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Local labor union petitions Alexander, Corker against Puzder
The TennesseanFebruary 1, 2017

On the same day as a mobile billboard commissioned by a national women's advocacy group circled in Franklin in protest of Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder, , a local labor union delivered a petition to Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker in ...more »

Rural zoning regulations could change
AlbionnewsonlineFebruary 1, 2017

Boone County zoning regulations governing rural lot splits and setback requirements could be changing soon. In the meantime, the County Planning Commission Monday night approved a motion recommending a moratorium on all conditional use permits for ...more »

Immigration Law News and Stories

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Trump reads immigration law and defends his order
Washington PostFebruary 8, 2017

February 8, 2017 9:49 AM EST - In a speech to law enforcement officials, Feb. 8, President Trump read federal law giving broad him broad authority to set immigration restrictions, adding, "a bad high school student would understand this." (The ...more »

Political Asylum & Refugees
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After much hardship, refugee finds a home with French family
McClatchy Washington BureauFebruary 12, 2017

He begged for money on the subway and saved enough to have his personal documents sent from Guinea to France so he could apply for asylum as a political refugee. From the street, he went from staying with a Guinean friend to an overcrowded hotel paid ...more »

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Florida's undocumented immigrants fear mass deportations
ABC Action NewsFebruary 1, 2017

Under President Trump's executive order any one in the country illegally is considered a priority for deportation, making her and others fearful they'll be stopped by local law enforcement. She says in the past, law enforcement officers may not have ...more »

Undocumented Workers
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Trump's policies will affect four groups of undocumented immigrants
University of CaliforniaFebruary 1, 2017

However, terms like “criminal aliens” and “illegal immigrants” gloss over the various immigration statuses and histories of millions of individuals. We'd like to offer a more nuanced description of the individuals who may be targeted by President Trump ...more »

Workplace implications of Trump's immigration ban - The Akron ...
Akron Legal NewsFebruary 6, 2017

Titled “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Entry into the United States by Foreign Nationals,” the order placed an immediate freeze on all entry for individuals ...more »

Green Card & Naturalization
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Green card holder sentenced for imaginary voter fraud in Texas
Hot AirFebruary 12, 2017

That imaginary voter fraud problem we are consistently assured we don't have appears to be about as persistent as a late case stage of herpes. This week's story however, involves more than allegations, reports or rumors. In the Lone Star State ...more »

Waivers & Special Cases
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DHS memos describe aggressive new immigration, border enforcement policies
Q13 FOXFebruary 19, 2017

The guidance also takes any money being used by DHS to advocate on behalf of undocumented immigrants to establish the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) Office, which is mandated by the executive order to report crimes committed by ...more »


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