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Judge in the dock to defend himself over Franco investigation
The IndependentFebruary 1, 2012

"When people disappear, it is a permanent crime, which no amnesty law can affect." Outside the court hundreds of supporters of the judge, including British historian Ian Gibson – who has investigated the murder of poet Federico Garcia Lorca by Franco's ...more »

Cuts to foreclosure-prevention aid fought
Ithaca JournalFebruary 1, 2012

The agency, which oversees lending in the state, will review New York's laws governing foreclosure, he said. New York has appropriated $26 million in state funds and $21 million in federal stimulus money since the 2008-09 fiscal year for housing ...more »

Family Law News and Stories

Feds: Teen injured in Florida pileup won't be deported
CNNFebruary 1, 2012

"Reports of her facing deportation are completely false." "ICE's stated priorities include convicted criminals, immigration fugitives, repeat immigration law violators and recent border crossers," Gonzalez said in a written statement.more »

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Saudi Arabian women accelerate anti-driving ban campaign
The AustralianFebruary 6, 2012

The activists will also challenge the kingdom's strict rules on guardianship that require women to get permission from a male guardian to work, study, travel, marry and receive some forms of surgery. "The Arab Spring for women is on.more »

Divorce & Separation
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Study: U.S. Muslims don't want Shariah, either
Houston ChronicleFebruary 2, 2012

"Aside from formal religious observance, American Muslims relate to their Shariah responsibilities primarily through rituals of marriage and divorce," Macfarlane wrote. "They see these as compatible with the civil law - almost all the respondents in ...more »

Individual Educational Plans
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US Schools Have a Poverty Crisis, Not an Education Crisis
Huffington Post (blog)February 1, 2012

For the past three years, working with a statewide task force of experts and advocates in a variety of fields and a team of seven education economists, the Campaign for Educational Equity has examined the legal, economic, and policy issues associated ...more »

Infertility Law & Surrogate Parenting
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Romney says Obama infringing upon religious rights
CNN (blog)February 7, 2012

This law (and pretty much any law where a religious group gets up in arms) does nothing to affect the individual expression and practice of religion, it merely establishes a consisten level of garaunteed access to medical needs to all US Citizens.more »

Domestic Partnerships
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Washington State Poised to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
The Nation.February 6, 2012

On January 13, Murray introduced a bill that would amend the state's current domestic partnership law, which grants most of the rights and privileges of marriage, with one that fully recognizes same-sex marriage. Over the next few weeks, he was able to ...more »

Mortuary Law
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Lloyd Vincent McQueen, 69
Bahamas TribuneFebruary 2, 2012

He is survived by his loving, faithful and devoted Wife: Mrs. Margaret Rose McQueen; Mother: Rhoda McQueen; Daughters: Katie Roberts, Denise Dean & Heather McQueen; Son: Drexel Rolle ; Adopted Son: Ashton McQueen; Son-In-Law: Kevin Dean; ...more »

Domestic Violence
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Tacoma police standoff with domestic violence suspect ends with surrender
Q13 FOXFebruary 1, 2012

Tacoma Police entered a standoff with an armed domestic violence suspect on Monday afternoon, only for the suspect to surrender. Earlier in the day, the victim sought refuge at an elementary school, causing the school to go into lockdown, police said.more »

Name Changes
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TAX TIP: Five Tips for Recently Married or Divorced Taxpayers with a Name Change
Lahontan Valley NewsFebruary 6, 2012

Informing the SSA of a name change is easy. Simply file a Form SS-5, Application for a Social Security Card, at your local SSA office or by mail and provide a recently issued document as proof of your legal name change. Form SS-5 is available on SSA's ...more »

Foster Care
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Leagle.comFebruary 8, 2012

... was unwilling or unable within a reasonable period of time not to exceed twelve months from the date the children were placed in foster care to remedy substantially the conditions which led to or required continuation of the children's foster care...more »

Paternity Suits
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Leagle.comFebruary 24, 2012

Pursuant to its authority under chapter 231, the OAG filed suit on behalf of Renteria to establish Martinez's paternity and child support. See id. § 231.101(a)(2), (3). Martinez appeared pro se and admitted paternity but contested child support and any ...more »

Gay & Lesbian Rights
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"Mama, if it doesn't pass, will we still be able to be a family?"
CNN (blog)February 1, 2012

... (though not legal) vows in front of our God, our family and our friends. On that day, we danced in celebration with our community and we danced in celebration with our God. We chose to start a family. We lived through the heartache of infertility, ...more »

State Child Protection
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Mississippi House passes bill that requires reporting sex abuse of minors
Mississippi Press (blog)February 3, 2012

Critics say it would do little to change existing state laws that already require people who know about abuse allegations to report what they know to law enforcement officers. The Child Protection Act and Child Rape Protection Act is the first bill to ...more »


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