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Landowners face jail threat over bird deaths
Scotland on SundayJanuary 1, 2012

The landmark “vicarious liability” legislation allows the prosecution of landowners or managers who fail to take steps to ensure staff and contractors act within the law. The legislation applies to the unlawful killing of wild birds and the possession ...more »

San Jose police reduce alarm response
San Jose Mercury NewsJanuary 1, 2012

They favor rules that allow for more false-alarm fines but still guarantee a police response. But San Jose police say they're following the lead of other cities including Fremont, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City that have stopped automatic alarm responses ...more »

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights News and Stories

Affirmative Action
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Tunisian president says liberties to be protected
Reuters AfricaJanuary 1, 2012

Coalition parties are now drafting a new constitution which he said would enshrine those demands in law. "In all likelihood we are going to have a constitution that is very specific on human rights, on women's rights, on public and private liberties," ...more »

Freedom Of Speech & Religion
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Our View: DNR seeks renovation partner
Post-TribuneJanuary 3, 2012

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a ...more »

Age, Gender, Race & National Origin Discrimination
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Homer Said It Best
Greater Lansing Business MonthlyJanuary 3, 2012

The official US Census defines African Americans as those who have origins in, or are descendents from, any of the black racial groups of the original people of Africa. During the civil rights movement in the late 1960s, the term “Black” gained status ...more »

Native Americans
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Kelly Clarkson loves gays, lesbians and Republican Ron Paul?
Green Celebrity NetworkJanuary 3, 2012

He has attracted at least one vote from singer Kelly Clarkson of American Idol fame. But did she endorse him not realizing he refused to support civil rights legislation for gays and lesbians that would allow them protection as American citizens not ...more »

Religious Discrimination
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Looking forward: Drama for 2012
Windy City TimesJanuary 4, 2012

Fight for freedom of religion: The right-wing Alliance Defense Fund and others have a concerted effort underway in the courts to undermine laws prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Their strategy is to argue that ...more »

Eminent Domain
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Battle looms over land: <i>Borough pursues eminent domain to claim properties ...
Centre Daily TimesJanuary 1, 2012

By Mike Dawson Bellefonte Borough is initiating eminent domain proceedings to obtain two properties along Spring Creek between High Street and Lamb Streets. One of the sites is the Victorian Signs business, December 29, 2011. ...more »

Sexual Harassment
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Oak Park's traffic court chief accused of sexual harassment
Oak Park LeavesJanuary 5, 2012

By BILL DWYER January 3, 2012 5:58PM Oak Park and its traffic court manager are being sued for sexual harassment by two former village employees. The civil lawsuit filed Dec. 5 alleges that Robert Anderson, ...more »

Freedom Of Information
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Police are victims of bizarre station thefts
Lancashire Evening PostJanuary 3, 2012

The thefts are included in a catalogue of incidents from the past five years across the country, revealed in a Freedom of Information Act request. The thefts total hundreds of thousands of pounds and come at a time when police forces are facing ...more »

Unlawful Search & Seizure
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Crime beat (Jan. 4)
Times Record NewsJanuary 4, 2012

Wichita Falls police ran a search warrant at a city home Friday, arresting one man and seizing more than 50 grams of illegal drugs in the process. Members of the Police Department's Organized Crime Unit and SWAT team ran the warrant at a home in the ...more »

Freedom Of Press
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Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians"
Right Side NewsJanuary 1, 2012

Despite a ban on funding that Obama signed into law, his administration continues to fund the corrupt and allegedly defunct "community" organization ACORN. In July 2011 Judicial Watch uncovered a $79819 grant to AHCOA (Affordable Housing Centers of ...more »


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