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Judge rules state wrongly sought to block Cleveland's Fannie Lewis Law, other local hiring ordinances
cleveland.comFebruary 1, 2017

CLEVELAND, Ohio - A Cuyahoga County judge ruled Tuesday that the state overstepped its constitutional authority when it sought to thwart Cleveland's requirement that city residents get to work on public projects and permanently blocked the state law ...more »

SIerra Law Enforcement Chaplains offer help in times of crisis ...
Folsom TelegraphFebruary 1, 2017

Have you ever wondered, “Who would be there to help us when tragedy strikes?” Besides public safety personnel, a unique non-profit organization has stepped ...more »

Contracts News and Stories

Commercial Contracts
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Overview of recent aviation regulations and commercial aviation matters
International Law Office (registration)February 14, 2017

The Ministry of Transport Resolution 485 (issued on November 11 2016) called for a public hearing to consider the petition by five operators requesting domestic and international traffic rights. The call was made in accordance with the Aeronautical ...more »

Franchise Contracts
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Brand Standards: How Far Will the Courts Let Franchisors Go?
New York Law Journal (registration)February 16, 2017

The bedrock of franchising is uniformity: Uniformity of franchised unit appearance (with some variation). For quick serve restaurants, it's uniformity of product offerings, ingredients and recipes. In guest lodging, it's uniformity of hotel appearance ...more »

Contract Disputes
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Self-Enforcing Smart Contracts Will Change Your Life
Corporate Counsel (registration)February 6, 2017

In the event of a failure to pay the required rent, the parties could agree that the doors to the leased facility automatically are locked or the ability to use a vehicle or piece of equipment is automatically shut down. Many states allow a landlord to ...more »

Government Contracts
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Missouri Gov. Greitens Signs Right to Work Legislation Into Law
NewsTalk KZRGFebruary 6, 2017

Republican Gov. Eric Greitens signed Right to Work legislation into law Monday morning, making Missouri the 28th state to ban mandatory union fees. The governor signed the measure just after 10 a.m while visiting Springfield. Missouri's new law will ...more »

Lending Agreements
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Globus Maritime Closes $5 Million Equity Private Placement and Conversion of Certain Outstanding Loans
MarketWatchFebruary 9, 2017

In each instance, the outstanding amounts will continue to accrue under the respective loan agreements. Both lenders are related to the Company through common control. Globus announced a similar transaction involving a private placement and conversion ...more »

Contract Drafting, Review & Negotiation
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Pitfalls of drafting limitation clauses
Lexology (registration)February 10, 2017

This interesting case is a reminder of some of the pitfalls that can arise when drafting limitation clauses in a contract and highlights the need for such clauses to be clear and unambiguous. The TCC was asked by McGee Group Ltd (Sub-contractor) to ...more »

Secured Transactions
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CardConnect Announces New CardPointe Mobile Release with Catalog Feature
Yahoo FinanceFebruary 2, 2017

As with all CardPointe products, all transactions are secured with CardConnect's PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization. CardPointe Catalog is available at no additional cost to all CardConnect merchants. The app is compatible ...more »

Employment Contracts
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Unlawful dismissal of pregnant employee upon business takeover
International Law Office (registration)February 7, 2017

On April 30 2012 the employer informed the employee in writing that due to the takeover of its business as a going concern by another local undertaking, all obligations emanating from her existing employment contract would be transferred to and assumed ...more »


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