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New letter emerges in Barlow fraud case
Brisbane TimesMarch 1, 2012

There, the Crown dropped seven charges and added seven more, largely changing the wording of accusations against the man charged with carrying out Queensland's largest government fraud. Mr Morehu-Barlow's lawyer, Adam Magill, said outside court his ...more »

Ireland Signs Controversial 'Irish SOPA' Into Law; Kicks Off New Censorship Regime
TechdirtMarch 1, 2012

Remember how EMI sued the Irish government for failing to pass a SOPA-like law that will force ISPs to act as copyright cops and censor and block access to websites that the entertainment industry doesn't like? Well, apparently, the end result is that ...more »

Immigration Law News and Stories

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Mississippi Governor Endorses Alabama-Style Anti-Immigrant Law
ThinkProgressMarch 2, 2012

By Amanda Peterson Beadle on Mar 2, 2012 at 3:10 pm Over and over, the damage from HB 56, Alabama's extreme immigration law, has been documented. But the clear warning signs against the policy that targets undocumented immigrants have not stopped ...more »

Undocumented Workers
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10 Facts You Need to Know About Immigrant Women
New America Media (blog)March 8, 2012

The everyday portrayal of today's immigrants generally features a single Hispanic male who is here illegally. In fact, immigrant women in the United States (documented and undocumented combined) comprise more than half of all immigrants and play a ...more »

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6th District immigration
Gazette.Net: Maryland Community News OnlineMarch 1, 2012

At the same time, ICE is pushing Secure Communities, it is cutting spending for the 287(g) program, which partners local and federal law enforcement to deport illegal immigrants. Although they are neighboring jurisdications, Frederick and Montgomery ...more »

Deporting the best and the brightest
Patheos (blog)March 7, 2012

His wife had enormous difficulty working legally at all. Conservatives complain about immigrants' laziness, but actually she was perfectly willing and able to work, she just wasn't allowed to. Also on some visa statuses you cannot leave the country ...more »

Waivers & Special Cases
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Mansion servant enslaved by uber-rich New York family for nearly six years
Yahoo! Contributors Network (blog)March 1, 2012

By Eric Pfeiffer By Eric Pfeiffer | The Sideshow – 2 hrs 33 mins ago A wealthy New York woman is facing criminal charges after being accused of keeping an illegal immigrant as an indentured servant and forcing her to live in a closet for nearly six ...more »

Political Asylum & Refugees
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Refugee defies deportation, seeks sanctuary at church
Washington Post (blog)March 5, 2012

The pastor has made it his personal crusade to get this group asylum by petitioning ICE and political officials since 2009. A House bill would let Indonesian Christians in the US apply for asylum even if they missed the deadline.more »


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