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Court rules on enforcement of foreign arbitral award
International Law OfficeMarch 1, 2012

The arbitration clause in the contract provided that if the defendant was the complainant in the dispute, the dispute was to be referred for final resolution to the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce ...more »

Tobacco health labels violate free speech
msnbc.comMarch 1, 2012

By Jeremy Pelofsky WASHINGTON — A US judge sided with tobacco companies on Wednesday, ruling that regulations requiring large graphic health warnings on cigarette packaging and advertising violate free-speech rights under the US Constitution.more »

Environmental Law News and Stories

Alternative Energy
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NEXTERA ENERGY, INC. : FPL plans to invest more than $200 million in 2012 to ...
4-tradersMarch 1, 2012

Any changes to the Recovery Act that eliminate or reduce support for renewable generation projects could impede NEER's ability to economically develop wind and solar energy projects in the future and could have a material adverse effect on NEER's ...more »

Nanotechnology Law
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Ray Kurzweil Brings the Singularity to SXSW
Flip the MediaMarch 13, 2012

Kurzweil's belief in this is based on an idea he calls, the Law of Accelerating Returns, a term he coined for his 1999 book the Age of Spiritual Machines. This law states that technological change is exponential rather than linear, meaning rapid ...more »

Dumping & Disposing
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To plastic or not to plastic, that is the question...
BusinessWorld Online EditionMarch 1, 2012

Under the new measure, all barangay officials and all the law enforcers of the environmental protection and waste management department are deputized to apprehend offenders. Violators will be subject to a fine of P1,000 for first offense, ...more »

Natural Resources
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Shell Sues Environmentalists To Avert Alaska Arctic-Drilling Delays
Fox BusinessMarch 1, 2012

"It's a case that doesn't have substance under federal law," said David Pettit, a senior attorney with the Natural Resource Defense Council. "We will file a motion to dismiss and we expect to win quickly." Independent legal experts said Shell's move ...more »

Park & Historic Preservation Law
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Tiverton council agrees to list old schools for sale
EastBayRI.comMarch 13, 2012

25 minutes of the town Historic Preservation Advisory Board. to which was attached a Jan. 4, 2012 e-mail to the board from Alan Leveillee, senior archaeologist with the Public Archaeology Laboratory. Mr. Leveillee writes that the “area of the school is ...more »

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Environmental damages remain issue after BP deal
Grand Island IndependentMarch 4, 2012

David Uhlmann, a University of Michigan Law School professor who previously served as chief of the Justice Department's environmental crimes section, estimates that a deal between BP, the federal government and the states _ one that includes criminal ...more »

Pest Control Law
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Love stinks: Expect to see more skunks getting busy
WPROMarch 9, 2012

“This is mating season for skunks and this warm weather that we have had really has had a really good, good effect if you are a skunk lover,” said Tony DeJesus, Service Manager for New England Pest Control. “There has been plenty of food available for ...more »

Forest Preservation
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'Green Nobel' winner fights to save Africa's rainforests
CNNMarch 14, 2012

It is this scenic beauty and environmental importance of Gabon's vast rainforests that first prompted Gabonese activist and renowned environmentalist Marc Ona Essangui to campaign for the protection and preservation of the Congo Basin rainforest.more »

A Victory Seen for Salmon and Trout
Courthouse News ServiceMarch 1, 2012

States are required to review their water quality standards every 3 years and establish "total maximum daily loads" (TMDLs) of pollutants that the waters can handle without violating the Clean Water Act. Northwest Environmental Advocates claimed that ...more »

Hazardous Waste
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FRACKING: Pennsylvania Gags Physicians
The Moderate VoiceMarch 18, 2012

Thus, physicians are faced by conflicting legal and professional considerations. “The confidentiality agreements are worrisome,” says Peter Scheer, a journalist/lawyer who is executive director of the First Amendment Coalition.more »

Public Utilities
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Vehicle imports, public utilities and development
Ceylon Daily NewsMarch 5, 2012

To be sure, the elimination of the LTTE and the connected law and order issues, is paving the way for unprecedented development activities in this country and we have the evidence of our eyes that infrastructure development, as a result, ...more »

Minerals & Mining
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Revolution Resources; Mexico Exploration Update
Sacramento BeeMarch 2, 2012

The Properties are located in two of Mexico's most prolific Mineral Belts and are in close proximity to several operating mines. Initial reconnaissance work, including rock sampling and geological mapping, has been completed at the 18000 hectare La ...more »


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