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Voters Doubt Police Tax Promises
fox4kc.comMarch 1, 2012

Our goal is to work at problem solving to prevent the crimes from happening, prevent the situations, so that's the whole key to this. Proactive policing is preventing crime from occurring.” If the tax (which is $0.3629 per $100 of assessed valuation) ...more »

Alumni take law into own hands over jobs 'hype'
Times Higher EducationMarch 1, 2012

So unhappy, in fact, that 15 law schools are currently facing lawsuits for fraud, unfair competition and false advertising. Among those being sued are Albany Law School, DePaul University College of Law and New York Law School. "The numbers reported by ...more »

Labor & Employment Law News and Stories

Affirmative Action
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Reporter expects affirmative action ruling
The AdvocateMarch 3, 2012

She claimed the University of Texas, under that state's affirmative action guidelines, accepted minorities who were less qualified. Fisher alleges that applying race in admissions consideration is unnecessary because the admissions process already ...more »

Immigration Reform & Control Act(Irca)
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Is Obama running scared? News Agency (blog)March 1, 2012

That deeply troubles many, including Chicago Congressman Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., an outspoken advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. He was arrested at the white house last year protesting the president's inertia on immigration.more »

Collective Bargaining
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Unions to push to block 'right to work' in Michigan
The Detroit NewsMarch 1, 2012

"The UAW has been out in front advocating for in Michigan that we do a ballot initiative to change the Michigan constitution — to protect workers against corporations and guarantee workers' right to collective bargaining." Next week, the UAW will hold ...more »

Labor Disputes
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PM Julia Gillard's bid to dump whip
The Daily TelegraphMarch 3, 2012

"It's the pressures of a hung parliament and personality disputes. But we've got to make a heroic effort to leave that behind." But Labor MPs are still chattering over the angry phone call between Ms Gillard and Mr Fitzgibbon.more »

Rrb Disability
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Ex-Lexington Fire Chief Files Complaint, Says He Is Entitled To City Job
FireFighting News.comMarch 8, 2012

United States (Kentucky) - Former Lexington fire chief Robert Hendricks has filed a complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claiming he is covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act and entitled to a job with the city.more »

Employment & Discrimination
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Uncle Sam didn't welcome gay employees
Washington PostMarch 2, 2012

When it comes to the history of the federal government's treatment of gay employees, Uncle Sam should hang his head in shame. Sam's history is not just one of blocking gay men and lesbians from getting jobs or promotions. Documents indicate that the ...more »

Sexual & Other Harassment
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woman awarded $168 million in workplace harassment case
89.3 KPCCMarch 3, 2012

A physician's assistant at Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento was awarded $168 million for workplace harassment. A California woman's nearly $168 million award from a jury is "believed to be the largest for a single victim of workplace harassment in ...more »

Employment Contracts
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Have you signed away your right to sue your boss? (blog)March 7, 2012

... among other labor law violations. But when they tried to sue as part of a class action their employer pulled the rug out from under them. The servers, it turns out, had signed an employment contract and in the fine print — which so few employees ...more »

Undocumented Workers
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All U.S. residents must file tax returns
New York Daily NewsMarch 2, 2012

AP The Statue of Liberty stands tall in New York Bay, a beacon for immigrants worldwide. The April 17 tax filing deadline is fast approaching. The law requires undocumented immigrants to follow the same tax laws as other US residents.more »

Family Medical Leave & Pregnancy Discrimination
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The Unfinished Fight Over Contraception
New York TimesMarch 2, 2012

Comprehensive child care services are difficult to locate, and fully financed family and medical leave is still controversial. In short, we won the legal battle but not the war. Women are still not guaranteed control over their lives, ...more »

Unfair Labor Practices
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Judge: Union posters at work can be required
Muncie Star PressMarch 3, 2012

WASHINGTON -- A federal judge ruled Friday that the National Labor Relations Board can require most private businesses to put up posters telling workers they have a legal right to form a union. But US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson limited how the ...more »

Federal Personnel
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Competing Interests – Employment Anti-Discrimination Law Collides With The ...
Metropolitan Corporate CounselMarch 1, 2012

Some employees of religious organizations, therefore, may be surprised to learn that their employer's religious rights sometimes trump their own rights to freedom from employment discrimination. The Hosanna-Tabor case began when a religious school ...more »

Unions to push to block 'right to work' in Michigan
The Detroit NewsMarch 1, 2012

"The UAW has been out in front advocating for in Michigan that we do a ballot initiative to change the Michigan constitution — to protect workers against corporations and guarantee workers' right to collective bargaining." Next week, the UAW will hold ...more »

Fires And Firefighters Law
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Charges in burning of 3500-year-old Fla tree
Houston ChronicleMarch 3, 2012

The Orlando Sentinel ( ) reports that Barnes also took photos of the fire with her cellphone. The Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement searched Barnes' Winter Park home Tuesday and confiscated her cellphone and laptop.more »

Wrongful Termination
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Nicollette Sheridan Testifies in Wrongful Termination Case
WTMAMarch 2, 2012

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- Nicollette Sheridan's claims that she was wrongfully terminated from the ABC series Desperate Housewives are being heard at trial. She took the stand Thursday at a Los Angeles court to tell her side of the story.more »

Government Employees
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In State Government, 24000 Earned $100k Or More in 2011
WGRZ-TVMarch 2, 2012

The figure for 2011 was not yet available. Employees at the Downstate Medical Center, a public medical school in Brooklyn, dominated the list of top earners. Fifty-five of the 74 employees earning more than $350000 came from the center.more »


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