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Brookfield Office buys Four World Financial Center
CTV.caNovember 1, 2011

In a related development, Brookfield has a deal to lease 767000 square feet of office space at the World Financial Center in Lower Manhattan to Bank of America. "Renewing Bank of America/Merrill Lynch for a sizable amount of space at the World ...more »

Congress Questions the IRS About Delays in Its Oversight of Nonprofit Hospitals
New York TimesNovember 1, 2011

In particular, Mr. Boustany asked the IRS to explain its plans for monitoring the so-called community benefits that nonprofit hospitals provided. He also wanted the agency to outline how it would comply with requirements for filing annual reports to ...more »

Labor & Employment Law News and Stories

Affirmative Action
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Affirmative-Action Critics See Texas Case as a Vehicle for a Supreme Court Victory
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)November 1, 2011

Leading critics of affirmative action say they are optimistic that the US Supreme Court will take up a lawsuit challenging the race-conscious admissions policies of the University of Texas at Austin and hand down a ruling that curtails ...more »

Government Employees
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Fair Work laws stoked Qantas war, says union head Tony Sheldon
The AustralianNovember 2, 2011

Mr Sheldon said his union had struck some job security agreements under Work Choices but they had been done through common law contracts and with the agreement of an employer. Mr Knott said the good faith bargaining provisions of the Fair Work Act gave ...more »

Collective Bargaining
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Fate of Ohio union law faces voter decision
The Associated PressNovember 8, 2011

Labor and business interests poured more than $30 million into their combined efforts to sway voters in a swing state that serves as a barometer of the nation's political mood. The legislation affects more than 350000 police, firefighters, teachers, ...more »

Immigration Reform & Control Act(Irca)
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Oppression Is Not a State's Right
New York Times (blog)November 8, 2011

So Senators Jim DeMint of South Carolina, David Vitter of Louisiana and Jeff Sessions of Alabama decided to avoid all those annoying laws and introduce legislation barring the use of federal money to sue over a state's immigration policies. ...more »

Labor Disputes
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Qantas dispute no reason for rushed IR reform
ABC OnlineNovember 1, 2011

When one smooths out the volatility, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) figures show industrial disputes have declined steadily and significantly since limited protected industrial action was introduced in 1993. ...more »

Employment & Discrimination
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The terrible impact of the current unfair dismissal rules
TrethowansNovember 3, 2011

The report suggests that, in order to resolve this problem, the unfair dismissal process could simply say that if discrimination was not involved, an employer could dismiss the employee, at any time, without giving a reason and would only have to pay ...more »

Rrb Disability
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Diversity Diva | A person's disabilities can be tough to spot
Kansas City StarNovember 1, 2011

Much statutory interpretation and case law have gone into shedding light on that definition in the past 20 years. Also, under the Americans With Disabilities Act, an employer must provide a reasonable accommodation (an adjustment or modification ...more »

Employment Contracts
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From Social Contract To Occupy Wall Street
SwansNovember 6, 2011

Every desire for social change held by every person in the OWS movement can be reflected in one simple phrase: renew the social contract. OWS is an awakening. People who had thought of themselves as law abiding, hard working, loyal Americans ready and ...more »

Sexual & Other Harassment
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Quick work promised on job-stress claim process
Victoria Times ColonistNovember 5, 2011

Victims of stress and harassment in the workplace will know within weeks how to apply for expanded workers' compensation benefits. WorkSafeBC, the independent government agency charged with ...more »

Family Medical Leave & Pregnancy Discrimination
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Hudson family helps local patients work out the kinks
Bradenton HeraldNovember 1, 2011

... after a leave in Tampa where they had visited their grandmother. Their in-flight conversation about a future career in chiropractics was ironic. Only a short time earlier, the brothers were “anti-chiropractor.” “We were in the medical field. ...more »

Undocumented Workers
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Gingrich, Romney Face Criticism on Illegal Immigration Stances
BusinessWeekNovember 24, 2011

22 debate as “amnesty” and a magnet for undocumented immigrants -- advocated a similar approach as recently as 2007, during his first presidential bid. Gingrich, the former US House speaker whose recent surge in the polls has him challenging Romney for ...more »

Federal Personnel
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PERSONNEL FILE: Jackson Kelly only firm in US to receive mining law recognition
West Virginia RecordNovember 3, 2011

... Mining Law, Natural Resources Law, Oil & Gas Law, Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants, Project Finance Law, Public Finance Law, Real Estate Law, Securities / Capital Markets Law, Tax Law, Water Law and Workers' Compensation Law - Employers. ...more »

Unfair Labor Practices
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Teamsters Spread Sympathy Strikes
Labor NotesNovember 2, 2011

Local 722 called an unfair labor practice strike Sunday. A member then traveled to St. Louis to picket US Foods' center there. Tuesday he repeated the process in Fishers, Indiana. Teamsters locals began sympathy strikes in Buffalo, New York, ...more »

Fires And Firefighters Law
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Law and Order
STLtoday.comNovember 5, 2011

Police determined that the death of Knowles, of Mount Olive, Ill., was an accident. He was found by park staff just off Lake Drive at 7:05 am Chris McCloud, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, said the car was running, ...more »

Labor union signs on for benefit cuts
The Almanac OnlineNovember 3, 2011

1, the contract also swaps a cap on employee contributions to health benefit premiums with a fixed city contribution equal to that approved for the police unions. As for CalPERS, employees would pay an additional 0.376% of their salaries post-tax into ...more »


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