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Law enforcement learns to 'like' Facebook
Anderson Independent MailDecember 1, 2011

In September the International Association of Chiefs of Police's Center for Social Media released the results of a survey involving 800 law enforcement agencies from 49 states. A total of 88.1 percent of these agencies reported that they were now using ...more »

Personal Injury Claims Turn on Medical Evidence
TrethowansDecember 1, 2011

Medical Evidence is key when determining the value of any personal injury claim. It is imperative that the right medical expert is asked to report on your injuries. Your solicitor will select the most appropriate medical expert from the relevant ...more »

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Administrative Law
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Blagojevich's Day of Reckoning Arrives
New York TimesDecember 6, 2011

On Tuesday, he is expected to testify at a hearing that will decide his sentence for 18 felony corruption convictions, including trying to sell or trade for his own benefit the United States Senate seat that President Obama left behind when he moved to ...more »

Health Care Law
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US won't define required health care benefits
The Boston GlobeDecember 18, 2011

By Robert Pear WASHINGTON - In a major surprise on the politically charged new health care law, the Obama administration said yesterday that it would not define a single uniform set of “essential health benefits'' that must be provided by insurers for ...more »

Admiralty & Maritime Law
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Epstein: Allow states establish laws on marijuana
Milford Daily NewsDecember 11, 2011

The Jones Act became law in 1929 when Coolidge signed it two days before leaving office. It also contains one error of omission, he limits his advocacy to freeing each state “to enact, implement and enforce their own medical marijuana laws. ...more »

Immigration Law
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Office Pool 2012
Reason Online (blog)December 26, 2011

The Supreme Court a) leaves ObamaCare in the political realm for now but leaves a future court room to ride to the rescue in 2015 by agreeing with the Fourth Circuit opinion on the Anti-Injunction Act b) upholds Arizona's immigration law c) strikes ...more »

Industrial Development Law
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Shadowy sex case ensnares Chinese officials
Vancouver SunDecember 30, 2011

Even after a series of court verdicts, many in this township of about 67000 people felt certain that officials of higher stripe had escaped punishment. “A lot of people have used their 'big money' to buy their freedom in this case,” said Yuan, ...more »

Alternate Dispute Resolution
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UK jeweler beats back online counterfeiters
InternetRetailer.comDecember 27, 2011

That award came as a result of a complaint filed under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy of web address overseer ICANN, a program aimed at protecting legitimate brands on the web. “Ten of them were in the top 16 of our counterfeit web ...more »

Insurance Litigation
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ACE Acquires General Insurer Rio Guayas in Ecuador
MarketWatch (press release)December 28, 2011

NEW YORK, Dec 28, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The ACE Group today announced that it has acquired Rio Guayas Compania de Seguros y Reaseguros, a general insurance company in Ecuador that is owned by Banco de Guayaquil, for approximately US$55 million in ...more »

Animal Law
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Comfort for India's creatures
Asia Times OnlineDecember 2, 2011

The guidelines are in fact implementing Sec 17.1 (d) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. This law asks for experiments on animals to be avoided wherever possible, in medical colleges, hospitals, scientific labs etc, if alternatives such ...more »

Intellectual Property
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Azerbaijan forms the group for transference to automated system of ...
Azerbaijan Business CenterDecember 29, 2011

Azerbaijan has formed a special group on creation of automated system of intellectual property rights registration. The work will be implemented at the expense of grant for $4,2 million provided by Korean government for 2-year project realization. ...more »

Asbestos Litigation
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Ky. Supreme Court stepping into dispute over $42 million award in messy diet ...
The RepublicDecember 29, 2011

The Kentucky Supreme Court has agreed to take up the case brought by former clients of three now-disbarred lawyers who once represented them in a $200 million settlement that has devolved into a spate of criminal and civil litigation, prison terms and ...more »

Labor & Employment Law
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Americans Offer Conditional Support for Affirmative Action
Angus Reid Public OpinionDecember 7, 2011

Most Americans voice support for “Affirmative Action” policies in the workplace and universities for three specific groups, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found. The online survey of a representative national sample of 2002 American adults ...more »

China aviation body urges members not to cooperate with EU CO2 scheme
Reuters AfricaDecember 15, 2011

1, the head of the country's aviation industry group said. Wei Zhenzhong, the secretary general of the China Air Transport Association (CATA), said he has asked all domestic airlines to refuse to participate in the scheme, according to a report by the ...more »

Landlord & Tenant Law
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TEXT-Fitch affirms Opera Finance (CMH) PLC
ReutersDecember 9, 2011

The decision not to proceed with the amendment to the Landlord and Tenant (Business Leases Review) Bill was due to the vulnerability to legal challenges stemming from conflicts with the Irish Constitution. Although the decision clarifies one of Fitch's ...more »

Bankruptcy Law
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Jefferson bankruptcy suit attracts brigade of lawyers (blog)December 31, 2011

"This court has seen many large ... (bankruptcy) cases, and this represents one of the larger cases in terms of attorney involvement," said Scott Ford, clerk of the US Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Alabama, based in Birmingham. ...more »

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Marin pumps more money into battle with Deloitte Consulting over computer contract
San Jose Mercury NewsDecember 27, 2011

The personnel information issue emerged last month when lawyers disclosed that Culver had retained a "shared" project hard drive containing names, Social Security and related payroll information about county employees. Culver, who was booted as the ...more »

Business Law
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Vote on repeal of marriage law expected in Jan.
Nashua TelegraphDecember 30, 2011

Cornerstone has partnered with the National Organization for Marriage on advertising and other campaigns, though it hasn't accepted any funding from the national group, Warcholik said. “People in the state ultimately need to drive the pressure to their ...more »

