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Rockefeller Supports Blind Trust for Members of Congress
HNN Huntingtonnews.netFebruary 1, 2012

The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act of 2012 (STOCK Act) says US Representatives and Senators may not use information they gain in their role as Members of Congress. “Elected officials have a duty to our constituents to be above board in ...more »

Local charity drops Catholic affiliation, will place kids with couples in ...
WPSD Local 6February 1, 2012

In June, Illinois lawmakers made it legal for same-sex couples to enter into civil unions, meaning they have the same rights as married couples. That includes the ability to become foster parents. With the new law came the stipulation that any ...more »

Landlord & Tenant Law News and Stories

Dangerous Premises
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Overwhelming support for Bill on house rents
The Citizen DailyFebruary 11, 2012

Mr Makamba wants the National Assembly to enact a law to establish an agency to regulate the housing sub-sector and protect over 14 million tenants from exploitation by greedy landlords and their agents. He also says the law would also enable ...more »

Housing Discrimination
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Palmdale settles suit alleging Section 8 housing discrimination
Los Angeles TimesFebruary 3, 2012

By Ann M. Simmons, Los Angeles Times The city of Palmdale has agreed to settle a civil rights lawsuit accusing it of harassing and evicting nonwhite recipients of federal housing subsidies, officials announced Thursday. The announcement came the same ...more »

Disputes With Neighbors
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$16 house? Dallas area man evicted after squatting
Spartanburg Herald JournalFebruary 7, 2012

Someone who has openly taken charge of abandoned land for an extended period of time — using a driveway on a neighbor's property, for example — could try to claim that land later, he said. But it takes a long time to establish those rights, ...more »

Landlord & Tenant Disputes
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Milton Hershey School tackles student health with 'Wellness Revolution'
Patriot-NewsFebruary 8, 2012

A chief tenant of their new approach, which they coined the “Wellness Revolution” is the school's new five-hour rule: If you're enrolled, you must account for five hours of physical activity beyond normal school hours between Monday and Sunday.more »

Mold Claims And Habitability
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Workers say Broward courthouse made them sick
WKMG OrlandoFebruary 23, 2012

The lawsuit claims the Fort Lauderdale courthouse is infested with toxic mold. Attorney and former state Sen. Skip Campbell says he believes the county has "totally neglected this courthouse." Broward County commissioners agreed two years ago to build ...more »

Second wave of evictions sweeping away Occupiers
USA TODAYFebruary 7, 2012

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) – A tent city that's among the longest-lived Occupy protest encampments in the US is coming down as part of a new wave of eviction orders against demonstrators aligned with the movement in communities including Miami, ...more »


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