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Mayor requests special jobs rules for LA
89.3 KPCCSeptember 1, 2011

At the risk of mentioning reality, I'd point out that if you go out and get Federal regulations lifted, you are in fact "cutting red tape." Anyone working on a project locally would then spend locally. a Chicago machine politician? ...more »

Millthorpe residents, staff speak out over lodge scandal
Blayney ChronicleSeptember 1, 2011

Supporters of the lodge say they are concerned about how the department has handled allegations raised at a Guardianship Tribunal hearing in early July. "It's just shocking, I couldn't believe it," Tracey Nest, an owner of a business located near the ...more »

Consumer Protection News and Stories

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Fighting for Confidentiality
Inside Higher EdSeptember 6, 2011

The case has been in federal court for months, with Britain citing US treaty obligations to aid legitimate law enforcement efforts by an American ally. Boston College, and many historians, say that Britain is overreaching, and that the United States ...more »

Hatch-Waxman Act
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Eastern District of Texas gives generics a headache
Lexology (registration)September 6, 2011

The ruling, which is the first Hatch-Waxman Act patent case to go to trial in ED Texas adjudicated Pozen's contentions that certain generic drug companies infringed various patents covering the migraine pharmaceutical sold as Treximet®. ...more »

Consumer Disputes
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CRTC imposes 'heavy handed,' 'interventionist,' consumer-friendly vertical ...
The Wire ReportSeptember 22, 2011

Should carriage disputes be sent to the CRTC for resolution, the contents of the dispute will be made public, the commission added. In an effort to improve the timeliness of dispute resolution, the commission imposed a mandatory mediation mechanism ...more »

Restaurant's potential lease to be reviewed in Upland committee meeting
Inland Valley Daily BulletinSeptember 19, 2011

Art Villegas is attempting to lease the former Lemon Growers Building for a Mediterranean fusion restaurant. The finance and economic development committee will review the agreement and business operations before the matter heads to the council for a ...more »

Product Reclamation
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Zimbabwe: The Greatest Transfer of Property in Southern Africa
AllAfrica.comSeptember 5, 2011

The villagers and war veterans reacted to the defeat of the constitutional proposals by launching a land reclamation campaign. Post-colonial Zimbabwe had reached a turning point. After the no vote, the Zimbabwean Parliament amended the Lancaster House ...more »

Consumer Protection
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Jobs key to ending recession, small business key to jobs
Shreveport TimesSeptember 7, 2011

Two massive new laws are now adversely affecting American small businesses: the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Dodd—Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. So what can government do to improve the job situation? ...more »

Stolen Identity
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Hundreds Stolen From Bank Account
WHBL SheboyganSeptember 7, 2011

(WHBL) - Sheboygan Police are attempting to identify multiple suspects connected to a case of identity theft involving the fraudulent use of a Sheboygan person's debit card. Detective Matthew Walsh says the victim's bank account had a substantial ...more »

Credit Cards Fraud
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Shopping spree offender sought by police
ABC OnlineSeptember 2, 2011

Adelaide police have released CCTV vision as they try to find a man who used a stolen credit card to go on a shopping spree. They say the offences happened on June 9 at West Lakes shopping centre. Police say the man bought more than $1000 of electrical ...more »

Unsafe Products
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Southern California Attorneys Call For More Police Training On How to Handle ... (press release)September 1, 2011

... firearm possession, white collar crimes, sex offenses, probation violations, expungement, elder abuse and mental health law. The firm also handles business, personal injury, civil rights, police brutality and products liability cases. ...more »

Credit Repair
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Old Saybrook offers free credit score and credit repair workshop to residents
TheDay.comSeptember 9, 2011

Old Saybrook — A credit score and credit repair workshop will be held from 1 pm to 2:30 pm on Sept. 22 in the first-floor conference room of Town Hall. The workshop will help residents understand credit scores, what impacts a credit score and how to ...more »


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