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Voters Doubt Police Tax Promises
fox4kc.comMarch 1, 2012

Our goal is to work at problem solving to prevent the crimes from happening, prevent the situations, so that's the whole key to this. Proactive policing is preventing crime from occurring.” If the tax (which is $0.3629 per $100 of assessed valuation) ...more »

Normal trade with India ''tied'' to level-playing field
Business Recorder (blog)March 1, 2012

The Commerce Ministry has been allowed in principle to make appropriate changes in the defence trade laws in consultation with the stakeholders to allay apprehensions of the industrial sector for using these laws more effectively against any unfair ...more »

Immigration Law News and Stories

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Judge blocks Arizona immigration law's day labor rules
Chicago TribuneMarch 1, 2012

PHOENIX (Reuters) - A federal judge blocked Arizona on Wednesday from enforcing a part of the state's immigration law that prohibits vehicle occupants from stopping traffic to pick up day laborers waiting for work. US District Judge Susan Bolton, ...more »

Political Asylum & Refugees
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Leagle.comMarch 8, 2012

The Attorney General may grant asylum to aliens who qualify as refugees. 8 USC § 1158(b); Chen, 470 F.3d at 1135. "The applicant may qualify as a refugee either because he or she has suffered past persecution or because he or she has a well-founded ...more »

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Love across the border: Couple divided by immigration laws
Minneapolis Star TribuneMarch 6, 2012

Her oldest son also applied for a permanent visa and her youngest promised to do the same. Ana was sure everyone in her family would soon become legal residents. They would be free from the constant threat of deportation. Her nephew, a US citizen, ...more »

Undocumented Workers
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Illegal Immigrants Using Taxis for Every Journey (Except One)
National Review Online (blog)March 7, 2012

By Charles CW Cooke The BBC reports that, in Georgia, “illegal immigrants are so fearful of deportation that they use taxis for everything from commuting to grocery shopping.” Then it “investigates why,” which seems to be a little redundant given that ...more »

Are foreign workers really the answer to the resources skills shortage?
The ConversationMarch 2, 2012

Equally, if demand slackens in the future – as is always possible given the boom/bust nature of the mining industry – atypical forms of employment such as 457 visa workers are a means by which employers can more easily manage contraction, ...more »

Green Card & Naturalization
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9/11 hate crime victim's kin become US citizens
Wall Street JournalMarch 17, 2012

He had applied for a green card, but the application became invalid when he died. Holt intervened in 2004 to give them permanent legal residency, introducing a rare "private bill" in Congress that granted the family legal resident status.more »

Waivers & Special Cases
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Alleged Tamil migrant mastermind charged
CBC.caMarch 8, 2012

'No Canadian thinks it's acceptable to abuse our immigration system for financial gain through the despicable crime of human smuggling.'—Public Safety Minister Vic Toews "It's our expectation that once he has been located, we would then initiate an ...more »


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