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'Gay' power vs. religious liberty
WND.comDecember 1, 2013

Though not comprehensive, its sheer scope illustrates what pro-family veterans have long known – but which the “gay”-cheerleading media fail to report as a major story: that “rights” based on homosexuality and gender confusion (“transgenderism”) cannot ...more »

Japan requests world air travel regulator to action on China air defense zone
Sacramento BeeDecember 1, 2013

... intention to fly through the zone or face possible retaliation. But Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said Friday that China's new rules would not affect "normal flights according to international law by other countries' aircraft, including ...more »

Consumer Protection News and Stories

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Mother of son injured in foster care: 'I don't think the system works at all'
Las Vegas Review-JournalDecember 22, 2013

County spokesman Erik Pappa said those licensing policies were never finalized because state regulations have been pending for an extended period. When licensing ... He also stressed that the existing policy adheres to state law and the Nevada ...more »

Credit Repair
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NASA Astronauts Conduct 2nd Spacewalk to Repair International Space Station
KTLADecember 24, 2013

(Credit: NASA). The pair's Christmas Eve spacewalk began at 7:10 a.m. ET and was meant to replace a faulty pump that helps cool equipment inside and outside the space station. NASA said it expected the delicate operation to last about six hours. Half ...more »

Consumer Disputes
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Gun Patents Set 35-Year Record as Limits on Sales Fail
BloombergDecember 2, 2013

President James Debney credited “innovative new products” and “robust consumer demand.” The results come despite a push by President Barack Obama and some state ... Settling Disputes. Modern patent fights are resolved more quickly. Smith & Wesson's ...more »

Food Poisoning
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Food poisoning linked to seafood
Yale Daily News (blog)December 11, 2013

In the days following Saturday's holiday dinners — in Commons for freshmen and in the residential colleges for upperclassmen — a slew of students found themselves with upset stomachs, vomiting and diarrhea. The cause: food poisoning. Although the ...more »

We're Not Buying The Lemon
Carolina JournalDecember 18, 2013

RALEIGH — As the costly implementation of the perversely named Affordable Care Act continues to baffle, disappoint, and enrage the public, a collection of government vendors and left-wing groups has settled on a brilliant political strategy: castigate ...more »

Consumer Protection
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Give consumer protection a boost
Bellingham HeraldDecember 31, 2013

The 2014 Legislature could fix this discrepancy with a simple amendment of the state Consumer Protection Act. Of course, they will meet stiff resistance from the business community — lawmakers have in the past — but it's still worth a try. Consumers ...more »

Product Reclamation
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The barons we deserve
Times of MaltaDecember 8, 2013

There they all were – the rows of wrecking machines, the armed guards, the full force of the law against a man who has been metaphorically sticking up his middle finger to it for the last 20-odd years. Charles Polidano is the man who famously said that ...more »

Credit Cards Fraud
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UNCW students worry about credit card fraud
WECT-TV6December 9, 2013

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT)- Several UNCW students are receiving charges on their bank statements for purchases they aren't making. Haley Phillips lives on-campus at UNCW. She said that in the past couple of weeks several students at the university have ...more »

Unsafe Products
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Gerald W. Weedon Commercial Litigation Law Blog on Blog (blog)December 1, 2013

Jerry Weedon's practice is focused on litigation and business law including all aspects of insurance, automobile and trucking liability, business torts, premises liability, real estate, foreclosure and banking law, products liability, contracts ...more »


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