trial Lawyers Continue To Help Joplin Residents After ...
InjuryBoard.comSeptember 5, 2011

It seems like personal injury lawyers are often the subject of ridicule and positive stories like this one don't get told. As a proud member of MATA's ERT, I am incredibly pleased to share these success stories. Lawyers and non-lawyers can show your ...more »

Car Accidents
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UK's Justice Action Group Rebuts ABI's Stance on Personal Injury Claims
Insurance JournalSeptember 6, 2011

It is often the main, if not the only, “recourse available to victims of breaches of privacy like phone hacking, those who have suffered from professional negligence, victims of asbestos poisoning, the families of those killed at work, consumers, ...more »

Intentional Torts
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A Call to Reform Wisconsin's Class-Action Statute
WisBarSeptember 1, 2011

The court found commonality requires only “a community of interest among [the class members] in the questions of law and fact involved in the general controversy, or in the kind and form of relief demanded and obtained by or against each individual ...more »

Mass Accidents
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Marlane fought the law and won
Lismore Northern StarSeptember 1, 2011

STRIPPED last month of her driver's licence after a minor car accident in April, retired banker Marlane Nygaard was making good use of its return yesterday by doing some long-overdue grocery shopping. Mrs Nygaard, 73, had her licence revoked by the ...more »

Defective Products
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What Happens to Recalled Products?
TheStreet.comSeptember 16, 2011

There are times manufacturers are permitted to use what is known as a "sustainable disposal of products" and break down the item into smaller parts so the products that aren't defective can be reused or recycled. For instance, manufacturers might hold ...more »

Wrongful Death
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Wrongful-death settlement detailed in Larry King killing
Ventura County StarSeptember 2, 2011

Although a jury was unable to agree on a verdict in Brandon McInerney's murder trial, a wrongful-death civil lawsuit Larry King's family filed against McInerney and his family, King's counselors, his school, group home and others, ...more »

Last Week's Personal Injury News
Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog (blog)September 19, 2011

Baltimore City's legal department looks inept and their defense lawyers appear corrupt. This is pretty much a win-win for everyone. But while this is certainly a good piece of investigative journalism (that we rarely see from the Baltimore Sun since ...more »


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