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Banning Kids From Streets May Make Us Less Safe: Mike Males
BloombergSeptember 1, 2011

Likewise, a study by the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice found that during the 1990s and 2000s, juvenile crime and crime in general fell faster in California cities that didn't enforce youth curfews than in those that did. ...more »

Judge considers DNA testing of items linked to Dexter murders
Bangor Daily NewsSeptember 1, 2011

The justices ruled that Cole should have issued written findings of fact as to why the evidence Cookson asked to be tested in 2009 did not meet criteria outlined in state law. The hearing Wednesday focused on the issue of where the items were before ...more »

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Administrative Law
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Gas rate hike sought: Public hearing date set for Bluefield
Bluefield Daily TelegraphSeptember 2, 2011

“A hearing has been scheduled as part of the procedural order to determine whether or not the rate increase will be approved. They will take public comments at the evidentiary hearing in front of an administrative law judge who will be there on behalf ...more »

Health Care Law
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Conference examines constitutionality of health care law, Sept. 16
Duke UniversitySeptember 2, 2011

“Some of the most prominent constitutional law and health law scholars in the United States will gather at Duke Law School to analyze the constitutionality of an enormously consequential federal law — the Affordable Care Act — whose legal fate will ...more »

Admiralty & Maritime Law
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BESE president rejects LAE's assessment request
Monroe News StarSeptember 15, 2011

Dastugue's comments came after a four-hour presentation by the LAE to the Advisory Committee on Educator Evaluations, a state panel developing rules to implement Act 54 of the 2010 session. The act spells out that the evaluation method that's to go ...more »

Immigration Law
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Romney's immigration speech
Washington Post (blog)September 4, 2011

As governor, I vetoed legislation that would have provided in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants, and I strengthened the authority our state troopers had to enforce existing immigration laws. It's not clear that immigration is still the ...more »

Industrial Development Law
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Baltimore's Unlikely Confederates
New York Times (blog)September 1, 2011

Many in Baltimore may have been pro-Southern, but from almost the moment Trimble left that May, the war began to inexorably turn it toward the North and its promise of industrial development and economic wealth. What Trimble represents, then, ...more »

Alternate Dispute Resolution
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Shaping expert team awaits NC's consents
Himalayan TimesSeptember 4, 2011

KATHMANDU :The meeting of Dispute Resolution Sub-committee under the Constitutional Committee held at Singha Durbar on Sunday to form a committee of experts in resolving contentious issues of state restructuring has ended fruitlessly. ...more »

Insurance Litigation
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Sprint, BofA, News Corp.,, Citigroup, AOL, GM in Court News
BloombergSeptember 7, 2011

“Citi informed law enforcement immediately upon discovery of the suspicious transactions and we are cooperating fully to ensure Mr. Foster is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” Bell didn't have an immediate comment yesterday. The case is US v. ...more »

Animal Law
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Rhino ban will increase poaching: Hunters
Times LIVESeptember 1, 2011

A moratorium is a delay or suspension of an activity or law. Animal rights activists and conservation authorities often request moratoriums to protect endangered or threatened animal species. Kitshoff said the moratorium would adversely impact private ...more »

Intellectual Property
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Inventor Awards Increase Return on R&D Investment According to ipPerformance ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)September 7, 2011

ipPerformance Group, a leader in benchmarking corporate intellectual property asset management operations announces the release of its 2011 Inventor Reward and Recognition Program study. "76% of companies provide both monetary and non-monetary awards ...more »

Asbestos Litigation
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Law Department Desktop Expands Client Base as part of the Managing Litigation...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)September 8, 2011

The project is part of the groundbreaking "Managing Litigation as a Business" initiative, a nationwide endeavor to help corporate law departments provide greater value to their clients by managing legal services more efficiently and effectively to ...more »

Labor & Employment Law
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High Level Departures at Columbia Cast Doubt on Diversity
The RootSeptember 2, 2011

For a short while, it seemed that Columbia University President Lee Bollinger, an ardent defender of affirmative action and diversity, had backed his beliefs with action. He could boast of having African-Americans in two key position. ...more »

Corbett announces investment to improve airport safety
GoErie.comSeptember 2, 2011

The $4 million in grants will be provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's aviation development program. Funding for the program is provided by the state's jet-fuel tax, and leverages more than $1.3 million in local matching funds. ...more »

Landlord & Tenant Law
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Sidney H. Asch, a Judge and a Scholar, Is Dead at 92
New York TimesSeptember 10, 2011

Sidney H. Asch, a New York judge with a Ph.D. in sociology who wrote scholarly works about civil liberties and made notable decisions about landlord-tenant law, employment of gay people and a man's right to get his hair cut in a women's ...more »

Bankruptcy Law
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Lender: Even 9th Circuit knows its cramdown ruling creates a conflict
Thomson Reuters News & InsightSeptember 1, 2011

Penrod argued in her opposition brief that because the Bankruptcy Code does not define “purchase-money security interest,” the lower courts properly turned to California state law to conclude that funds advanced to pay off negative equity do not ...more »

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US gov't prepares to release BP oil spill report
ForbesSeptember 14, 2011

Two months ago, BP petrophysicist Galina Skripnikova told attorneys involved in the oil spill litigation that there appeared to be a zone of gas more than 300 feet above where BP told its contractors and regulators with the then-Minerals Management ...more »

Business Law
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Zoeller challenges online classified site to 'get tough' on illegal ads
Kokomo PerspectiveSeptember 5, 2011

