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Six former Bell council members lose appeal
Los Angeles TimesJanuary 1, 2012

Previous judges have chastised the former council members. In rejecting their motion to drop the charges earlier this month, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy issued a scathing 10-page ruling brushing aside the politicians' ...more »

Facebook flirting triggers divorces
Times of IndiaJanuary 1, 2012

Facebook was cited as a reason for a third of divorces last year in which unreasonable behaviour was a factor, according to law firm Divorce-Online . The firm said it had seen a 50% jump in the number of behaviour-based divorce petitions that contained ...more »

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights News and Stories

Affirmative Action
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SJC: Watered down health program for legal immigrants violates equal protection
Boston HeraldJanuary 5, 2012

“The discrimination against legal immigrants ... violates their rights to equal protection under the Massachusetts Constitution,” Justice Robert Cordy wrote for the court in a unanimous ruling. “We recognize that our decision will impose a significant ...more »

Freedom Of Speech & Religion
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Freedom of speech valued with essays
Chagrin Valley PublishingJanuary 4, 2012

By SALI McSHERRY "Why do you think the freedom of speech is considered our most important right?" That is the question, but it's just the beginning in the Hope and Stanley Adelstein Free Speech Essay Competition for high school juniors and seniors. ...more »

Age, Gender, Race & National Origin Discrimination
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BSU investigating lack of female profs
Muncie Star PressJanuary 8, 2012

... by 15 gender complaints, eight retaliation complaints, seven race complaints, five age complaints, four harassment/hostile work environment complaints, two national origin complaints, one religious complaint and zero sexual harassment complaints. ...more »

Native Americans
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Slain Chinese-American GI's family wants soldiers tried in US
msnbc.comJanuary 6, 2012

The family on Thursday said investigators found that Chen was forced to perform excessive exercises, ordered to crawl through gravel with a heavy pack on and subjected to racial slurs. The Army announced in late December that it had charged eight of ...more »

Religious Discrimination
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AP Interview: Malaysian in sodomy trial slams law
The Associated PressJanuary 5, 2012

Anwar said that although he believes government must prohibit same-sex marriage and prevent public obscenity, he also believes that current sodomy laws could "be abused to show violent discrimination or intolerance." "Our present laws are deemed to be ...more »

Eminent Domain
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Judge awards $2.1M in eminent domain case
Missouri Lawyers Media (subscription) (blog)January 4, 2012

She also asserted that the heritage value law is unconstitutional. “The constitution calls for just compensation, and just compensate means fair market value, not sentimental value,” she said. The 2006 Legislature enacted eminent domain reform, ...more »

Sexual Harassment
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Colleagues Ask Madison Alderman To Resign
WISC MadisonJanuary 6, 2012

A recent report by the Madison Department of Civil Rights found the alleged victim could not prove the sexual harassment allegations, and it ultimately found that Solomon did not violate city policies. No charges have been brought forward, ...more »

Freedom Of Information
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Text nuances prolong delay on freedom of info draft
Manila Standard TodayJanuary 2, 2012

by Joyce Pangco Pañares PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III said last week he had ordered a Palace study group to come up with the final draft of the freedom of information bill. “I will ask this committee that has been talking to all of the stakeholders if ...more »

Unlawful Search & Seizure
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Cumberland County coroner to resign, plead in prescription drug investigation
Carlisle SentinelJanuary 4, 2012

Kelly said a search of the coroner's office on March 18, 2011, resulted in the seizure of two prescription pill bottles from Eckenrode's desk, including prescription medication related to a 2010 death investigation, which should have been destroyed. ...more »

Freedom Of Press
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In Post-Gaddafi Libya, Freedom is Messy—and Getting Messier
TIME (blog)January 4, 2012

“I fear this looks like a civil war”, one Libyan rebel commander from Misrata told the Associated Press, in the wake of a fierce firefight between rival militia factions using heavy weapons in broad daylight in Tripoli on Tuesday. ...more »


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