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FTC Announces Civil Penalty Judgment Against Debt Collector Fined $2 Million for FDCPA Violations
Lexology (registration)May 1, 2017

... in January 2015, alleging that the company's collectors were impersonating attorneys and judicial employees; falsely threatening litigation, wage garnishments and asset seizures; and misrepresenting the character or legal status of debts under ...more »

Should charges be laid against former and current government officials for conditions of service? – Anil Nandlall
Demerara WavesMay 1, 2017

I have been charged for stealing books, the subscriptions for which were paid for by the Government of Guyana, which I specifically requested as a condition of my service as Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs and which was granted by the ...more »

Family Law News and Stories

Kushner Family Stands to Gain From Visa Rules in Trump's First Major Law
New York TimesMay 9, 2017

WASHINGTON — It was the first major piece of legislation that President Trump signed into law, and buried on Page 734 was one sentence that brought a potential benefit to the president's extended family: renewal of a program offering permanent ...more »

Gay & Lesbian Rights
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Russian police detain gay rights activists at May Day march
ReutersMay 1, 2017

Igor Kochetkov, a well-known activist in Russia's gay, lesbian and transgender community, told Reuters that he was among a group of 10 being detained in one St Petersburg police station. He said another group of about 10 had been transferred to a ...more »

Divorce & Separation
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Instant divorce debate exposes rifts among India's Muslims
Deutsche WelleMay 19, 2017

"I was divorced 30 years ago. I then had a two-year-old child and was pregnant too. My husband at that time was not happy with the dowry that was given to him at the time of marriage. It's not that he didn't like me. It was my in-laws who put pressure ...more »

Individual Educational Plans
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Two attorneys take top awards during Tulsa County Bar Association's Law Day luncheon
Tulsa WorldMay 1, 2017

Future recipients will be those who provide contribution or dedicated years of service toward educating attorneys on theories of practical considerations of the law, developing meaningful and thought-provoking educational programs that benefit fellow ...more »

Mortuary Law
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Phyllis Ann Gordon, age 76, Knoxville
TherogersvillereviewMay 1, 2017

She is survived by he husband, Jimmie Gordon; daughters and son-in-law, Belinda and Marion Ferrell, Sabrina Hughes and Sonya Gordon; grandchild, Trina Hughes; sister, Faye House Anderson; nephew, Gary Christian and family; niece, Shannon Lipe and ...more »

Domestic Partnerships
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Law firm adds office managing partner to GR staff
grbj.comMay 5, 2017

“A number of our clients have aircraft, and that's a very specialized area of the law,” he said. “There's, in addition, a number of aviation-focused companies here in Grand Rapids who have their own fleet, and that feeds the practice, as well. (We ...more »

Name Changes
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Name changes and Ohio's legal system
Ironton TribuneMay 20, 2017

Ohio Revised Code 2717.01 provides for name changes. Under that section, a person may apply to the probate court of the county in which they are residing, and must have resided in that county for at least one year. The change of name can be to anything ...more »

Domestic Violence
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Yards for Yeardley raises awareness of domestic violence at SUNY schools
CNYcentral.comMay 1, 2017

All All 10 schools in the State University of New York Athletic Conference are committed to hosting the event in memory of Yeardley Love. (Brett Hall/CNYCentral.) AA. CORTLAND, N.Y. — The term "walk with a purpose" takes on a whole new meaning when ...more »

State Child Protection
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Concerns aired to board after Ferrell arrest
Coldwater Daily ReporterMay 5, 2017

The Michigan Child Protection Law requires school administrators to report suspicions of child abuse or neglect to Children's Protective Services at the Department of Human Services, both verbally and in writing, within 72 hours of when abuse is suspected.more »

Foster Care
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New Alabama law lets adoption groups turn away gays
The Seattle TimesMay 4, 2017

... Ivey signed was “to target LGBT kids and stigmatize LGBT families.” Rep. Rich Wingo, the Republican sponsor of the bill, said it would protect faith-based groups such as Agape and Baptist Children's Homes, which do adoptions and foster care placements.more »


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