"The Internet has become a haven for prostitution advertisements," Zoeller said. "These advertisements are often a cover for the terrible crime of trafficking minors and others. Attorneys general want to make sure online sites like this do not become ...more »

Military Law & Military Benefits
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Plan to cut retirement outrages service members
NavyTimes.comSeptember 2, 2011

“Of all the places the government can cut spending, they are going to come after military benefits — after 10 years of war? “This proposal is a total affront to the men and women of today's armed forces,” said Worden, a Michigan native who left his ...more »

Computer & Internet Related Crimes
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Cyber-criminals are attacking our personal computers
WRBLSeptember 21, 2011

Police Chief Russ Drew says fighting cyber crimes goes beyond the street. Russ also said, “We wanted to increase the ability of local law enforcement to because it is a crime and because the fraud that is being done thought this hacking attack do ...more »

Personal Injury
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Introducing a Personal Injury Attorney Who Offers Both Style and Substance
PR Newswire (press release)September 13, 2011

Few personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles possess that kind of versatility. Attorneys at Law offices of Burg & Brock are particularly talented personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles who have demonstrated such prowess in the courtrooms on daily basis ...more »

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights
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Scalia urges Pa. school to keep Catholic identity
Houston ChronicleSeptember 25, 2011

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says a moral background is important in rounding out an education in law — and he hopes a western Pennsylvania law school remembers that. Scalia, delivering the centennial address to Duquesne ...more »

Professional Malpractice
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More US doctors facing charges over drug abuse
ReutersSeptember 14, 2011

... decision-making especially as represented by the current trend toward the criminalization of malpractice." The trend is, in part, due to an expansion in white-collar criminal law and drug control laws to include unintentional violations by doctors, ...more »

Consumer Protection
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Ten highlights from CRM 2.0 Summit
ITWeb (blog)September 6, 2011

New technologies like social networking, and new legislation such as the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), are empowering consumers like never before. Speakers at ITWeb CRM 2.0 Summit, in Bryanston, last week pointed out that the contact ...more »

Real Estate Law
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Scott: Repeal more than 1000 state rules
MiamiHerald.comSeptember 5, 2011

Rick Scott is on a crusade to repeal more than 1000 state rules that target everything from dwarf tossing to gambling and real estate licenses. The rules — which are crafted by state agencies to implement laws passed by the Legislature — typically ...more »

Postal service is nearing default as losses mount
Business StandardSeptember 5, 2011

The law also prevents the post office from raising postage fees faster than inflation. Meanwhile, the agency has had a tough time cutting its costs to match the revenue drop, with a history of labour contracts offering good health and pension benefits, ...more »

Sports Law
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Reuters Sports Schedule at 0600 GMT on Wednesday, Sept 21
Yahoo! Eurosport UKSeptember 21, 2011

... Greg Stutchbury, Nick Mulvenney and Patrick Johnston) DUNEDIN - Martin Johnson has bypassed the World Cup glories of 2003 and instead dredged up the memories of 1999 to convince his England team that constant law infringements are threatening to ...more »

Criminal Defense
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Barry Cohen loses one of his top lawyers
Tbo.comSeptember 20, 2011

Criminal defense lion Barry Cohen has lost one of his top legal guns to a Clearwater law firm. Stephen Romine left Cohen's firm around late August and shortly after joined with prominent Pinellas County defense...more »

Paper Tiger: Taxpayers' ombudsman lacks any real power
Ottawa CitizenSeptember 24, 2011

Most notably, the US advocate has the power to correct an IRS action that may have created an unfair situation or hardship for a taxpayer. Nor can the advocate's decision be appealed. The advocate's case workers can also issue formal requests to compel ...more »

Businesses can avoid tribunals, says Bibby Consulting & Support
CisionWire (press release)September 12, 2011

However, there were significant increases in claims relating to the European Working Time Directive (up by 20 per cent), age discrimination (up by 32 per cent), and regulations for part-time workers (almost trebled). The report also showed that of the ...more »

Trusts & Estate Planning
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Delta One Desks Are Big Moneymakers
New York TimesSeptember 16, 2011

While Delta One may conjure up images of “Top Gun” fighter pilots, the desks get their name from the financial definition of delta, which refers to the change in a price of a derivative against the change in the price of a customized underlying asset, ...more »

Environmental Law
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Ygrene Energy Fund Florida Awarded Landmark Energy Retrofit Program
MarketWatch (press release)September 7, 2011

PACE operates under State law and allows property owners to finance energy efficiency, renewable energy and wind-hardening retrofits on their buildings. Besides benefiting property owners through reduced energy and insurance bills, the programs provide ...more »

Wills & Probate
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Candidates announce bids for state Senate seat
LaSalle News TribuneSeptember 8, 2011

He joined Miskell Law Center, LLC in 2002 and concentrates his law practice on real estate transactions, wills, probate and administrative hearings. He also serves on the Bakelite Credit Union Board of Directors, is a trustee on the Ottawa Fire ...more »

Family Law
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Bankruptcy Attorneys of the Bodensteiner Law Office Re-Open Office in ...
PR Web (press release)September 10, 2011

I have maintained a solo law practice in Austin, Minnesota on a continual basis since 1983. My practice is mostly in bankruptcy and family law. I do enjoy doing probate work and also handle some criminal and collection matters. Rochester, MN The law...more »

Workers Compensation
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Workers' compensation – Independent contractor – Joint employment
Massachusetts Lawyers WeeklySeptember 7, 2011

By Tom Egan Where a property management company has appealed from the Industrial Accident Reviewing Board's decision that the claimant was entitled to workers' compensation coverage from both the company and an individual who also employed the claimant ...more »


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