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Trying Youth Offenders as Adults
SantaCruz.comSeptember 1, 2011

According to the report, trying juveniles as adults does not act as a deterrent. Though juvenile crime is down statewide since 2001, the counties most likely to try kids as adults saw juvenile crime rates fall at a slower rate. ...more »

Millthorpe residents, staff speak out over lodge scandal
Blayney ChronicleSeptember 1, 2011

Supporters of the lodge say they are concerned about how the department has handled allegations raised at a Guardianship Tribunal hearing in early July. "It's just shocking, I couldn't believe it," Tracey Nest, an owner of a business located near the ...more »

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Administrative Law
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Fall 2011 Odyssey: Students make connections through annual program
UW Oshkosh TodaySeptember 2, 2011

A former radio-TV-film major at UW Oshkosh, LaVicka earned a law degree from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock School of Law. He recently was appointed as a federal administrative law judge. “I'm looking forward to Jeff LaVicka speaking on Sunday ...more »

Health Care Law
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Giant leap forward for women's health
Concord MonitorSeptember 6, 2011

Why is the Affordable Care Act important to women in particular? Before these protections, women were more vulnerable to higher health care costs than men. Because our health needs are unique, we require more frequent health care visits, which subject ...more »

Admiralty & Maritime Law
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House Committee reports proposed maritime legislation
Lexology (registration)September 12, 2011

... altering the Notice of Arrival requirements, requiring standby vessels for certain offshore oil drilling operations, limiting the establishment of maritime liens on fishing permits, and providing for a number of vessel specific Jones Act waivers. ...more »

Immigration Law
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Op-Ed: Canada needs to change immigration detention and release rules
DigitalJournal.comSeptember 1, 2011

There are weaknesses in release and detention provisions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and these need to be changed. A good starting point would be to compare the detention and release criteria with the judicial interim release ...more »

Industrial Development Law
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The abbot of Shaolin Temple, labelled as the 'CEO monk' by the Chinese media ...
Financial TimesSeptember 9, 2011

Nevertheless, he explains, the creation in 1998 of the Henan Shaolin Temple Industrial Development Company, saw the temple become the first Chinese religious group to register a trademark for its name, “We're using legal and commercial means to protect ...more »

Alternate Dispute Resolution
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Research and Markets: Professional Webinar Library Subscription for Lawyers ...
Business Wire (press release)September 7, 2011

Webinars can be easily viewed in a 60-minute schedule-friendly format on your computer (while online or offline), smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android), iPod, iPad, Kindle or even printed out. Take advantage of your next commute, business trip, ...more »

Insurance Litigation
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Preparation is an important part of hurricane season
Victoria AdvocateSeptember 8, 2011

If the windstorm insurance agency denies coverage on a claim, property owners can give notice of intent to sue. Before going to court, and if the agency requests it, they must enter mediation in an attempt to resolve the issue without litigation. ...more »

Animal Law
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Supervisor Slater-Price to step down next year
SignOnSanDiego.comSeptember 8, 2011

County Supervisor Pam Slater-Price will not seek reflection next year and will retire from politics, saying she's achieved numerous goals relating to environmental stewardship, public safety, regional transportation, domestic violence and animal rights...more »

Intellectual Property
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HTC-Apple, Oracle, Google, Eastman Kodak: Intellectual Property
BloombergSeptember 8, 2011

HTC Corp. (2498), Asia's second-biggest maker of smartphones, filed infringement claims against Apple Inc. yesterday, using patents obtained from Google Inc. last week. The nine patents originated with Palm ...more »

Asbestos Litigation
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Del. Jurist Tops Judge Sparks, Sets Mandatory Civility Course for Lawyers on ...
ABA JournalSeptember 2, 2011

Superior Court Judge Peggy Ableman scheduled a mandatory civility course for warring counsel in asbestos litigation at 10 am on Sunday, in the middle of a holiday weekend. In a Sept. 1 letter provided by Above the Law, she advises the lawyers, ...more »

Labor & Employment Law
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Affirmative action bake sale ruffles feathers at Cal
San Jose Mercury NewsSeptember 27, 2011

UC Berkeley's student Republicans' plans to hold a satirical anti-affirmative action bake sale have ruffled feathers across campus, sparking debate about discrimination and complaints about trying to quash alternate points of view. ...more »

Alaska's Don Young cosponsors aviation privacy bill
Alaska DispatchSeptember 13, 2011

The BARR program allows the owners of private planes to submit their aircraft tail numbers to the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), which in turn provides the information to either the FAA or directly to public flight-tracking websites, ...more »

Landlord & Tenant Law
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Changing rent reviews will have serious consequences
Irish TimesSeptember 4, 2011

Rents in the retail sector have fallen sharply, but this will only be reflected in new contracts as existing ones may have years to run and will have UORR clauses which will prevent reductions in the absence of agreement between the landlord and tenant...more »

Bankruptcy Law
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Prewett Ponzi victims lose chance of getting money back
Sarasota Herald-TribuneSeptember 17, 2011

But now a Jackson Hewitt bankruptcy, paired with an appeals court decision overturning that verdict last week, has dashed all hopes investors will ever see their money again. "They got nothing," said Sarasota attorney Robert Turffs, who represented the ...more »

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Why New Patent Law Will Do Little To Halt The Smartphone Litigation Frenzy
paidContent.orgSeptember 6, 2011

But while the bill brings major changes to patent law, it won't do much to end the wave of litigation engulfing the mobile industry. This week's law comes after repeated efforts by Congress in the last decade to address a spike in undeserved patents ...more »

Business Law
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HSBC giving away 30 Apple laptops amid criticism of 'annoying' new online...
This is MoneySeptember 13, 2011

