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Schools Consider Whether To Accept Major Advertising
WFMY News 2October 1, 2011

Whatever the case may be Guilford County wants to have some kind of policy in place. They hope to take next several months to come up with a policy. Davidson County Schools does not have a policy that allows major outside advertising. ...more »

Nik Aziz adamant hudud will rule Kelantan
Free Malaysia TodayOctober 1, 2011

... PAS by accusing it of neglecting its Islamic agenda and pandering to its non-Muslim Pakatan Rakyat partners. Making matters worse was former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's recent challenge to Nik Aziz to go ahead and implement the hudud law. ...more »

Labor & Employment Law News and Stories

Affirmative Action
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Supreme Court Session Opens, Expected To Hear Highly Debated Issues
Neon TommyOctober 4, 2011

While many issues have not formally made it onto the docket, NPR reports issues that will likely be heard include healthcare, affirmative action and gay marriage. The president has asked the Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of the Patient ...more »

Immigration Reform & Control Act(Irca)
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Feinstein to introduce temporary farm worker bill
89.3 KPCCOctober 4, 2011

Immigration reform was today's hot topic on Capitol Hill. Democrats and Republicans view the issue through starkly different lenses. Garlic, peppers, lettuce. Democratic US Sen. Dianne Feinstein listed the crops that used to grow in California, ...more »

Collective Bargaining
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Democrats Introduce Bill to Restore Collective Bargaining Powers
WBAYOctober 11, 2011

As groups target Governor Walker for recall, Democratic state lawmakers are going after his collective bargaining law. State Representative Mark Pocan and State Senator Fred Risser, both from Madison, submitted legislation Tuesday that would reinstate ...more »

Labor Disputes
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Kane court security personnel fighting for pay raise
Chicago Daily HeraldOctober 2, 2011

Union lawyers argued that the court security workers, who carry guns, transport defendants and take people into custody, have a no-strike clause in their contract and therefore must receive alternative remedies to settle labor disputes, ...more »

Rrb Disability
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Texas Civil Rights Project, Legal Aid of North West Texas Join Forces
NewsWest9.comOctober 13, 2011

They're making sure the disabled have access to not only things like buildings and restaurants but to legal help. "West Texas disability rights program is the first one of its kind here in West Texas. They need to know that there is a law that is ...more »

Employment & Discrimination
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EEOC Sues Guam's Aviation Concepts for Religious Discrimination
Pacific News CenterOctober 3, 2011

This alleged conduct violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The EEOC's suit seeks backpay and compensatory and punitive damages on behalf of the mechanic, along with injunctive relief intended to prevent future instances of discrimination at ...more »

Sexual & Other Harassment
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Anita Hill, 20 Years On, Seeks Equality: Susan Antilla
BusinessWeekOctober 6, 2011

Much has gone right for women in the workplace since Hill spoke up. It would be tough to find a large US company today that didn't train employees on workplace-harassment issues, Grossman says. β€œIt can be window dressing,” she says, but done right, ...more »

Employment Contracts
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Board begins negotiations with employee groups in District 191
Savage PacerOctober 3, 2011

by Press release The Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 Board of Education continues to take a discerning look at the financial future of the district when approving employment contracts. "In light of the difficult financial times across the ...more »

Undocumented Workers
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Romney maintains big lead in New Hampshire
The Hill (blog)October 10, 2011

John McCain, R-Ariz., as "quite different'' from a blanket amnesty program because it would require undocumented workers to register with the government, demonstrate long-term employment, and pay taxes as well as a fine. Romney didn't specifically ...more »

Family Medical Leave & Pregnancy Discrimination
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Ways to help a friend with breast cancer
MyCentralJersey.comOctober 2, 2011

Drs. Kathleen Toomey and Richard Tiedemann and my midwife, Katie Greenhalgh, helped me come up with a care plan and walked me through what would otherwise have been a terrible ordeal. I spent my maternity leave taking care of my tiny (but healthy) baby ...more »

Unfair Labor Practices
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How New Labor Guidelines Could Affect Your Social Media Policy
MashableOctober 5, 2011

Here's an overview of the report and some pointers on what your company should consider when it comes to social media policy development. Eric B. Meyer, a partner in the labor and employment group of the law firm Dilworth Paxson LLP, explains the ...more »

Federal Personnel
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Livni set to visit UK after jurisdiction law changed
Jerusalem PostOctober 6, 2011

Last month, the British government approved a change to the law, which previously allowed private complaints of war crimes to be lodged against military personnel and other officials, even if they were not British citizens and the alleged crimes were ...more »

Unions in Hungary protest labor, tax law changes
Boston GlobeOctober 1, 2011

People in the crowd of at least 20000 included railroad, iron and telecommunications workers, teachers, butchers, electricians, police, firefighters and miners. Prime Minister Viktor Orban, dubbed the "Viktator" on signs carried by protesters, ...more »

Fires And Firefighters Law
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Keeping Kids Safe: Page Law Sponsors Child Safety Day at The Pageant
PR Web (press release)October 7, 2011

As part of our commitment to children, Page Law is sponsoring Child Safety Day this Saturday, October 8, from 10 am to 2 pm at The Pageant at 6161 Delmar. Page Law is a family law and personal injury law firm in downtown St. Louis. ...more »

Wrongful Termination
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Atlantic City to pay $300000 to settle wrongful-termination lawsuit
Press of Atlantic CityOctober 6, 2011

ATLANTIC CITY β€” Local elected officials agreed Wednesday to pay $300000 to settle a wrongful-termination lawsuit. Former Assistant City Solicitor Cheryl Erhart, who could not be reached for comment, lives in the city's Lower Chelsea neighborhood. ...more »

Government Employees
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Connecticut government workers get $250M in overtime
Boston HeraldOctober 2, 2011

A new report says Connecticut state employees collected $250 million in overtime last year, with some of the highest amounts going to prison guards, state troopers and workers at the state's psychiatric hospital. The Hartford Courant reports the ...more »


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