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Sizing up the Supreme Court
The National Law JournalOctober 1, 2011

I happen to have been in Court the day that the bankruptcy case [Ransom v. FIA Card Services] came down and she delivered it as though she was talking to some friends about it and made it very accessible to people in the audience. ...more »

Letter: Worker's comp changes hurt
Newsday (subscription)October 1, 2011

Letters Newsday > Opinion > Letters Letter: Worker's comp changes hurt Published: September 30, 2011 7:01 PM Regarding "Poverty on the rise on Long Island" [News, Sept. 22], another story that needs to be told was briefly touched on with the woman who ...more »

Personal Injury News and Stories

Birth Injury
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Norwood, Canton drivers in personal injury accident in Potsdam
North Country NowOctober 5, 2011

POTSDAM – Women from Norwood and Canton were in a personal injury accident in the town of Potsdam Tuesday. St. Lawrence County Sheriff's deputies investigated the accident near Country Lane on State Rt. 56. Stephanie Morgan 25, 17 Clark St., Canton, ...more »

Food-Borne Illness
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Study: Consumers Will Pay for Safer Food
Food Safety NewsOctober 10, 2011

QALYs are a measurement of disease burden that applies a decimal value between zero and one to the quality of life a person experiences during a year. In QALY assessment, someone in perfect health has a value of one, while a mild foodborne illness...more »

Car Accidents
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Deaths that could be avoided
Egyptian GazetteOctober 9, 2011

Road accidents are common in Egypt because of bad roads, speeding, and poor enforcement of traffic laws. The police estimate road accidents kill about 6000 people annually. Manifestations of chaotic driving on motorways and within city boundaries, ...more »

Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney Endorses Ban on Truck and Bus Drivers Using ...
Benzinga (press release)October 7, 2011

Lexington accident and injury lawyer Frank Jenkins III of Frank Jenkins Law Office says that eliminating distractions among commercial drivers will significantly reduce the likelihood of deadly vehicle crashes. A recent proposal to ban cell phone calls ...more »

Mass Accidents
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Mobile Sites Launched by Accident Claims Specialist
PR Web (press release)October 2, 2011

To view the mobile websites, visit or on your smartphone. National Accident Helpline is the UK's leading marketing group for solicitors specialising in personal injury law, responsible for championing ...more »

Defective Products
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Sex Toy Almost Kills Mother: Now She is Suing
Gather.comOctober 13, 2011

Holding manufacturers responsible for their products is only possible through this process and one could believe that if left unchecked, it would be fairly profitable to make defective products.more »

Toxic Torts
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Supreme Court to hear immunity, discrimination, free speech cases
JURISTOctober 17, 2011

...Act of 2005 (SVA) [text], legislation that makes it a federal crime to falsely assert that one has "received a decoration or medal authorized by Congress" for US armed forces, is a violation of the First Amendment [text] right to freedom of speech. ...more »

Harford County Personal Injury Attorney Offer Free Consultation For Injury And ...
The Open Press (press release)October 4, 2011

Cockeysville, MD (OPENPRESS) October 3, 2011 - To people who encounter any unfortunate circumstances such as personal injury or even wrongful death, finding a lawyer who truly cares about a client's situation and is capable of delivering ideal results ...more »

Wrongful Death
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Leagle.comOctober 28, 2011

This appeal concerns wrongful death and related claims arising out of an action by 183 heirs of 167 decedents, Colombian nationals, all of whom were murdered in or around banana plantations in Colombia by members of a paramilitary organization, ...more »


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