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Personal Injury Claims Turn on Medical Evidence
TrethowansDecember 1, 2011

Medical Evidence is key when determining the value of any personal injury claim. It is imperative that the right medical expert is asked to report on your injuries. Your solicitor will select the most appropriate medical expert from the relevant ...more »

General strike 2011: Strike day sees widespread disruption 1, 2011

A total of 8000 probation and family court staff joined the strike against the government's plans to make public sector workers “pay more, work longer and get less in retirement”. But expected delays at air and sea ports were avoided as volunteers ...more »

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Administrative Law
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Villalobos' attorneys drop him for not paying legal fees
Los Angeles TimesDecember 1, 2011

However, in legal papers, Villalobos unsuccessfully argued that Cooley should not be relieved from representing him until a US Bankruptcy Court in Reno, Nev., approves his hiring of new counsel. "If this court grants Mr. Villalobos' request, ...more »

Health Care Law
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Employers could dump sickest workers on public health care
TucsonSentinel.comDecember 1, 2011

They say the loophole could have dire consequences for the financial health of the exchanges, which are a key part of President Barack Obama's health care law. The online marketplaces are intended to make it easier to comparison shop for health plans ...more »

Admiralty & Maritime Law
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Gay marriage supporters hail bittersweet victory
ABC OnlineDecember 3, 2011

"The only way Labor can redeem any integrity as a result of the events of today is to ensure that it votes with the Coalition to make sure there is no amendment to the Marriage Act in this term of Parliament." Labor backbencher Stephen Jones will move ...more »

Immigration Law
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Immigration Reform for US Families: Not a Special Pathway, Just a Better One
Huffington Post (blog)December 6, 2011

The recent comprehensive immigration reform proposals, derided by Romney and the other Republican candidates, would have allowed certain unauthorized immigrants to earn legal status over many years and only after visa backlogs were cleared. ...more »

Industrial Development Law
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HBL privatisation was transparent, according to law
Pakistan ObserverDecember 1, 2011

SM Zafar and Barrister Syed Ali Zafar, counsels for Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) submitted that the Privatisation Commission had, after full scrutiny, qualified AKFED as the eligible party on account of its banking and related ...more »

Alternate Dispute Resolution
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9th Circuit rejects Forest Service's Gallatin Crest plan for snowmobiles ...
The RepublicDecember 1, 2011

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals filed its ruling on Thursday after mediation talks failed over how much land should be allotted to motorized and mechanized use within the Gallatin National Forest's Hyalite/Porcupine/Buffalo Horn Wilderness Study ...more »

Insurance Litigation
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Wall Templeton & Haldrup's Raleigh Office Welcomes Attorney Matt Van Sickle
Exec Digital (press release)December 4, 2011

RALEIGH, NC, December 01, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With significant experience in complex litigation, insurance disputes and construction law, Van Sickle will add to the firm's proficiency in these areas while operating out of their Raleigh office. ...more »

Animal Law
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New law could return horse slaughters to Texas
WFAADecember 1, 2011

"I think if you look at Angel here," said Williams. "It's pretty simple, I don't feel she should be eaten." But any state that tries it is likely in for a fight. Animal rights activists urge slaughter opponents to contact their lawmakers.more »

Intellectual Property
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US information struggle is over bills 'that could break the internet'
Business DayDecember 2, 2011

...Act. They are cousins that together form what has become known as the Internet Blacklist Legislation. While the bills in the US and the one in SA may have different aims and ideas, the outcomes of both sets greatly affect freedom of speech. ...more »

Asbestos Litigation
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This just in from the state Attorney General's office
SignalDecember 6, 2011

In May 2011, Attorney General Harris formed a Mortgage Fraud Strike Force, now composed of nearly 40 attorneys and investigators, that has launched a wide series of investigations and litigation. The Mortgage Fraud Strike Force has instigated legal ...more »

Labor & Employment Law
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Contractors who miss disability goals could face debarment
FederalNewsRadio.comDecember 12, 2011

"In some cases, in the most egregious cases, we will be seeking to debar them, as we do in cases of race and gender," said Patricia Shiu, director of the Labor Department's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, in an interview with The ...more »

Airbus Challenges Patent on Fuel-Saving Winglets Used by Boeing
BusinessWeekDecember 2, 2011

The lawsuit filed today in Austin, Texas, asks the federal court to declare that the Aviation Partners Inc. patent is invalid and that Airbus doesn't infringe. Closely held Aviation Partners, which has a joint venture with Boeing to make winglets that ...more »

Landlord & Tenant Law
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More on farmland leases
Brazil TimesDecember 2, 2011

Many tend to group the items in a farmland lease into five areas: General Terms, Land Use and Cropping Program, Landlord's Rights, Tenant's Rights, and Enforcement of Agreement and Arbitration. The General Terms section states the length of the lease, ...more »

Bankruptcy Law
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Kam On Film: 'The Descendents,' 'Eames: The Architect & The Painter' and ...
Aquarian WeeklyDecember 2, 2011

But when the doctor's dire diagnosis indicates that Liz is unlikely to emerge from a vegetative state, the best he can do is try to repair the relationships with his girls. This is the engaging point of departure of The Descendants, a dysfunctional ...more »

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International Contracts: Experts Discuss Strategies to Avoid and Manage Disputes
Sacramento BeeDecember 5, 2011

He represents clients in a variety of regulatory and litigation matters, with a concentration in international trade and commercial regulation, including foreign investment reviews, export controls and trade sanctions, competition law, ...more »

Business Law
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Minnesota news in brief at 8:58 pm CDT
KTVU San FranciscoDecember 1, 2011

Signs reading, "Arm the Poor," ''Money for Jobs, Not War" and "Sleeping Is Not a Crime" marked some of the tents. About a dozen sheriff's deputies and county security officers stood on the outskirts of the encampment, some videotaping the scene but did ...more »

