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Amendment allows secret investigations
China DailySeptember 1, 2011

BEIJING - A controversial clause in a draft amendment to China's Criminal Procedure Law has met with mixed reaction from legal experts for allowing the police to conduct secret investigation and detention of suspects of national security crimes. ...more »

Court voids Tusten gas lease,property owner keeps the money
The River ReporterSeptember 1, 2011

A Sullivan County Supreme Court judge has ruled that a gas-drilling lease in the Town of Tusten is void because restrictive covenants on the deed prohibit using the land for any kind of commercial activity. The land in question is a 66-acre parcel ...more »

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Administrative Law
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Suo motu: Sindh govt given 2 days to appoint ATC judges
The Express TribuneSeptember 6, 2011

The court, during the suo motu hearing on Karachi violence, had also summoned the law secretary on the appointment of judges for Anti-Terrorism Courts in Karachi. Due to the non-availability of the law secretary, the additional home and law secretaries ...more »

Health Care Law
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Starbucks spent $130000 lobbying in 2Q
BusinessWeekSeptember 8, 2011

Starbucks said it lobbied Congress, the White House, the Treasury and the Department of Health and Human Services on the Obama administration's sweeping health care bill, which was signed into law last year but is only gradually being implemented. ...more »

Admiralty & Maritime Law
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Class action planned against Scientology
ABC OnlineSeptember 15, 2011

TONY JONES, PRESENTER: The law firm Slater and Gordon is planning a class action against the Church of Scientology over claims it has underpaid its workers. On Tuesday night Lateline revealed that a draft report by the Fair Work Ombudsman had found ...more »

Immigration Law
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Farms Could Lose Workers if Tougher Rules on Illegal Immigrants are Adopted
Patch.comSeptember 11, 2011

Allowing law enforcement to check for photo identification randomly, similar to controversial legislation passed in Arizona last year. While the federal government is responsible for controlling and regulating immigration, Republican state lawmakers ...more »

Industrial Development Law
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Shale Gas and the Future of International Environmental Law
JURISTSeptember 7, 2011

The history of environmental law is one of ad hoc decision-making. Historically, environmental legislative change has followed industrial age environmental disasters. Our environmental legal system is defined by the environmental damage inflicted on ...more »

Alternate Dispute Resolution
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MARKS: Part Failure Yields 28th Place At AMS
TruckSeries.comSeptember 4, 2011

Since other achat windows xp edition familiale high-resolution types would omit anti-aliasing, both most viruses ca disable the emulation a constant once source like logs a personal version, along all deployments that remain used exploit the entire ...more »

Insurance Litigation
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British insurance giant comes to town
Montreal GazetteSeptember 2, 2011

Nicholl Paskell-Mede LLP (NPM), the professional liability insurance boutique law firm founded in Montreal 19 years ago, is now formally part of London-based Clyde & Co. LLP - itself in the middle ...more »

Animal Law
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Hearings for animal law, rezoning for motorcycle shop set
Lexington DispatchSeptember 9, 2011

First, the city council will hold a public hearing on proposed animal law changes that call for setbacks of dog runs and kennels near streets and sidewalks. The proposal also addresses the leashing and tethering of animals and makes it illegal for the ...more »

Intellectual Property
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ADA-ES, Goodyear, Vivid-Kardashian, Purple Hearts: Intellectual Property
BloombergSeptember 6, 2011

In that suit, Norit, one of the world's largest manufacturers of activated-carbon products used to control pollution, says ADA-ES persuaded John Rectenwald and Stephen D. Young to violate the confidentiality agreements they signed, and to reveal such ...more »

Asbestos Litigation
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For Second Consecutive Year, Readers of the New York Law Journal Rank Marks ...
MarketWatch (press release)September 12, 2011

The firm provides businesses with a full range of auditing, accounting, tax, consulting, bankruptcy and restructuring services as well as litigation and corporate financial advisory services to domestic and international clients. ...more »

Labor & Employment Law
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New Round on Affirmative Action
Inside Higher EdSeptember 12, 2011

Since California voters in 1996 passed an amendment to the state constitution to ban the consideration of race and ethnicity in public college admissions decisions and other state government functions, proponents of affirmative action have sought the ...more »

Garmin Unveils iPad-esque Aviation Navigation Devices
Aviation International NewsSeptember 15, 2011

Garmin introduced two new seven-inch touchscreen aviation navigation haldheld devices, the aera 795 and 796. Both can function as Class I or II electronic flight bags, but only the 796 can also display XM Weather information. ...more »

Landlord & Tenant Law
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The Endgame in Afghanistan: How Do We End the Proxy Wars?
TIME (blog)September 23, 2011

But when the Soviets withdrew and the Americans lost interest, Afghanistan's other neighbors, including India and Iran, vied for regional dominance via militia proxies in a devastating civil war that destroyed the country and saw the rise of the ...more »

Bankruptcy Law
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In credit scoring, a good payment history trumps all
CreditCards.comSeptember 6, 2011

"The reason longevity is important is to see how you managed your accounts during good times and bad. Unfortunately, in this case it was not handled well," says Michael McAuliffe, president of nonprofit credit counseling agency Family Credit Management ...more »

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Risky side effects exposed in move to free up funding for class actions
Sydney Morning HeraldSeptember 4, 2011

It also requires the licence holder to have insurance, which goes some way to covering any cost orders against them. Six submissions were made to Treasury and the majority, including one from IMF, called for more regulation of litigation funders. ...more »

