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Food poisoning cases haven't cut appetite for 'yakiniku' raw meat cuts
The Japan TimesDecember 1, 2011

Even the risk of fatal food poisoning isn't enough to stop some diehard customers of "yakiniku" grills from ordering raw meat dishes. Handle with care: An employee at a "yakiniku" grillroom shows a plate of "yukke" shredded uncooked beef ...more »

Two others charged in August homicide
News-Press NowDecember 1, 2011

Two more men were charged Wednesday in the Aug. 22 home invasion and shooting death of Brian Ulmer. He had been a prominent musician in the St. Joseph music scene. Buchanan County Prosecuting Attorney Dwight Scroggins said Wednesday that felony ...more »

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights News and Stories

Affirmative Action
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Gov. Rick Scott says 'Obamacare' is 'not the law of the land'
PolitiFactDecember 1, 2011

"Legal challenges are nothing new, but they don't change the status of a law," said spokeswoman Erin Shields. Spokesman Lane Wright said that beyond constitutional questions about the health care law, its most significant and expensive provisions don't ...more »

Freedom Of Speech & Religion
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FBI illegally using community outreach to gather intelligence, ACLU alleges
Washington Post (blog)December 1, 2011

The FBI is using its extensive community outreach to Muslims and other groups to secretly gather intelligence in violation of federal law, the American Civil Liberties Union alleged Thursday. Citing internal bureau documents, the ACLU said agents in ...more »

Age, Gender, Race & National Origin Discrimination
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Butterball Sued for Harassment, Firing of HIV-positive Employee
Kansas City infoZineDecember 3, 2011

“Harassment that targets a person with an ADA-covered disability, is just as much a violation of federal law as harassment based on a person's race, color, gender, age, religion, or national origin,” said Lynette A. Barnes, regional attorney for the ...more »

Native Americans
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Herman Cain, the Latest Black Boogeyman
CounterPunchDecember 5, 2011

Maybe that's why Cain critics, among whom are women, who had big laughs about the destruction of Cain, won't turn their attention to the rape statistics involving Native American women; 80% of Native American rape victims are raped by white men. ...more »

Religious Discrimination
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When faith is a barrier to care
Sacramento BeeDecember 2, 2011

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform should keep that in mind as its members take up the issue of federal grants intended to help the victims of human trafficking build new lives. Some congressional Republicans are, strangely, ...more »

Eminent Domain
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COMMENTARY: Brooktrails versus the Rosemans
Willits NewsDecember 2, 2011

I have also reviewed literally hundreds of pages of court documents. Initially I had only the information from Brooktrails about the case and little knowledge of eminent domain law. The Roseman's chose not to call me back and involve the press until ...more »

Sexual Harassment
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7-year-old accused of sexual harrassment
BabyCenter (blog)December 7, 2011

While some might applaud the 7-year-old for standing up for himself, his actions have landed him in hot water, with officials at the Boston elementary school accusing him of sexual harassment. Mark's mom Tasha Lynch wants to know why her son, ...more »

Freedom Of Information
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Student says wall wobbling often done as a joke
Lansing State JournalDecember 4, 2011

That statement was included among new police reports obtained recently by the Lansing State Journal through the Freedom of Information Act. The documents, as well as additional photographs, paint a more detailed picture of the locker room, ...more »

Unlawful Search & Seizure
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Deputies make drug arrests in two parishes
NOLA.comDecember 15, 2011

12, detectives, who had been tipped that illegal drug activity was taking place, executed a search and seizure warrant on Brown's home. Inside, authorities say detectives recovered several packets of heroin, a small amount of marijuana, ...more »

Freedom Of Press
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Court Sides With Illinois State Rifle Association in Protecting Identities of ...
Sacramento BeeDecember 8, 2011

... State Rifle Association (ISRA): Lawful firearm owners across the state may rest a little easier tonight knowing that their sensitive personal information is finally safeguarded from release under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). ...more »


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