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Benefits overhaul: the system is unfair and cruel
The GuardianDecember 1, 2013

Even with a numerate first-class degree in a field for which visas are issued, I am unemployable. A mentor confirmed that I was the only applicant for a mundane job for which I was still not interviewed even though I had the relevant experience. Going ...more »

Miami's new vice – an addiction to star architects
The GuardianDecember 1, 2013

As was pointed out recently in the Huffington Post, movies about Miami tend to be either diverting tales set in hotels (A Hole in the Head, Some Like It Hot, Moon Over Miami), or vicious crime dramas (Scarface, Cocaine Cowboys). Its best known ...more »

Consumer Protection News and Stories

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Landmark reform of trade secrets law in Europe
Lexology (registration)December 9, 2013

The Directive aims to bring clarity to the law by creating a minimum level of protection for trade secrets across Europe, encouraging innovation and investment in European businesses and putting them on an equal competitive footing with businesses ...more »

Food Poisoning
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Food Poisoning-The Uninvited Holiday Guest
News Channel DailyDecember 1, 2013

Food is a major part of the holiday season. Unfortunately, large amounts of food inevitably bring food-borne illness, commonly known as food poisoning. Contaminates are typically infectious organisms, including parasite, bacteria and viruses and can ...more »

Consumer Disputes
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Software Protection, RPX, Symantec, Apple: Intellectual Property
BusinessweekDecember 9, 2013

Most recently, in June, the court restricted companies' ability to patent human genetic sequences. The Supreme Court has never directly said that software can be patented, although cases in the 1970s and 1980s involved software-related inventions.more »

US seeks prison time for Idaho aquarium chief
Wink NewsDecember 2, 2013

Court documents show Covino admitted involvement in illegally obtaining and shipping three spotted eagle rays and two lemon sharks for the Idaho Aquarium. Authorities intercepted communications in which Covino told Florida suppliers to ignore the law...more »

Product Reclamation
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Reclamation row far from over
BusinessWorld Online EditionDecember 5, 2013

THE CONTEST for a multibillion-peso reclamation project in Pasay is far from over given an apparent division within the city government. The city council on ... We complied with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and it was ratified by the city ...more »

Consumer Protection
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AMP-ing Up On Consumer Protection: Ontario Proposes New Administrative ...
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)December 4, 2013

The Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services (Ministry) has proposed new administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) in connection with 16 of the statutes that it oversees. These statutes include the Collection Agencies Act, Consumer Protection Act, Consumer ...more »

Stolen Identity
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Death List Limits to Curb Tax Fraud by Identity Thieves
BloombergDecember 18, 2013

The U.S. government will limit public access to death records that have been used for years by identity thieves to commit tax fraud. A provision in the budget bill poised to pass the Senate today would limit access to information in the Social Security ...more »

Credit Cards Fraud
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URM Credit Fraud Still Impacting Shoppers
KHQ Right NowDecember 3, 2013

It has been two weeks since we first learned of the credit card fraud at URM stores, but the issue still has not been completely resolved. Many customers told KHQ they have stopped shopping at the stores altogether, while others are still going, but ...more »

Unsafe Products
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Neel Kashkari seeks to build image as Republican 'fighting for the poor'
Sacramento BeeDecember 9, 2013

Neel Kashkari asked for a Coke and situated himself in his political consultant's Sacramento office last week, irritated by lingering effects of a cold and comparisons to other products of the private sector who turn out to run for California governor ...more »

Credit Repair
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Uber Dallas Added $150 Charge to Woman's Credit Card for "Repairs" She Says ...
Dallas Observer (blog)December 18, 2013

But during the 13 minutes and six seconds that her ride lasted, something happened in that limo, something bad that later required Alexander to pay for a repair -- at least that's what happened according to a receipt she got. Alexander, executive ...more »


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