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Undocumented Workers Fear Paying Taxes Under Trump ...
CBS Los AngelesApril 1, 2017

"But I want to file my income taxes because I want the president to know I'm here contributing to society," said one woman.more »

After Health Bill's Defeat, What Trump Can Learn From L.B.J. - The ...
New York TimesApril 1, 2017

Unlike Donald Trump, Lyndon Johnson had years of political experience that enabled him to pass his landmark Medicare legislation.more »

Family Law News and Stories

160000 victims of domestic violence withdrew support for prosecutions in 2016
Family Law WeekApril 10, 2017

At least 160,015 victims of domestic violence in England withdrew their support for charges against the alleged perpetrators in 2016. This represents an increase of nearly 40 per cent compared with figures for the previous year. The withdrawal of ...more »

Individual Educational Plans
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Special Ed School Vouchers May Come With Hidden Costs
New York TimesApril 11, 2017

“The private schools are not breaking the law,” said Julie Weatherly, a special-education attorney who consults for school districts in Florida and other states. “The law provides no accountability measures.” McKay is the largest of 10 such disability ...more »

Divorce & Separation
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Duterte-Alvarez behavior will fuel passage of a divorce law
The Manila TimesApril 10, 2017

THIS piece will strike some readers as inconsistent with the earlier position I took on the consequences of the sexual behavior of Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and President Rodrigo Duterte, which in a nutshell constituted a defense of marriage as an ...more »

Infertility Law & Surrogate Parenting
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Huge Spike in Women Wanting to Freeze Their Eggs
The Chosun IlboApril 3, 2017

Proponents argue that freezing eggs can help reduce infertility, but skeptics fear it could promote illegal sales of eggs. The trend is primarily due to women marrying later in life and huge advances in the technology. Female egg cells are vulnerable ...more »

Mortuary Law
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Braulio Sandoval, 28
Austin HeraldApril 15, 2017

Braulio is survived by his common law wife: Tiffany Zempel and three children, Braulio Sandoval Jr, Fernando Sandoval, and Aviano Sandoval; his mother, Cristina Sandoval; brother, Juan Sandoval Jr (Celleny Garcia); sisters, Maria Sandoval (Juan Deanda ...more »

Domestic Partnerships
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Ashes to Ashes: Smoking Bill Puts Senators in Bind
Seven DaysApril 12, 2017

Flory has tried to quit at least three times, but, every time, someone close to her — her law partner, her husband and a friend — died suddenly, and she resumed smoking. Now, she says, friends beg her not to quit for fear they'll be next. "I cut back ...more »

Name Changes
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Transgender Denton boy gets new birth certificate
WFAAApril 7, 2017

The Briggles said they have successfully changed his legal name, as well as his Social Security card and birth certificate. "I feel like ... Texas Health & Human Services told News8 that changing the sex on a Texas birth certificate requires a court ...more »

Domestic Violence
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Domestic offenders in Colorado are supposed to relinquish their guns, but it doesn't always happen
The Denver PostApril 8, 2017

Colorado passed a law three years before Nam's death to ensure domestic violence abusers who are subject to protection orders surrender their firearms. But The Denver Post found that judicial districts across the state vary wildly in their ...more »

Paternity Suits
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10 Enduring Facts About Charlie Chaplin
Mental FlossApril 17, 2017

HE WAS EMBROILED IN A NASTY—AND GROUNDBREAKING—PATERNITY SUIT. In the 1940s, actress Joan Berry was allegedly having an affair with Chaplin. At one point, he invited Berry to travel from L.A. to New York City. While in New York, she spent ...more »

Gay & Lesbian Rights
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PFLAG pioneer John Cepek worked to advance LGBT rights
Chicago Sun-TimesApril 4, 2017

After Mr. Cepek's son John told his parents in 1990 that he was gay, Mr. Cepek, a resident of Indian Head Park, became national president of PFLAG — Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays — which has more than 400 chapters across the ...more »

State Child Protection
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Protecting our children: Sandusky case changed everything
Sunbury Daily ItemApril 8, 2017

Sandusky's arrest and revelations about the cover-up at Penn State prior to his arrest spurred the state to create a task force to examine whether Pennsylvania's child protection laws needed to beefed up. The group's work led to changes requiring ...more »


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