Military Law & Military Benefits
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US military (Ret.): Tell lawmakers not to gut your benefits - Military...
ArmyTimes.comDecember 29, 2011

By Alex Keenan - Special to the Times We're heading toward the end of a tumultuous year for military pay and benefits, with lots of talk about overhauling military retirement benefits in particular. Nothing has changed, but the signs point toward some ...more »

Computer & Internet Related Crimes
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Regina police warn public of computer scam
Regina Leader-PostDecember 3, 2011

In the scam, the victim receives a phone call that states their computer has a virus or is running slowly and Microsoft alerted the caller of the problem. The victim is told the computer can be fixed over the Internet by installing anti-virus software. ...more »

Personal Injury
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Huntington Beach Chiropractic Announces Massage Therapy Services
MarketWatch (press release)December 6, 2011

Massage can also help speed internal healing for patients following a car accident injury or personal injury. The practice often combines massage with other non-invasive pain management techniques, including chiropractic care. ...more »

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights
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Summary Judgments for Dec. 30
Thomson Reuters News & InsightDecember 30, 2011

Now, reports Edward Wyatt of the New York Times, US District Judge Rudolph Randa of the Eastern District of Wisconsin, has also questioned the SEC about a proposed fraud settlement with the Koss Corporation, a Wisconsin-based company that makes ...more »

Professional Malpractice
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NHS whistleblowing helpline to be extended to social care
The GuardianDecember 22, 2011

The announcement comes after concerns were raised about healthcare professionals being gagged by managers from reporting malpractice. To address these concerns, Andrew Lansley, the health secretary, announced plans in October to protect whistleblowers. ...more »

Consumer Protection
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Local financial leaders say legislation hurts jobs, economy
Middletown JournalDecember 27, 2011

What the Dodd-Frank Act has accomplished so far is to squeeze revenues of financial institutions and delay the economic recovery, say local bank and credit union officials. “We're longer coming out of the recession because jobs are not going to be ...more »

Real Estate Law
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Long Island real-estate lawyer disbarred after bribery attempt
Thomson Reuters News & InsightDecember 30, 2011

NEW YORK, Dec 30 (Reuters) - A Long Island real-estate attorney was formally banned from practicing law in New York after he admitted to trying to pay a government official $250 to expedite his request for public information on a property. ...more »

Financial strides highlight 2011 for Frederick city
Gazette.Net: Maryland Community News OnlineDecember 29, 2011

“If it happens to generate funds from law violators paying fines, that is not something we have to apologize for.” After months of discussion and bickering, the mayor and Board of Aldermen approved a 10-year contract with the Frederick Keys for Harry ...more »

Sports Law
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Report card on match-fixing so far: Failed
Sunday's ZamanDecember 31, 2011

“The harshest swear word in my youth was 'referee [put on] glasses',” he says in addressing the young audience who came to listen to him and Turkey's experts on sports law during a panel discussion on match-fixing at Doğuş University last week. ...more »

Criminal Defense
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Alleged rapist wants to question his accusers
The Seattle TimesDecember 6, 2011

Kim Gordon, president-elect of the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, agrees. She said the US Supreme Court has ruled that "excessive involvement by standby counsel in front of a jury" is a violation of a pro se defendant's Sixth ...more »

Audit: NM Public Regulation Commission fringe benefits not reported to IRS
WatchdogDecember 23, 2011

Other independently elected offices – including the Attorney General, State Treasurer, State Auditor and Secretary of State – voluntarily comply with an administrative rule that requires executive agencies to report to the General Services Department ...more »

Age-friendly Australia
Australian Ageing AgendaDecember 13, 2011

The far-reaching report goes beyond ideas to fight age discrimination and keep older Australians in the workforce, into policy suggestions on encouraging lifelong learning and increasing the availability of age-appropriate affordable housing. ...more »

Trusts & Estate Planning
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FINRA's 2011 Activities Highlight Commitment to Investor Protection
MarketWatch (press release)December 16, 2011

FINRA further enhanced market transparency by expanding the Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE) to include securitized products, which added more than 1.2 million asset- and mortgaged-backed securities to the current 70000 TRACE-eligible ...more »

Environmental Law
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Running on 'e': Ethanol subsidies are losing traction
The Virginian-PilotDecember 4, 2011

In 2005, President George W. Bush signed a law creating the Renewable Fuel Standard and the modern ethanol boom. It's a complex issue that doesn't "fit into a sound bite," said Sheryl Ball, an associate professor of economics at Virginia Tech. ...more »

Wills & Probate
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Estate Planning: A Gift to Your Family
ScoopSanDiego.comDecember 2, 2011

If you have any questions about wills, trusts, or probate, please visit for more information or call 619-462-0995 to speak with an attorney at Suzuki Wuori, LLP. Madeline Hill is of counsel with Suzuki Wuori, LLP. ...more »

Family Law
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Memorial Service Held for Slain Family
NBC Dallas-Fort WorthDecember 31, 2011

Investigators said Azizolah "Bob" Yazdanpanah was dressed as Santa Claus when he shot and killed his estranged wife, their two children, his brother-in-law and sister-in-law and his niece inside a Grapevine apartment. Fatemah "Nasrin" Rahmati, 55; ...more »

Workers Compensation
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State approves Scranton's plan to borrow from workers compensation fund to pay ...
Scranton Times-TribuneDecember 30, 2011

BY JOSH MROZINSKI (Staff Writer) State officials this morning provided Scranton written approval to borrow $5 million from the workers' compensation trust fund to make payment on the remaining tax anticipation note for this year. ...more »


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