Military Law & Military Benefits
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Senate vote likely today on granting Arkansas Army widow benefits
Arkansas NewsDecember 1, 2011

Samson Luke gets death benefits the Army denied on a technicality. A vote on the amendment is expected in the early evening as the Senate seeks to wrap up work tonight on a defense authorization bill for the current fiscal year, a spokeswoman for Pryor ...more »

Computer & Internet Related Crimes
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Prison education struggles amid cuts
Amarillo.comDecember 4, 2011

In accordance with TDCJ security regulations, WSD computer labs do not enable offenders to have access to the Internet. By AZIZA MUSA Ex-convict Jorge Renaud discovered philosophy and psychology in classes taught behind the razor-wire fences and ...more »

Personal Injury
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Washington Injury Lawyer Applauds New System Aimed at Reducing Fatigue-Related ...
Benzinga (press release)December 1, 2011

“Lawyers, along with the efforts of agencies like the Washington State Patrol, can help families receive justice when they have been wronged.” Brett Murphy – Washington's Injury Lawyers is a Washington personal injury law firm with offices in Seattle, ...more »

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights
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Leading GOP Candidates Don't Want to Return Power to the States
The AtlanticDecember 4, 2011

City of New London—a case that, however unpopular, left the issue of eminent domain to the states rather than federalizing it. Ron Paul fended off Pruitt, who, as the attorney general of the state where the Oklahoma City bombing occurred, ...more »

Professional Malpractice
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Ron Paul Campaign Announces 'Attorneys for Ron Paul' Nationwide Coalition
Insurance News Net (press release)December 8, 2011

His trial experience includes more than 60 criminal and disciplinary jury trials in the Air Force and dozens of complex business litigation matters ranging from construction, insurance, surety, securities, fraud, product liability, deceptive trade...more »

Consumer Protection
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Obama White House report hails Obama White House
Investor's Business DailyDecember 5, 2011

Obama ordered another internal investigation. Amazingly for Chicago politicians, both the Obama Illinois and Obama Pennsylvania closed investigations by Obama people completely exonerated Obama people from any wrongdoing. Last evening the Obama White ...more »

Real Estate Law
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YOUR VIEW: Alabama immigration law shows lack of due diligence
The Birmingham News - (blog)December 6, 2011

As schoolchildren learned of provisions in the immigration law, they experienced fear so powerful it escalated into terrorism. Thousands of families fled, leaving friends, jobs, real estate and more. Leaving in a panic is evidence of terrorism. ...more »

Combine Solicitation - Crane Rental
Insurance News Net (press release)December 2, 2011

(xi) The clause at FAR 52.212-5, Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders-Commercial Items (Deviation), applies to this acquisition. 52.204-10 Reporting Executive Compensation and First Tier Subcontract awards ...more »

Sports Law
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Travel Incentives offered for Bahamas International Law Enforcement Games!
thebahamasweekly.comDecember 12, 2011

In a similar vein to the World Police & Fire Games, recently held in New York City, the Bahamas Law Enforcement Games will encompass a wide variety of sporting events that will test the physical & mental athletic skills of the competitors. ...more »

Criminal Defense
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Attorney Tracy M. Grayson Provides Experienced Criminal Defense Services in ...
WebWire (press release)December 1, 2011

Los Angeles, CA – Attorney Tracy M. Grayson is an LA criminal defense lawyer available to represent people accused of drunk driving, assault charges, theft and other serious crimes. He is a Los Angeles lawyer with several years of experience and a ...more »

Businesses And Households Employing Independent Contractors: Remain Aware
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)December 9, 2011

The taxpayer cannot currently be under audit by the IRS or under audit concerning classification of the workers by the US Department of Labor or by a state government agency. As a result of their participation, employers who agree to prospectively ...more »

World AIDS Day: HIV Laws And Policies, New Online Tool
Medical News TodayDecember 1, 2011

Legal changes, such as anti-discrimination laws and confidentiality laws, have strengthened the response to HIV prevention, but there is no evidence that the criminalization of HIV transmission can be used as a prevention tool. ...more »

Trusts & Estate Planning
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Dim Sum Investors Lack Protection on 60% of Bonds
BloombergDecember 2, 2011

“A lot of these Dim Sum bonds issuers have been getting away with murder for a while,” Edmund Harriss, a London-based investment director at Guinness Atkinson Asset Management, said in a phone interview. “I've been quite entertained reading some of the ...more »

Environmental Law
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What's At Stake In South Africa Climate Talks?
NPRDecember 4, 2011

by NPR Staff South Africans light up a Baobab tree by riding bikes in Durban as part of a renewable energies display on the beach front during the United Nations Climate Change Conference. South Africans light up a Baobab tree by riding bikes in Durban ...more »

Wills & Probate
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Daughters lose 4 million pound will court case
B P Collins Buckinghamshire and Thames Valey SolicitorsDecember 16, 2011

The BP Collins estate planning team and contentious probate solicitors are experts in this field and can help guide testators and potential beneficiaries through this legal and moral minefield.more »

Family Law
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Law school? Who needs it?
The National Law JournalDecember 2, 2011

With 15 years of paralegal experience and her children grown, Robinson in 2009 signed up for Washington state's Law Clerk Program with the support of her boss, family law attorney Bruce Pruitt-Hamm, who practices in Colville, Wash. ...more »

Workers Compensation
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Brady, Vorweck, Ryder & Caspino Expands Workers' Compensation Services through ...
eYugoslavia.comDecember 1, 2011

The merger strengthens the firm's workers' compensation practice and brings together each firm's highly experienced attorneys in this practice area. Both firms represent a broad spectrum of clients who will benefit from the combined expertise of the ...more »


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