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USDOJ: Florida Man Sentenced for Filing False Liens Against Federal Law...Five Myths About Mediating Employment DisputesJudge fines Longshore union $250000IEA Loses Challenge to Luna Law, Will AppealBath Salts Must Be Banned Under Federal LawPentagon Allows Chaplains to Perform Gay WeddingsUS Military Chaplains May Perform Same-Sex Unions1 October: employment law changes come into forceFlawed law will leave districts in the dust2-step cellphone ban starts SaturdayBoard declines to release president's reviewNew cellphone law begins SaturdayHarassment complaints on the rise on Capitol HillCops trade-in handcuffs for apronsDavid Paul Ohmer/Flickr

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Executive Craftsmanship: Job Creation through Existing Immigration Laws
ILW.comSeptember 6, 2011

Instruct USCIS and the State Department to issue -- on an expedited basis -- replacement or initial regulations interpreting the following laws in the expansive and job-creating spirit that Congress intended: The Immigration Act of 1990, the American ...more »

Kingwood driver ensnared in new DWI law
Your Houston NewsSeptember 6, 2011

(HB 588) • Veterans will be exempt from the fee for a personal identification certificate if they can show honorable discharge and at least 60 percent service-related disability. Disabled veterans are exempted from driver license fees under current law...more »

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USDOJ: Florida Man Sentenced for Filing False Liens Against Federal Law...
7thSpace Interactive (press release)September 30, 2011

WASHINGTON – Mark D. Leitner was sentenced to 30 months in prison after pleading guilty in July to filing false liens against federal law enforcement employees and corruptly endeavoring to impede and impair the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), ...more »

Five Myths About Mediating Employment Disputes
Texas LawyerSeptember 30, 2011

Most mediators request a confidential memorandum setting out the major factual and legal disputes in the suit. Providing opposing counsel with a copy (with redactions if needed) can help get both parties "on the same page." Myth No. ...more »

Judge fines Longshore union $250000
KATUSeptember 30, 2011

Law enforcement personnel wrestle ILWU Local 21 longshoreman Kelly Muller to the ground as they arrest protesters and try to clear the tracks so a Burlington Northern-Santa Fe grain train can pull in to the EGT grain terminal at the Port of Longview ...more »

IEA Loses Challenge to Luna Law, Will Appeal
Boise WeeklySeptember 30, 2011

Idaho's teachers union has lost its District Court battle against one of the so-called "Luna laws." The Idaho Education Association formally challenged Senate Bill 1008, which reworked school districts' collective bargaining process. ...more »

Bath Salts Must Be Banned Under Federal Law
The Exception MagazineSeptember 30, 2011

Our state's leaders, law-enforcement officials, and medical personnel deserve credit for responding quickly to alert the public to the dangers and to discourage experimentation. But this is not a battle Maine or any other state can fight alone. ...more »

Pentagon Allows Chaplains to Perform Gay Weddings
Wall Street JournalSeptember 30, 2011

In another memo, Clifford Stanley, the undersecretary of defense for personnel, said the ceremonies would be allowed on any military base, except where local law explicitly prohibits such private ceremonies. The Department of Defense initiated a review ...more »

US Military Chaplains May Perform Same-Sex Unions
Fox NewsSeptember 30, 2011

The ruling announced Friday by the Pentagon's personnel chief follows the Sept. 20 repeal of a law that had prohibited gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military. Some members of Congress have objected to military chaplains performing ...more »

1 October: employment law changes come into force
PersonnelToday.comSeptember 30, 2011

1 October 2011 sees the introduction of some key changes to employment law that organisations of all sizes need to be aware of. Read our guide to the changes and explore further information to help ensure that you are fully up to speed. ...more »

Flawed law will leave districts in the dust
phillyBurbs.comSeptember 30, 2011

"One of the problems that we and every district is running into is that students who need the most support and intervention, need extra resources, time and personnel. But in this economy those are the things we are cutting," she said. ...more »

2-step cellphone ban starts Saturday
Nevada AppealSeptember 30, 2011

The law does, however, contain several exceptions to the ban including for any person reporting to report an emergency, safety hazard or criminal activity. Law enforcement and other emergency personnel using a phone in the line of duty are also ...more »

Board declines to release president's review
Myrtle Beach Sun NewsSeptember 30, 2011

SC Press Association attorney Jay Bender has said that if the board creates a document, it is a public record under the Freedom of Information Act. Failure to release it is illegal. There is no personnel exception in the public records section of the ...more »

New cellphone law begins Saturday
Lahontan Valley NewsSeptember 30, 2011

Just like the seatbelt law, the handheld cellphone ban, which is similar to California's, will require motorists not to talk or text while driving or face fines. For the first three months during this grace period, law enforcement personnel from ...more »

Harassment complaints on the rise on Capitol Hill
Washington Post (blog)September 29, 2011

Despite laws applying those national workplace standards to the legislative branch, the report said congressional offices don't keep records required for the enforcement of some workplace rights laws, don't require anti-discrimination or ...more »

Cops trade-in handcuffs for aprons
Edmonds BeaconSeptember 29, 2011

Special Olympics Washington (SOWA), local Law Enforcement agencies, and Applebee's teamed up to help benefit Special Olympics Washington last Thursday. Local law enforcement personnel traded in their handcuffs and badges for aprons as part of a ...more »

David Paul Ohmer/Flickr
The AtlanticSeptember 29, 2011

In addition, it claims that Perich was not fired for invoking anti-discrimination law, but because she invoked the law in violation of church doctrine, instead of resorting to an internal conflict resolution process. (To school officials, this is a ...more »


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