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Expert: Domestic violence counseling yields mixed results
Baltimore SunJuly 31, 2016

"Even if there had been a guilty verdict, the court's sentence would likely have had Mr. Bateman completing the same type of counseling," Giddens said. Acting Sheriff Col. Rick Tabor said Bateman, who placed himself on administrative duty after his ...more »

Calimesa woman with $1 million in active warrants arrested in San ...
Press-EnterpriseJuly 31, 2016

SAN BERNARDINO >> A Saturday morning traffic stop for reckless driving led to a woman's arrest on suspicion of possessing a stolen vehicle, violating.more »

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Administrative Law
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Charter school sponsors say Ohio's new evaluations go overboard
Canton RepositoryAugust 1, 2016

That, Aldis and others say, isn't necessarily done by requiring sponsors to submit volumes ofinformation, such as whether they keep accurate records of hearing and vision tests. 'By checking on everything, I think you make everything equally important ...more »

Family Law
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Theo's Great Escape-Freedom or Fright? Blog (blog)August 8, 2016

Jeanne Coleman is a family law attorney, social security disability attorney and dependency attorney who has practiced in the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years. Jeanne is a highly experienced litigator and also offers collaborative divorce services ...more »

Admiralty & Maritime Law
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Police try to keep violent words from becoming violent deeds
Minnesota Public Radio NewsAugust 1, 2016

He declined to comment directly on the case, but said he's noticed a troubling trend. "There is often ... Nelson didn't have any data showing that African Americans who post videos on social media are more likely than whites to be watched by law ...more »

Health Care Law
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Gail MarksJarvis: Law professor points out the holes in your retirement plan
Defiance Crescent News (subscription)August 1, 2016

Now, William Birdthistle, a Chicago-Kent College of Law professor, has joined the 401(k) critics. In his new book, “Empire of the Fund: The Way We Save Now,” he describes how mutual funds let people down and how the government fails to police them.more »

Immigration Law
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Melania Trump Denies Report That She Potentially Violated Immigration Law
MicAugust 4, 2016

But a cascade of investigative reports, including the Politico piece that dropped early Thursday morning, suggest the former cover girl's accounts of having traveled back and forth between her birth country and the U.S. to comply with immigration law ...more »

Alternate Dispute Resolution
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Fertilizer Prices Dip Again - DTN Progressive Farmer
DTN The Progressive Farmer (registration) (blog)August 3, 2016

Phosphate prices hit manufacturers like Mosaic, but company expects more fertilizer demand after record corn crop.more »

Industrial Development Law
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Delayed grant payments from state sting north country groups
WatertownDailyTimes.comJuly 31, 2016

State law passed in 1991 requires agencies to process contracts within 150 to 180 days, in order to prevent delays affecting the state's most vulnerable citizens. Despite the rules being in place for more than two decades, a large number of .... St ...more »

Animal Law
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Man in human sex trafficking case gets maximum sentence
FOX31 DenverAugust 10, 2016

That's when legislators got together and re-worded Colorado's statute to make sure offenders faced serious consequences. The offender, Matthew Weatherspoon, 24, was interviewed by FOX31 in 2011 when he was charged with animal cruelty for stabbing ...more »

Insurance Litigation
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PwC must face MF Global malpractice lawsuit
Business InsuranceAugust 5, 2016

(Reuters) — A federal judge rejected PricewaterhouseCoopers L.L.P.'s bid to dismiss a $1 billion lawsuit accusing it of professional malpractice for helping cause the October 2011 bankruptcy of MF Global Holdings Ltd., a financial brokerage once run ...more »

Asbestos Litigation
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New Jersey Appellate Division Affirms Policyholder Victories for ...
JD Supra (press release)August 1, 2016

On July 20, 2016, the New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division, issued its opinion affirming the trial court's entry of final judgment in favor of the ...more »

Intellectual Property
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Precision Discovery, Inc. Announces ERA, a Tool to Protect Valuable Intellectual Property
PR Newswire (press release)August 3, 2016

3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Precision Discovery, Inc. announces the launch of a new service, Employee Risk Assessment (ERA), designed to uncover and prevent employee theft of critical intellectual property. "Your company's most valuable assets are your ...more »

General Hospital Spoilers for August 1-5: Plane Crash Aftermath Brings More Chaos, Drama; Is the Serial Killer Case ...
Christian PostAugust 1, 2016

Last week in "General Hospital" (GH), a plane crashed in Greece but Jason, Sam, Laura, Ava, Dante, Kevin and Lulu are expected to survive. GH spoilers for the week of August 1 reveal how the survivors get a chaotic homecoming and how they will come to ...more »

Labor & Employment Law
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Jeremy corbyn wants mandatory collective bargaining for larger firms
Daily MailJuly 31, 2016

... other workers legally exploited by bad bosses." Labour has set up Workplace 2020 - an initiative to formulate a new business settlement to benefit workers and employers - and is committed to strengthening union rights and reforming company law, he ...more »

Bankruptcy Law
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Donald Trump's Draft Deferments: Four for College, One for Bad Feet
New York TimesAugust 2, 2016

He stood 6 feet 2 inches with an athletic build; had played football, tennis and squash; and was taking up golf. His medical history was unblemished, aside from a routine appendectomy when he was 10. But after he graduated from college in the spring of ...more »

Landlord & Tenant Law
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Advocates call for passing lead law
Toledo BladeAugust 2, 2016

Toledo could become the first Ohio city to enact a law requiring some older rental properties to be certified “lead-safe” before they can be leased to tenants. City Council might vote on several different proposals today. Each are viewed as proactive ...more »

