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EFA calls for 'universal' metadata warrants
iTWireMay 1, 2017

... including lawyers and their clients, doctors and their patients, and any other relationship where privacy is critical. The only effective means to achieve such protection is to have a universal warrant requirement for access to retained ...more »

Unions Plan for Thousands to Join Banned Labor Day March
The Cambodia DailyMay 1, 2017

Thousands of workers will once again defy government orders and march through central Phnom Penh this morning to mark International Labor Day, the president of one of Cambodia's largest independent labor unions said on Monday. Late last month, City ...more »

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Commercial Contracts
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Annual Returns - Are You Or Your Customer Up To Date?
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)May 10, 2017

The consequences of deregistration can have serious implications not only for the deregistered company but also for their contract counter-parties (including lenders and financiers). As the property of a company removed from the ... Now the world's ...more »

Government Contracts
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MPs urge the UK government to close 'gig economy' loopholes
EngadgetMay 1, 2017

UK employment laws should be updated so that drivers working for Uber, Deliveroo and other 'gig economy' companies are defined as "workers" rather than "self-employed" by default, a group of MPs has argued. The suggestion is part of a report, published ...more »

Contract Disputes
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Analysis: A Brief Summary of the Bizarre (and Sometimes Funny) Things You Didn't Know Were in Teacher Contracts
The 74May 10, 2017

Work-to-rule is a tactic employed almost exclusively by unions during labor disputes. The union instructs its members to perform only the work required by the contract and nothing more. The idea is to illustrate how much members do beyond what's ...more »

Lending Agreements
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Online lending has reached a tipping point
Business InsiderMay 1, 2017

A modern fintech lending model has been using a thirty-year-old due diligence methodology, comparing loan tapes with loan agreements, both provided by the seller. It goes without saying that this method is far from modern or efficient, with no ...more »

Secured Transactions
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High-Tech Startup LinkTime Secures Business Across Public Cloud Platforms AWS and Alicloud With Hillstone Networks
Business Wire (press release)May 9, 2017

In addition, they needed to secure data transactions between these two cloud providers and their respective local offices. “Hillstone Networks has helped LinkTime be an agile business, by helping our teams have fast, secure access to critical ...more »

Employment Contracts
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Department store employees can't sue insurer as a class – judge
Insurance Business AmericaMay 10, 2017

Employees of the nationwide store Dillard's can't collectively sue Combined Insurance Co. of America for the breach because the employees are spread across several states, all of which have different contract laws, US District Judge Ruben Castillo ruled.more »

Judge Rules Bank Not Liable in $2M Medical Office Theft
New Jersey Law JournalMay 18, 2017

Liberty filed a lawsuit against Cha and TD Bank in Bergen County Superior Court last December, alleging common-law claims against the bank of conversion and breach of fiduciary duty. The bank moved to have the claims dismissed on summary judgment.more »


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