Such a grand reward just for ticking off a day-to-day task should help appease HSBC customers disgruntled by the launch of a new 'two-factor' security system for internet banking. Easy winnings: An email advertising the HSBC giveaway to customers, ...more »

Military Law & Military Benefits
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Camp Murray annexation by City of Lakewood possible
TheNewsTribune.comSeptember 5, 2011

Anderson said it's too early to pass judgment on the idea, but he questions what benefits Camp Murray would receive from becoming part of the city. Lowenberg also broached in his letter the possiblility that the city take over the lease for the public ...more »

Computer & Internet Related Crimes
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NYPD Auxiliary Cop Charged With Child Porn
Long Island PressSeptember 6, 2011

An NYPD auxiliary police sergeant from West Babylon has been arrested for allegedly sharing child pornography videos over the Internet, Suffolk County police said. Computer Crimes Unit detectives conducting an ...more »

Personal Injury
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Leagle.comSeptember 7, 2011

In this personal injury action, plaintiff, Alla Rozenshtein, appeals from the March 24, 2010 order denying her motion to amend the complaint to include the Estate of Leonid Rozenshtein as a defendant, and the May 28, 2010 summary judgment order ...more »

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights
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Judiciary to protect constitution, law: CJP
Pakistan ObserverSeptember 13, 2011

He said the judiciary was determined to protect the constitution and the law. He said the judges would be appointed in accordance with the constitution. He said the Judicial Commission in its 23 sessions recommended appointment of 100 judges. ...more »

Professional Malpractice
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Van Buren lawyer's license suspended for two years
Arkansas NewsSeptember 15, 2011

LITTLE ROCK — A Van Buren lawyer has been barred from practicing law in Arkansas for two years for multiple violations of the rules of conduct for Arkansas lawyers. The Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct said today it ...more »

Consumer Protection
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Deals: Cash Converters' US Deal Falls Apart
International Business Times AUSeptember 6, 2011

But EZCORP terminated the deal because of concerns that proposed changes to the National Consumer Credit Protection Act could have a "material impact on Cash Converters' consumer loan business in Australia". "Accordingly, the proposed Scheme pursuant ...more »

Real Estate Law
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Judge denies WexTrust receiver's deal with law firm
The Virginian-PilotSeptember 3, 2011

The federal judge overseeing the recovery of funds for WexTrust Capital investors rejected a proposed settlement with the Chicago law firm that advised WexTrust on several of its flawed securities offerings. An agreement the WexTrust ...more »

Warranties During Disasters:
Warranty WeekSeptember 2, 2011

And the rules for commercial property or multiple dwelling buildings may differ from the rules for single family homes or mobile homes. And here's where we cross over into insurance. Warranty covers defects. Insurance covers perils. ...more »

Sports Law
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Supreme Court Justice Alito in Va. for Regent University Law School private event
Washington PostSeptember 25, 2011

SuperFan badge holders consistently post smart, timely comments about Washington area sports and teams. If your comments or those of another user measure up, please let Post editors know. Culture Connoisseurs consistently offer thought-provoking, ...more »

Criminal Defense
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Battling Barratry: Lawyers Publicize New Law, Predict Its Impact
Texas LawyerSeptember 9, 2011

Most of the lawyers interviewed think the new law will cut down on barratry, but one disagrees. Edwards Law Firm founder William R. "Bill" Edwards Sr. says he's already seen another Corpus Christi lawyer's television commercial about the new law, ...more »

David Leeper: Statue of limitations applies to taxes, too
El Paso TimesSeptember 5, 2011

Audits: In general, the IRS cannot audit you more than three years after your return is filed. That's right, folks -- put that in your memory bank. Once you file your returns, the IRS is legally barred from assessing more tax after three years. ...more »

Lawmakers propose protections against health insurance discrimination
Milwaukee Small Business TimesSeptember 8, 2011

Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee) would make permanent in Wisconsin law the key consumer rights and protections included in the national Affordable Care Act, including prohibition of discrimination against people with preexisting conditions. ...more »

Trusts & Estate Planning
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Lehman, Venue, Innkeepers, Thornburg, Sbarro: Bankruptcy
BusinessWeekSeptember 12, 2011

King was the country's leading authority on bankruptcy law and a principal author of the Collier bankruptcy treatise. The present system wasn't without supporters. David A. Skeel of the University of Pennsylvania Law School testified that “removing the ...more »

Environmental Law
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Environmental Lawyer Ivan DeVoren Joins Energy Law Firm of Burleson LLP
Alaska DispatchSeptember 16, 2011

... state, and local environmental laws and regulatory programs, including those related to natural gas exploration, production, processing and distribution, climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and alternative and renewable energy. ...more »

Wills & Probate
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County to commemorate 9/11 with numerous events
phillyBurbs.comSeptember 9, 2011

... of Black Women Lawyers of New Jersey will provide an educational presentation and 15-minute consultations to the public in the areas of real estate; estate planning, wills, probate and guardianships; landlord/tenant; bankruptcy and family law. ...more »

Family Law
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Why breaking up is hard to do
The Canberra TimesSeptember 4, 2011

FORMER lovers are being caught out by family law arrangements that mean they scarcely needed to have lived with their ex-partner to face losing their house and car in divorce-style proceedings. A number of Canberra lawyers have ...more »

Workers Compensation
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Calif. Nanny State May Legislate Babysitter Pay
The New AmericanSeptember 1, 2011

Additionally, parents who hire babysitters would be required to provide workers' compensation benefits. Written by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco, left) Assembly Bill 889 makes these requirements and more. The bill applies to all “domestic ...more »


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