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Eurofresh Inc. fined for illegal hiringNapolitano OKs transitional worker ruleGoans get long term visasPerformer and employment visasMcConnell warns against new spending plansCNMI - Napolitano Signs Worker Regs for Commonwealth; Sablan Gets Briefed on ...The Curious Case of Vanishing US JobsForeign Student Workers Allege ExploitationFor many, working in Korea is dream come trueUndocumented Labor is the Dairyland's Bread and Butter8 Filipino medical workers in Libya to be repatriatedMeet Obama's New Council of Economic Advisers Chair, Labor Economist Alan KruegerLetters of the Week: Aug 29 - Sep 2Regarding employee visas: What should I be doing now?Skills gap is the cause of USA employment problems

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Student Guestworkers At Hershey Plant Allege Exploitative Conditions
Huffington PostAugust 18, 2011

Labor activists said that the students had to pay between $3000 and $6000 to come to the United States on J-1 travel visas for the summer, and that after deductions for housing they've been earning a mere $40 to $140 in exchange for working 40-hour ...more »

Factfile on Singapore
MSN Philippines NewsAugust 27, 2011

POPULATION: 5.076 million as of 2010, including 1.3 million foreigners on employment visas along with their families. - RELIGIONS: Buddhism and Taoism (44.2 percent), Christianity (18.3 percent), Islam (14.7 percent) and Hinduism (5.1 percent). ...more »

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Eurofresh Inc. fined for illegal hiring
Willcox Range NewsAugust 31, 2011

In response, Eurofresh called it a "misdemeanor charge of hiring undocumented workers, which occurred more than five years ago." The company's former Human Resources Director is Kenneth Ward, who pleaded guilty in 2007 to wrongful hiring practices," ...more »

Napolitano OKs transitional worker rule
Saipan TribuneAugust 31, 2011

27, foreign workers need to have a US employment visa such as a transitional CW visa or an H visa, or they could face deportation. Delegate Gregorio Kilili Sablan (Ind-MP) announced yesterday morning Napolitano's signing of the transitional ...more »

Goans get long term visas
CathNews IndiaAugust 31, 2011

Most Pakistani Goan Catholics migrated to that country for employment during the Portuguese colonial days. Goa was a Portuguese colony from 1510 to 1961. Many Goans were thus born in Pakistan although they had their family and property in Goa. ...more »

Performer and employment visas
Jamaica ObserverAugust 31, 2011

Some of the band members already have visitor visas. Can we use a visitor visa to travel to the United States for this performance? A: In most cases, individuals and groups may not use visitor visas to perform in the United States. ...more »

McConnell warns against new spending plans
San Antonio ExpressAugust 31, 2011

After border security steps are taken, employment verification, foreign worker visas and citizenship can be taken up in separate bills, he said. “We are not going to round up people,†McConnell said. Too many Americans still see paths to ...more »

CNMI - Napolitano Signs Worker Regs for Commonwealth; Sablan Gets Briefed on ...
Pacific News CenterAugust 31, 2011

Since the court action, workers and businesses in the Northern Marianas have been left in a state of uncertainty, guessing about what the rules for employment would be after the CNMI-issued visas that most workers now have expire in November 2011. ...more »

The Curious Case of Vanishing US Jobs
The Epoch TimesAugust 31, 2011

The most debated programs are the H-1B, H-2B, L-1, OPT, J-1, and B-1 visas, under which a US company can employ a foreign worker for up to six years. Each visa designation addresses a different need, with the H-2B visa allowing a company to bring in a ...more »

Foreign Student Workers Allege Exploitation
AlterNetAugust 30, 2011

For participating students, the State Department grants J-1 temporary work visas, which allow for four months' stay in the US In turn, private companies can sponsor a foreign student, and handle the application, employment, transport and housing of the ...more »

For many, working in Korea is dream come true
JoongAng DailyAugust 30, 2011

Korea permits foreign laborers from about 15 countries, including Vietnam and Bangladesh, to work on three-year visas, though it places a quota for each country, depending on the number of illegal immigrants from the country and on how well the ...more »

Undocumented Labor is the Dairyland's Bread and Butter
Huffington PostAugust 30, 2011

While the law allows for seasonal agricultural workers, most farmers cannot use these visas because the system is inefficient and cost-prohibitive. The problem is even more acute in dairy producing areas such as my home state of Wisconsin. ...more »

8 Filipino medical workers in Libya to be repatriated
Philippine StarAugust 30, 2011

The Philippine embassy in Damascus has already processed the exit visas of 108 OFWs and are now arranging for their expatriation. “The efforts of the embassy to repatriate our OFWs require the need to negotiate with employers so that they will be ...more »

Meet Obama's New Council of Economic Advisers Chair, Labor Economist Alan Krueger
Economic PopulistAugust 29, 2011

This too is horrific in a way for it was Clinton who signed NAFTA, the China PNTR and enabled foreign guest worker Visas as well as offshore outsourcing. You would think that if the government spent over a million dollars on research and discovered ...more »

Letters of the Week: Aug 29 - Sep 2 (blog)August 29, 2011

Well, we didn't even stay in one state for more than six months, we were “running from the law” not because we were illegal aliens, no, we had student visas. We were running from the law because my ex-husband was a wife beater and each time the ...more »

Regarding employee visas: What should I be doing now?
Saipan TribuneAugust 29, 2011

... or other employment based status, the worker will not be approved for a CW-1 visa. 4. Gather the information that you will need to file petitions for the H1-B and CW-1 visas. The H1-B visa requirements are much more complex than the CW-1, ...more »

Skills gap is the cause of USA employment problems
Baltimore SunAugust 29, 2011

(for the uninitiated, OPT and CPT are on-the-job-training visas for foreign students. Companies can legally discriminate their American classmates using these visas.) The ad states, "The Candidates who are in F1,CPT visa status we are going to Provide ...more »



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