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Signs of Supreme Court activism worry Reagan administration lawyers
Los Angeles TimesApril 1, 2012

If so, it would be the first time since 1936 that the Supreme Court voided a major federal regulatory law. After the healthcare arguments, Fried was among those who worried aloud about the prospect of the Roberts court embarking on a new era of ...more »

Steven Pearlstein: Eat your broccoli, Justice Scalia
Washington PostApril 1, 2012

Yet despite the fact that “Obamacare” did all of those things and more, there was not a single brief in support of the law from an organization representing big business. Small businesses have spent the past two decades complaining that the reason they ...more »

Health Care Law News and Stories

Bad Faith Insurance
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Reich: Political jujitsu to save health care law
San Francisco ChronicleApril 1, 2012

If the Supreme Court decides that the individual mandate requiring everyone to buy health insurance is an unconstitutional extension of federal authority, the law starts unraveling. But with a bit of political jujitsu, President Obama could turn that ...more »

Hipaa Compliance
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Many oppose health care act, and many don't know its benefits
Baltimore SunApril 1, 2012

But in the court of public opinion, a large percentage of people polled recently want the law scrapped. A CBS/New York Times survey found nearly half of those polled disapprove of the law, while 40 percent want the entire act overturned.more »

Elder Care Abuse
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Man Arrested for Illinois Senior Financial Exploitation
Illinois Nursing Home Abuse Blog (blog)April 4, 2012

Illinois elder abuse is disheartening for many because it represents an extreme abuse of power. Senior citizens are some of the most vulnerable community members among us, capable of being taken advantage of by those who lack basic moral standards of ...more »

Living Wills
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Tom Stensberg column: Unions are here to protect workers' rights
Wisconsin Rapids TribuneApril 5, 2012

A union is, very simply, a group of working people who have banded together to better their standard of living. By banding together collectively, they have legal standing. As individuals, workers have very little or no say in their workplace; ...more »

Medicare & Medicaid Issues
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Wonkbook: Congress fails on infrastructure. Again.
Washington Post (blog)April 2, 2012

And with the previous stopgap about to run out -- and thus the federal funding that supports many of the nation's infrastructure projects about to dry up -- the Senate followed suit, and, on Friday, Obama signed the bill into law. Quietly.more »


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