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Not 'Desperate' for cash: Obama lists his big fundraisers
msnbc.comFebruary 1, 2012

One of the president's top bundlers, former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine, recently caused embarrassment for the campaign when his investment firm, MF Global, filed for bankruptcy, triggering an FBI investigation into whether its clients' money had ...more »

Young people 'more financially savvy'
Vanquis BankFebruary 1, 2012

When looking to build a credit rating, many people could be setting themselves a strict budget plan and using any spare money left over to save for emergencies. Young people may be more disciplined in this sense than their older counterparts, ...more »

Labor & Employment Law News and Stories

Affirmative Action
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The UN and Cholera in Haiti
Huffington Post (blog)February 15, 2012

The UN must take affirmative action to fight the outbreak that they caused. After the 2010 earthquake, a contingent of UN peacekeepers arrived in Haiti carrying a virulent strain of cholera. The New Media Advocacy Project (N-Map) just returned from ...more »

Immigration Reform & Control Act(Irca)
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Make it about language not immigration reform
Mid Columbia Tri City HeraldFebruary 7, 2012

Thirty-one states have designated English as their official language, and it's a hot topic given the debate over immigration. What is the correct path for Washington? We keep asking this fundamental question when issues of great concern arise: What ...more »

Collective Bargaining
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Letters: Right-to-work laws
Detroit Free PressFebruary 12, 2012

However, all union shop employees must at least pay reduced fees for the costs directly related to collective bargaining, since they are legally entitled to receive both labor agreement benefits and union representation under the grievance procedure.more »

Labor Disputes
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Qantas and industrial conditions in the air
On Line opinionFebruary 6, 2012

While ships lie in harbour, in ports of countries having good industrial conditions, health and safety regulations, and liveable wage requirements, are crew denied recourse to or protection of the port-country's laws? Not so.more »

Rrb Disability
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Housing law awareness urged
Bismarck TribuneFebruary 11, 2012

Housing discrimination can happen based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, familial status, age, marital status or public assistance status. Fair housing complaints can either be filed with HUD or the North Dakota Department of ...more »

Employment & Discrimination
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Mo. senator delays workplace discrimination vote
STLtoday.comFebruary 1, 2012

In cases where employers were found to have wrongfully discriminated, the legislation would tie punitive damages to a company's number of employees, with a maximum award of $300000. Political subdivisions, such as city governments, would not be liable ...more »

Sexual & Other Harassment
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Cuesta College employees sue for sexual harassment
Cal Coast NewsFebruary 9, 2012

Four women filed suit in December against a Cuesta College faculty chair, the college and several campus officials claiming ongoing sexual harassment and the college's failure to respond to complaints. [Tribune] The claimants contend Don Norton, ...more »

Employment Contracts
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Local unions won't recertify
Beloit Daily NewsFebruary 1, 2012

WERC chairman Jim Scott said after Monday's deadline, unions out of contract and not seeking recertification "as a matter of law ... no longer represent the employees involved." What impact that will have on contractual talks between cities and city ...more »

Undocumented Workers
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Editorial: Waiver program a bad idea
Topeka Capital JournalFebruary 6, 2012

Kansas Agriculture Secretary Dale Rodman has asked the US Department of Homeland Security for a waiver to establish a pilot program through which undocumented immigrants with no criminal background could be recruited by sponsor companies to fill their ...more »

Family Medical Leave & Pregnancy Discrimination
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More Doctors 'Fire' Vaccine Refusers
Wall Street JournalFebruary 16, 2012

'You feel badly about losing a nice family,' he says. In a study of Connecticut pediatricians published last year, some 30% of 133 doctors said they had asked a family to leave their practice for vaccine refusal, and a recent survey of 909 Midwestern ...more »

Unfair Labor Practices
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West Side News & Notes
Akron Leader PublicationsFebruary 9, 2012

DOWNTOWN AKRON — The city has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the Fraternal Order of Police, Akron Lodge No. 7 (FOP), alleging the FOP has violated Ohio's Collective Bargaining Act by convincing its members that a temporary shift change ...more »

Federal Personnel
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Fairhope Personnel Board affirms corrections officer firing recommendation (blog)February 2, 2012

Such a closure is legal in cases of government employees who are not subject to state ethics disclosure law. Press said outside the hearing room that he would prefer that the hearing be open and wished Fairhope residents could be informed about the ...more »

Rome vs. the Unions
Wall Street JournalFebruary 6, 2012

Burdensome labor regulations are nothing new to Italians. But even discussing the possibility of modernizing these laws has long been politically taboo. The most onerous law is a relic of the 1970s and a touted accomplishment of Italy's trade unions.more »

Fires And Firefighters Law
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Fire alarm at College Park Complex fails, PG Cops Avert Disaster
MyFox Washington DCFebruary 5, 2012

At least the building's sprinkler system was working. Prince George's County requires both sprinklers and fire alarms in all buildings constructed after 1992. It was the first county in the country to pass a law like that. In College Park Saturday, ...more »

Wrongful Termination
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Lawmaker pushes to boost contractor work11:50 AM ET
GovExec.comFebruary 1, 2012

Federal lawyers are trying to expand the government's legal immunity from exposure to medical malpractice claims. The scientists and doctors say the information gathered on them contributed to harassment and wrongful termination, the Post reports.more »

Government Employees
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Panel: Open government employee contracts to public
Sioux Falls Argus LeaderFebruary 1, 2012

SB 106 is a response to the Yankton and Sioux Falls school superintendents' refusal to release their contracts to the public. In each case, the school districts cited an exception to the state's open records law, which states that “personnel ...more »


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