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Police Officer Calls Back IRS Scammer in Viral Facebook Video
whotv.comMarch 26, 2017

EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin — After a man pretending to be an IRS agent left a threatening voicemail for a Wisconsin police officer, the department decided to call back. In the Facebook video of the exchange, officer Kyle Roder calls the number and asks ...more »

Legislation combats welfare fraud
CitizentribuneMarch 26, 2017

Tennessee loses an estimated $123 Million per year in fraudulent welfare payments. Legislation ... Senate Bill 704 would place the assessment in a fund, allowing the state to receive additional federal dollars from Medicaid to be redistributed to the ...more »

Criminal Defense News and Stories

Crimes Against Property
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Criminal charges against Boston LGBTQ DEMANDED!
RenewAmericaMarch 26, 2017

The LGBTQ misfits threatened Boston with similar violence, destruction of property, overall chaos and death if they were not allowed to march in the recent St. Patrick's Day Parade which honors a Catholic Saint. Plus they demanded that they be able to ...more »

Parole And Probation Violations
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Columbia Daily TribuneApril 19, 2017

Mark Robin Fuemmeler, 52, of 900 Vandiver Drive, parole or probation violation, $2,500 bond. Aaron Michael Greenup, 29, of 10515 Serenity Circle, first-degree robbery, no bond set. Matthew Adam Long, 34, of 637 Country Squire Court, fourth-degree ...more »

Fraud & Financial Crimes
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Federal grand jury indicts 4 in 2 unrelated financial crimes
AL.comMarch 31, 2017

"The two unrelated cases indicted this week are prime examples of financial crime frequently committed through the creation and use of fraudulent debit, credit and gift cards," Posey said in a prepared statement. "We are fortunate in the Birmingham ...more »

Police Brutality
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Know rights, immigrant advocates are warning
MyStatesman.comMarch 26, 2017

Another said she was ready to assign a caretaker, but a lawyer was charging her nearly $900 for the power of attorney letter. ... In the 1970s, the couple founded a political theater group, Teatro Urbano, in response to the Vietnam War and police ...more »

Posession Of Firearm
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Wagoner man sentenced in federal court for illegal firearm possession
Tulsa WorldApril 7, 2017

A Wagoner man was sentenced in federal court this week after being found guilty of three separate illegal firearm possession charges, the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Oklahoma announced Wednesday. William Henry Craig, 27, ...more »

Grand Jury Proceeding
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Police: Murder suspects incriminated by jailhouse snitch
Southernminn.comApril 21, 2017

That evidence, and other previously sealed details from witness interviews and grand jury proceedings, are mentioned in a 56-page defense memorandum filed last week in the case of Gerald Blevins, 38, who is charged with four separate murder charges in ...more »

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Videotape crime, sure, but no law to report it
The Detroit NewsApril 23, 2017

But Michigan has no such law forcing a call to 911 or taking action when they see a crime being committed, and experts, including defense attorneys, local law enforcement and even the Detroit Police Department admit there's no legal basis for such charges.more »

Gun Charges
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Police hunt for gun theft suspect with manifesto for Trump
Chicago TribuneApril 10, 2017

Before setting off a massive manhunt triggered by a gun shop break-in, authorities said Joseph Jakubowski first wanted to document the start of his self-proclaimed revolution against the government and law enforcement. "To anybody that got this letter ...more »

Robbery, Assault & Battery, Theft
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Crimes fall down in North Augusta, SLED report shows | The ...
The Augusta ChronicleMarch 28, 2017

North Augusta saw a reduction in sexual battery, robbery, breaking and entering, and motor vehicle theft in 2015, according to the South Carolina Law ...more »

Homicide investigation underway: Man shot, killed near 26th and Medford
fox6now.comMarch 27, 2017

MILWAUKEE — Officials with the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office on Sunday, March 26th were called out to the scene of a homicide near 26th and Medford. Police said around 7:15 p.m. officers responded to a shooting at that location.more »

Search & Seizure
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'Americans are protected from illegal search & seizure, but government ignores the Constitution'
RTMarch 30, 2017

The US Congress on Tuesday passed legislation allowing internet providers to sell customers' search history. It repeals regulations created by the Obama administration, which has a mixed record on people's privacy. RT: If the House of Representatives ...more »

Internet Offences & Computer Crimes
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Protecting children from online danger
The ColumbianMarch 26, 2017

... to the internet through phones, tablets and laptops. Across the nation, the number of potential child sexual exploitation cases that are forwarded to law enforcement has been increasing rapidly over the past few years. And that trend is also true ...more »

Sex Crimes
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York County conviction shows domestic violence law applies to same-sex marriages
The StateMarch 26, 2017

Colin Miller, criminal law and evidence expert at the University of South Carolina law school, said under state domestic violence law, the following are legal definitions of a household member for purposes of prosecuting domestic violence: spouse ...more »

Juvenile Crimes
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WINN FM - St. Kitts and Nevis Tackling Youth Involvement In Crime
WINN FMApril 6, 2017

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): “We pray for our young people that the bent and the tendency to revenge and to war and to kill will become one of love. And in our ...more »

Solicitation & Pandering
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Gorsuch Exposes Existential Threat For Democrats
Daily CallerApril 6, 2017

It could be easy to mistake Schumer's petulance and pandering as the natural manifestation of a lust for power that has been denied, but that would oversimplify the problem that shapes men like him. Like Harry Reid before him, Senator Schumer is ...more »

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ONE YEAR LATER: What has, and hasn't, happened in the West Seattle tree-cutting case
West Seattle Blog (blog)March 27, 2017

No criminal charges, either misdemeanor or felony, either. In preparation for this “one year later” update, we checked directly at week's end with both offices that would be involved with such filings – the City Attorney's Office (if misdemeanor) and ...more »

Traffic & Moving Violations
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Area Police Reports
Jamestown Post JournalApril 13, 2017

¯DUNKIRK–Desirae Camacho, 21, of Fredonia was charged Sunday with DWI and moving from lane unsafely. At 2:30 a.m., deputies pulled over Camacho for traffic violations in Dunkirk. It is alleged that she was intoxicated. She was scheduled to appear in ...more »


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