Business Law
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Print still has a future, and Le Monde can prove it. Aux armes, citoyens!
The GuardianJuly 31, 2016

The first, from the Pew Research Center in Washington DC, sees 2015 as possibly “the worst year for newspapers since the Great Recession” and its immediate aftermath: “Daily US circulation fell by 7%, the most since 2010, while advertising revenue at ...more »

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Litigation arises after departure of CarVal's top executive
Minneapolis Star TribuneAugust 3, 2016

John Brice quietly left his position as president of CarVal Investors, a money management unit of Cargill Inc., in June. On Monday, he sued Hopkins-based CarVal in a Delaware state court. CarVal spokeswoman Ann Folkman declined to comment on the ...more »

Computer & Internet Related Crimes
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Warrensburg man charged with child pornography
Sedalia DemocratJuly 31, 2016

As a result of the search, investigators located child pornography and computer equipment allegedly used to commit the crime. Dominis was arrested and taken to the Johnson County Jail. The Patrol was ... No access to any Internet-capable devices ...more »

Personal Injury
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Guest Post: Pokémon Oh No! Augmented reality raises specter of personal injury claims
GeekWireAugust 6, 2016

To the extent permitted by applicable law, Niantic, The Pokémon Company (“TPC”), and TPCI disclaim all liability related to any property damage, personal injury, or death that may occur during your use of our Services, including any claims based on the ...more »

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights
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Is the Constitution at Stake in This Year's Election?
GovExec.comJuly 31, 2016

As a constitutional law professor for more than two decades, I have observed the ways in which court doctrine can fluctuate as one constitutional vision or another commands a majority. It is no exaggeration to say that the future of the Supreme Court ...more »

Professional Malpractice
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Businesswoman asks court to stay approval of settlement proceeding in lawsuit against Ramon Quichoch...
Marianas VarietyAugust 1, 2016

Kim asks the court to except the judgment in the RICO case from discharge, saying that the undisclosed and fraudulent transfer of land Quichocho made is the Ladder Beach property that the disbarred lawyer claimed was used to effect a settlement in this ...more »

Consumer Protection
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Illegal alien criminals will laugh at 'Casey's Law'
New Canaan AdvertiserAugust 6, 2016

Joseph D. Courtney determined, essentially, that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is incompetent and inadequately staffed by an administration that refuses to enforce immigration law. According to ICE, the illegal alien, Jean Jacques ...more »

Real Estate Law
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Apartment buildings caught under new B.C. real estate tax: 'I don't know if it was intended'
Financial PostAugust 3, 2016

“I don't know if it was intended, but this act also applies to multi-family residential buildings like apartments,” said Edmond Luke, a Vancouver-based partner at the law firm Fasken Martineau and the head of the firm's China practice. “I don't ... As ...more »

State workers' OT costs reach $250M
Citizens VoiceJuly 31, 2016

Under the new law authored by Argall, commercial certified pilot escorts take over the job so troopers can be freed up for other duties. State police and PennDOT still can decide jointly whether a state police escort is needed for some loads. In that ...more »

Nixon's Failed Effort to Withhold His Tax Returns
http://hamodia.comAugust 3, 2016

(Bloomberg View) - Donald Trump, in an interview over the weekend, reiterated his refusal to release his tax returns until the IRS has completed an audit. By way of explanation, the Republican presidential nominee claimed that Mitt Romney had lost the ...more »

Criminal Defense
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Public defender's office assigns governor criminal case
ABC17News.comAugust 4, 2016

At the same time, the state's budget for the Department of Corrections, who operate the prisons, has increased, making it harder, in Barrett's opinion, for those in need of an attorney to receive adequate legal defense. Barrett would only say the ...more »

Trusts & Estate Planning
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Lawyers Use Loopholes In Key Mortgage Program To Cheat Homeowners
Huffington PostAugust 2, 2016

In 2011, three attorneys set up a firm called The Mortgage Law Group that took advantage of a federal program aimed at helping people threatened with foreclosure to stay in their homes. Business boomed. In just over two years the Chicago firm signed up ...more »

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: Why a black president didn't eliminate racism
Dallas Morning NewsAugust 1, 2016

Dallas police chief hugs first lady Michelle Obama at left as DART police chief J.D. Spiller hugs President Barack Obama during an interfaith memorial service at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas on Tuesday, July 12, 2016, for five law ...more »

Wills & Probate
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Texans star WR DeAndre Hopkins not at training camp
Columbia Daily TribuneJuly 31, 2016

But a few strong draft classes and the hiring of Coach Jack Del Rio last year helped Oakland improve to 7-9 in 2015 and the Raiders are expected to contend in the AFC West this year. COWBOYS PAY TRIBUTE TO DALLAS ... REDSKINS ADDING FORMER GM BEATHARD ...more »

Environmental Law
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What Jill Stein, the Green presidential candidate, wants to do to America
Washington PostAugust 2, 2016

Stein opposes fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and her platform calls for a U.S. economy that relies exclusively on renewable energy by 2030. ... Last week, President Obama signed the first federal law requiring labels of genetically modified ingredients.more »

Workers Compensation
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Police: Woman faked using cane for nearly 3 years for workers' comp
13WHAM-TVAugust 4, 2016

MORRIS, N.Y. (WHAM) – A Mt. Morris woman was arrested Thursday after the New York State Inspector General said she falsified injuries for workers' compensation benefits. Christine Weipert, 51, faked having to use a cane for nearly three years and ...more »


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