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Washington County stake in threatened federal grants: Under $1 million
Pamplin Media GroupApril 1, 2017

Washington County could lose as much as $900,000 from the sheriff's budget if federal officials carry out a threat to withhold money from police agencies that do not aid federal immigration enforcement. The total is overstated because it includes money ...more »

Chartered Institute of Customs Brokers Underway
THISDAY NewspapersApril 1, 2017

... from the regulation of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) on the grounds of his belief that it has been a double jeopardy for its members to be regulated simultaneously by the Nigerian Customs Service and the CRFFN.more »

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Crimes Against Property
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Darwin business burglaries up 100pc
The MercuryApril 21, 2017

Territory-wide, there were 7762 crimes against the person in the same annual period — down 4.3 per cent on the previous year. Crime against property, however, increased 11.4 per cent from 19,165 to 21,341 incidents. In Alice Springs, there were 1721 ...more »

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Immigration agents swoop into Portland courthouse, seize Somali man
WGMEApril 7, 2017

PORTLAND (BDN) -- Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on Thursday seized a Somali man believed to be an asylum seeker inside a Portland courthouse, after the man pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge, according to his lawyer and ...more »

Criminal Defense
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'This is a railroading on steroids' | Lawyers for Basil Eleby say blaming him is wrong
WXIA-TVApril 14, 2017

When he was charged with first-degree arson and criminal damage to property after the March 30 incident, a group of more than a dozen people and social justice/community organizations formed the Community Coalition in Support of Basil Eleby.more »

Parole And Probation Violations
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Columbia Daily TribuneApril 5, 2017

Dchaun Diablo Nebbit, 24, of 4124 Congo Circle, two counts of stealing, out-of-county warrant, $5,600 bond; parole and probation violation, out-of-county warrant, no bond set. Roger Wayne Roberts, 50, of 1201 Paquin Towers, No. 1314, failure to appear ...more »

Police Brutality
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U.S. Supreme Court case could impact Olango family lawsuit
CBS 8 San DiegoApril 9, 2017

Lawyers for the El Cajon Police Department say the lawsuit needs to be put on hold until the U.S.Supreme Court rules on a similar case involving the issue of police brutality. In the City of Los Angeles versus Mendez, a case that happened back in 2010, ...more »

Fraud & Financial Crimes
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Report: Greenwood Realty employee faces fraud, forgery charges
Greenwood Index-JournalApril 13, 2017

Loranda H. Lewis, 48, of 122 Fuller St., Greenwood was arrested Wednesday and charged with financial identity fraud and forgery of less than $1,000. Greenwood County deputies spoke with a woman March 28 who said one of her employees had stolen ...more »

Posession Of Firearm
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62-year-old man in custody for possession of illegal firearm and ammunition
RNewsApril 3, 2017

A 62-year-old Msobomvu man is expected in court on Monday after he was arrested by local police for possession of unlicensed firearm, a pistol with five live rounds of ammunition. "The suspect was arrested on Saturday, at about 16:00, at Magalakangqa ...more »

Grand Jury Proceeding
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Citing changing stories, beheading suspect wants charges dismissed PressApril 11, 2017

Itasca County prosecutor Todd Webb rebuffed that assertion, saying in a written response that the grand jury proceedings were conducted properly and that Thoresen's rights have not been violated. Wahwassuck took the motion to dismiss the indictment ...more »

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Marin Voice: Constitutional confusion in immigration debate
Marin Independent JournalApril 6, 2017

In a March 28 IJ column, Dick Spotswood wrote: “The only point (Sheriff Robert) Doyle and President Donald Trump agree on is that immigrants who commit serious crimes need to be deported. Other than criminal defense attorneys, that's a consensus belief ...more »

Gun Charges
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House passes 'Constitutional carry' bill allowing permitless carry of firearms
The StateApril 5, 2017

Some of the amendments called for the completion of background check before a firearm can be sold; and requiring would-be firearm carriers to complete a State Law Enforcement Division gun safety education course. The proposed law does not prevent ...more »

Robbery, Assault & Battery, Theft
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Columbia County criminal court docket set for Thursday
MagnoliareporterApril 3, 2017

Jimmy Dale Coleman, aggravated assault, terroristic threatening, criminal mischief first degree, refusal to submit to arrest, public intoxication, probation revocation. Harold Scott Otwell, criminal mischief more than $25,000, theft of firearm ...more »

Additional guns, drugs found at location of Hilton Head Island double homicide
Island PacketApril 3, 2017

Following the arrest of a suspect in a Sunday Hilton Head Island double homicide, Beaufort County Sheriff's Office investigators found additional guns and suspected illegal drugs at the scene. The shooting took place at 54 Muddy Creek Road around 6:30 ...more »

Search & Seizure
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Does The Fourth Amendment Apply Overseas?
Daily CallerApril 14, 2017

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires the government to obtain a warrant before it can conduct a search and seizure of private property. To get a warrant, the federal government must have probable cause, which means it must have good ...more »

Inmate's Rights & Prison
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Indonesian Prisoners Display Handicrafts in Bid for Rehabilitation
Indonesia Expat (registration) (blog)April 5, 2017

Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Rantam Sariwanto Bambang said this exhibition makes good on a commitment by the industry ministry to help foster skills of prison inmates, helping hedge against the chance of recidivism when ...more »

Sex Crimes
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Help for adult victims of child sex crimes left out of bill
Sunbury Daily ItemApril 4, 2017

Senate Republican leaders have blocked Rozzi's efforts to open a window allowing adult victims of child sex abuse to sue for old crimes, arguing that the measure is unconstitutional. Rozzi said the current momentum to try to get the law changed was ...more »

Internet Offences & Computer Crimes
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"David's Law" would criminalize cyberbullying, mandate school policies
Texas TribuneApril 11, 2017

And now the San Antonio family is working with a state senator on a bill to make cyberbullying a crime in Texas when it leads to injury or suicide and the victim is a minor. ... That's that group of kids you teach, 'This is the kind of cyber-citizen ...more »

Solicitation & Pandering
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Sanctuary now! Sanctuary forever!
Newton Daily NewsApril 4, 2017

If it's 1952, and you're mayor of a southern city whose principal business is pandering to one ethnic group, you'd better stand for oppression if you want the white bigots out in the neighborhoods to hand you a vote. If it's 2017, and you're the mayor ...more »

Juvenile Crimes
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Police: Victims come forward after man charged with sex crimes
Dayton Daily NewsApril 7, 2017

The new charges, investigated by Troy police, contain rape allegations dating to 1995 when he allegedly engaged in sexual conduct between June and August with a then six-year-old. If convicted of those charges, Massie could face 10 years to life in prison.more »

Traffic & Moving Violations
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Deportation push, climate of fear driving some Massachusetts immigrants into hiding
Effingham Daily NewsApril 10, 2017

We've said to them, 'You're moving out of state? We'll refer you to a .... The bill also forbids local police from questioning immigration status of people arrested for minor violations or crimes, such as a traffic violation or a nonviolent domestic ...more »

Kidnapping; Forgery
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Georgia fugitive captured in Caddo Parish - Story
KTALApril 18, 2017

An Atlanta, GA, man wanted for the rape, robbery, and kidnapping of his girlfriend was arrested by Caddo deputies in Oil City earlier today, said Caddo Parish ...more »

White Collar Crime
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The creators of the viral White Collar Crime Risk Zones project are ... BrooklynApril 26, 2017

Check out the most likely areas for financial crime in a satirical map from The New Inquiry. (Courtesy image). Sam Lavigne, Francis Tseng and Brian Clifton ...more »


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