Business Law
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Google wins antitrust case against Ohio firm
InquirerSeptember 2, 2011

The law requires it to show that competition in general suffered due to Google's alleged actions, the judge said, and thus he handed Google a victory that will give the advertising giant hope. It is hard for companies to show widespread damage done by ...more »

Military Law & Military Benefits
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COLUMN: Military exhibits cynicism regarding recruits
Oklahoma DailySeptember 2, 2011

But as many soldiers have found, the military is not as benevolent toward its recruits as it paints itself. Since the bloody and expensive invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the government has been doing everything it can to avoid paying out benefits...more »

Computer & Internet Related Crimes
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Cybercrime to get even bigger: expert
Sydney Morning HeraldSeptember 7, 2011

Marian Merritt, internet safety advocate with computer security company Norton, said a new global study showed 69 per cent of adults around the world experienced cybercrime in their lifetime, much more than previously thought because this type of crime...more »

Personal Injury
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Bill would limit auto medical coverage
Livingston DailySeptember 5, 2011

A proposal in Lansing would repeal unlimited personal-injury protection coverage on auto policies — a move critics argue would leave seriously injured motorists millions of dollars in debt. Senate Bill 293, sponsored by state Sen. ...more »

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights
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Romney has his best outing in South Carolina
Washington Post (blog)September 6, 2011

Rick Perry? We don't know, but Perry's aides, if they are smart, are going through some basics on constitutional law with him. Had he been there it's not clear he would have had the deftness to avoid the invitation to constitutional chaos. ...more »

Professional Malpractice
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E-Discovery Malpractice Suit Raises Concerns Over Outsourcing Document Review
JD Supra (press release)September 8, 2011

The recent legal malpractice lawsuit filed by JM Manufacturing Co., Inc. (“JME”) against the company's lawyers, McDermott Will & Emery (“McDermott”), over the production of 3900 privileged documents to the federal government in a qui-tam investigation ...more »

Consumer Protection
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Coakley gets injunction against manufactured housing community
Legal News LineSeptember 9, 2011

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Paul E. Troy found that the state's allegations that the defendants violated the Consumer Protection Act held merit and granted the preliminary injunction. Last month, Coakley filed an enforcement action against Morgan and ...more »

Real Estate Law
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Law "On mandatory types of insurance" takes effect in Azerbaijan
Trend News AgencySeptember 17, 2011

The country's official press has today published the text of the Law approved by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on June 24, 2011 . The law regulates the four types of compulsory insurance - real estate, liability of owners of motor vehicles, ...more »

ChemImage Hires General Counsel/Vice President of Human Resources
MarketWatch (press release)September 9, 2011

In her more than seven years experience in the legal industry, Beckett-McWalter has worked on commercial, employment and intellectual property litigation issues, representing clients in matters relating to the misappropriation of trade secrets, ...more »

Sports Law
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What Minnesota's New Sports Concussion Law Means For You
Patch.comSeptember 14, 2011

Editor's note: This story is part of a three-part series examining the new state law on sports-related concussions in Minnesota youth sports. The series was reported by John Hageman, Jay Corn, Reece Lamppa and edited by Regional Sports Coordinator Mark ...more »

Criminal Defense
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Levi Aron's defense attorney uses Facebook to defend rights
Metro.usSeptember 14, 2011

Jennifer McCann must defend accused child-killer Levi Aron in court, but she's also defending her client's rights on Facebook — an unpopular move among some criminal defense attorneys. McCann, 30, opened her practice in March and created a Facebook ...more »

Mmm... Obama's Plan Is So "Job Creating"
ForbesSeptember 12, 2011

Years ago, I found myself sitting in law school in Moot Court wearing an oversized itchy blue suit. It was a horrible experience. In a desperate attempt to avoid anything like that in the future I enrolled in a tax course. I loved it. ...more »

Discrimination Acts to be generalised
PS NewsSeptember 22, 2011

He said since 1975, those protections had been supported by five pieces of legislation: The Racial Discrimination Act 1975, the Sex Discrimination Act 1984, the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, the Age Discrimination Act 2004 and the Australian ...more »

Trusts & Estate Planning
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Animal Welfare League Receives $25000 Contribution from Farr Law Firm
Gulf Coast Business ReviewSeptember 8, 2011

With offices in Punta Gorda and Englewood, Farr Law Firm has extensive experience in all areas of litigation as well as in personal injury and wrongful death, marital and family law, real estate and title insurance, trusts and estates, business law, ...more »

Environmental Law
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The Green Jobs, Clean Energy Scam
Canada Free PressSeptember 8, 2011

The cost of Green “solutions” to non-existant environmental problems is proving particularly evident as reports reveal that “renewable energy” companies rapidly fail when federal subsidies are ended or spent. A case in point was the Senate vote in June ...more »

Workers Compensation
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Man who contracted asbestosis not entitled to workers comp: SC high court
Business InsuranceSeptember 7, 2011

During that time, he was exposed regularly to asbestos dust from insulation products, court records state. Mr. Skinner also was a National Guard reservist and left Westinghouse in 1983 to work full-time for the National Guard earning more than he did ...more »

Family Law
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Separating? Family law courts may not be the best route
Mayo NewsSeptember 13, 2011

Unfortunately, family law is historically an adversarial system that polarises couples in a battle for competing interests. It doesn't have to be this way. Increasingly, more and more family solicitors are training in mediation and collaborative law, ...more »


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