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Harrisburg City Council Rejects Fiscal Plan to Rescue Pennsylvania Capital
BloombergSeptember 1, 2011

The capital is barred from declaring bankruptcy before July, according to a Pennsylvania law that also calls for the city to lose state funds if it does. Councilman Kelvin Summerford, who supported the mayor's plan, said its defeat further clouds the ...more »

To match feature CAMBODIA-EVICTIONS/
Reuters AlertNetSeptember 1, 2011

Residents of Boeung Kak Lake facing eviction from their homes, react during a protest near the Chinese embassy in Phnom Penh, appealing for help in getting fair compensation from a Chinese firm involved in a real estate development at the lake in this ...more »

Health Care Law News and Stories

Bad Faith Insurance
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Obama faces new conundrum in selling his healthcare law
The HillSeptember 3, 2011

“That drumbeat isn't as steady a rhythm as we'd like when you have inserted into that a lot of misperceptions and falsehoods about the law.” Democratic strategist Chris Lehane said the healthcare law is hard to sell, politically, because people will ...more »

Hipaa Compliance
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Now Opposed to ObamaCare, Perry Once Praised HillaryCare
The New AmericanSeptember 2, 2011

Today Perry rails against the healthcare law, calling it “the closest this country has ever come to outright socialism” in his 2010 book Fed Up, where he also declared the individual mandate “a total outrage.” If elected President, he says, ...more »

Elder Care Abuse
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Ill. man accused in RI 'erectile pumps' scheme
Sacramento BeeSeptember 29, 2011

Prosecutors say Winner targeted Medicare beneficiaries through his medical equipment company, Planned Eldercare, based in Buffalo Grove, Ill., and persuaded patients to provide their Medicare information by offering free medical equipment and supplies. ...more »

Living Wills
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MP wants price control law implemented fast
Capital FM KenyaSeptember 17, 2011

Speaking during a press conference on Saturday, the Mathira legislator said it will cushion Kenyans against from the prevalent high cost of living. “The government should immediately and without further ado implement this Act. It should be enacted and ...more »

Medicare & Medicaid Issues
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US prosecutions of health care fraud trending upward
IFAwebnews.comSeptember 1, 2011

So far this year there have been 24 trial convictions for Medicare fraud compared to 23 convictions total in 2010. In 2010, the government recovered a record $4 billion from health fraud cases after the federal health care law created one health care ...more »


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