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The Art of Flight giveaway
ESPNNovember 1, 2011

To do so, send an email to with your address change. 12. System Malfunctions. Additional entries beyond the specified limit from any one person, household or email address will be void. The name of the "authorized account holder" ...more »

Dispute delays revenue-sharing payouts
USA TodayNovember 1, 2011

The money involved is substantial because the league collected roughly $200 million (12.4% of each contract's face value) from players, and probably three-quarters of that money will be returned to players. Ten teams qualify for revenue sharing, ...more »

Labor & Employment Law News and Stories

Affirmative Action
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Supa used like condom as Chiyangwa completes AAG take over
The Zimbabwe MailNovember 8, 2011

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe's nephew, controversial Harare businessman Phillip Chiyangwa has completed the takeover of the empowerment terror group the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) according to his sidekick AAG Chief Executive Officer, ...more »

Immigration Reform & Control Act(Irca)
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Jan Brewer: 'We are not racist'
The State ColumnNovember 1, 2011

Speaking Tuesday, Arizona governor Jan Brewer defended her state's controversial immigration reform law, saying she stands behind the measure and that supporters are “not racist.” Ms. Brewer, who appeared on MSNBC's “Morning Joe” on Tuesday defended ...more »

Collective Bargaining
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Collective bargaining cases from St. Louis area aired at Missouri Supreme Court
STLtoday.comNovember 3, 2011

So if there's no law spelling out the procedures, who should establish them, asked Judge Mary Russell. The Fraternal Order of Police noted that it has unsuccessfully sought collective bargaining legislation for years. If the city has no obligation to ...more »

Labor Disputes
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Baseball-MLB, players agree to five-year labor deal
Yahoo! Eurosport UKNovember 22, 2011

It was announced while the National Basketball Association faces the potential loss of its 2011-12 season because of a labor dispute and shortly after the National Football League had its preseason disrupted because of a lockout. ...more »

Rrb Disability
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Part 1: Answers to Your Questions on Applying with a Learning Disability
New York Times (blog)November 7, 2011

However there is a big difference between colleges that offer services mandated by federal law and colleges that offer structured programs for specific populations such as students with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism or Asperger's Syndrome. ...more »

Employment & Discrimination
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Feds: Amtrak to pay $171000 in worker's bias suit
BusinessWeekNovember 11, 2011

Federal officials say Amtrak has agreed to pay $171000 and take other actions to settle a federal discrimination lawsuit on behalf of a worker who said she had more responsibilities but less pay than her male counterparts. The Equal Employment...more »

Sexual & Other Harassment
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Conservatives Respond To Cain Accusations By Dismissing Sexual Harassment As ...
Media Matters for AmericaNovember 3, 2011

Victims of sexual harassment report greater instances of alcohol abuse and mental health problems. Harassment is also a devious way to keep women out of the workplace or in traditional "women's jobs" with low pay and few benefits. ...more »

Employment Contracts
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Zynga CEO to Employees: We're a Meritocracy
MashableNovember 11, 2011

Not everything that forms the basis of a employment relationship is captured in a legal contract. The latter may prevent consequences in the current contract but it has significant consequences for the future and to other startups. ...more »

Undocumented Workers
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Top 10 Reasons Alabama's New Immigration Law Is a Disaster for the Rule of Law
Center For American ProgressNovember 15, 2011

No one who sells something to an undocumented person can enforce the sales contract. If a person doesn't pay, the seller is out of luck. If the seller doesn't deliver the goods, the buyer is out of luck. The rule of law no longer applies in the ...more »

Family Medical Leave & Pregnancy Discrimination
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Best laid plans could leave you in a bind
Irish TimesNovember 1, 2011

What seemed like a good idea in 2006 has now become a burden, putting strains on marriages and family life. Signing into a binding written commitment for their financial future has been a bitter experience for this large group of people: how much more ...more »

Unfair Labor Practices
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ADA Defense Lawyer: New ADA regulations kick in soon. Say goodbye to ...
Hotel LawNovember 21, 2011

An experienced trial attorney, Scotthas litigated a number of high-profile and complex cases involving awide range of labor and employment law matters. For more information,contact Scott Brink at or 310.785.5365.more »

Federal Personnel
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4 FC personnel injured in Turbat blast
The Nation, PakistanNovember 2, 2011

Miscreants have been occasionally targeting government installations and attacking personnel of law enforcement agencies in different districts of Balochistan. 4 FC personnel injured in Turbat blast.more »

Unions at Kimberly-Clark reach deal with potential buyer, but face many lost jobs
HeraldNetNovember 1, 2011

EVERETT -- Union members at the Kimberly-Clark Corp. plant here have reached a five-year labor agreement with potential buyer Atlas Holdings LLC that would secure jobs for about 300 people. The company now employs about ...more »

Fires And Firefighters Law
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Law & Order
Times DailyNovember 1, 2011

A Saturday night fire that damaged a local residence was electrical, fire officials said Monday. Muscle Shoals Fire Inspector Donald Ray Coons said the fire happened Saturday night at 9:15 pm at 2109 Virginia Ave. Coons said it was determined the fire...more »

Wrongful Termination
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Jury Deliberating Police Wrongful Termination Lawsuit
KXLY SpokaneNovember 4, 2011

Thursday afternoon a jury began deliberating a Spokane police detective's $3.5 Million wrongful termination suit. Detective Jay Mehring says Spokane Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick was just trying to make a name for herself as a tough, no-nonsense leader ...more »

Government Employees
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Ohio's Issue 2 compromises public employees' ability to serve
Flyer NewsNovember 3, 2011

Issue 2 is a citizen-driven referendum on Senate Bill 5 - a bill which limits public employees' rights to have a seat at the table to collectively bargain with city management. This bill was passed solely on party lines by the Ohio Statehouse and ...more »


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