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Cops sensitized to elders' woes
Times of IndiaApril 1, 2012

BANGALORE: Senior citizen Mandakini's son allegedly threatened her every day and would physically abuse her, forcing her to transfer her property to him. She called the Elders' Helpline, which in turn issued a notice to the son.more »

Sunday Reflection: Don't blame Verrilli: Hard to defend the indefensible
Washington ExaminerApril 1, 2012

Bad enough that Jeffrey Toobin called the event "a train wreck," Mother Jones called it a "disaster," and constitutional law professor Ann Althouse, amid terrible reviews of Solicitor General Donald Verrilli's performance, wondered if Verrilli had ...more »

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False Advertising: The Daily Beast and Open Zion
Arutz ShevaApril 2, 2012

What I would presently like to focus on is the Daily Beast's misleading and false portrayal of the blog's content and focus, by allowing the title "Open Zion." It seems that for the most part, the overall collective definition on the platform of the ...more »

Federal Grants
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Cuccinelli refuses to run with AG pack
Washington TimesApril 2, 2012

The Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance penned a letter to Mr. Cuccinelli earlier this month saying it was “deeply disappointed” and urged him to support the law, through which Virginia has received more than $4.7 million in grants ...more »

Antitrust Law, Domestic
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Antitrust lawsuit to overturn Apple's eBook pricing model, benefiting Amazon
Macworld UKApril 2, 2012

Reuters reports that the US Justice Department is close to reaching a settlement with Apple in an antitrust lawsuit, which is expected to eliminate Apple's agency model. The report sources two people close to the negotiation, who say that the reason ...more »

Foreign Investments
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SFO Secret Settlements, Wells Fargo, Confirmations: Compliance
BloombergApril 2, 2012

Britain's Serious Fraud Office, which prosecutes corporate bribery, uses too many secret settlements in foreign corruption cases, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said. The SFO is using more so-called civil-recovery orders that ...more »

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MLB Analysis: 10 Best Opening Days of All Time
Opposing ViewsApril 2, 2012

It's time for all 30 teams to start playing the 2012 season as North America's Opening Days are upon us. As is often the case, a natural question arises: What are the best Opening Days in history? Well, I've done some looking and below are my picks.more »

Banking Law
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World Bank cries fraud, graft in highways projects
Indian ExpressApril 2, 2012

A report prepared by the World Bank's Institutional Integrity Unit has listed “fraudulent and corrupt” practices by private Indian contractors working on national highway projects funded by it, and sought a thorough investigation into the matter.more »

Gaming Law
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Ask 411 Games 04.02.12: Legal Consoles, Service Marks, Random Ordering, More!
411mania.comApril 2, 2012

*strokes beard* I thought Japan would have far more lax IP laws though. Look at Fire Pro Wrestling, you have blatantly obvious representations of Hogan, Stone Cold, Taker, etc with slight name changes and i'm damn sure Spike/HUMAN never paid WWF/WCW or ...more »

Business Formation
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In Wake of Groupon Issues, Critics Wary of JOBS Act
Wall Street JournalApril 1, 2012

By MICHAEL RAPOPORT A little-noticed provision in the new JOBS Act would allow companies to iron out disagreements with regulators behind closed doors before they go public—a provision that might have prevented investors from finding out about Groupon ...more »

Government Construction Contracts
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AAGL on track for sale after disinvestment nod
Economic TimesApril 2, 2012

The company staring at losses pegged close to over Rs 96 crore, on a contract bagged from the Ministry of Defence for constructing six survey vessels for the Indian Navy, is on track for sale now. Originally, a British owned company engaged in ...more »

Business Law
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Tampa Bay Law Firm Among Top Florida Title Agents
MarketWatch (press release)April 2, 2012

But the firm gained its reputation as a property-owners' advocate, focusing on bankruptcies, short sales and foreclosures of residential and commercial properties, when the national market began falling in 2008. The abrupt turn left hundreds of ...more »

Institutional Investing
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Directive to Coal India only strengthens our case, says Children's Investment Fund
Hindu Business LineApril 4, 2012

The Government's decision to issue a Presidential directive to Coal India to sign 20-year fuel supply agreements with power producers will only “strengthen” its legal case, The Children's Investment Fund has said. Speaking to Business Line over ...more »

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Lawyer guilty over hubris-fuelled, bike-rage headbutt
The AgeApril 2, 2012

Richard Morgon, 45, a senior associate with the international commercial law firm Allens Arthur Robinson, was found guilty of unlawful assault and assault with a bike helmet but no conviction was recorded. Magistrate Belinda Wallington dismissed two ...more »

Law Offices of Howard G. Smith Announces Continued Investigation On Behalf of ...
SunHerald.comApril 3, 2012

Law Offices of Howard G. Smith announces that it is continuing to investigate potential claims on behalf of purchasers of the securities of Groupon, Inc. (“Groupon” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: GRPN) concerning possible violations of federal securities ...more »

Commercial Bankruptcy
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American Airlines wants to emerge from bankruptcy quickly
Sioux City JournalApril 2, 2012

Horton was promoted from president to CEO of American Airlines parent AMR Corp. the day the company's board finalized a decision to file for bankruptcy protection. American Eagle, a regional carrier for American Airlines, will begin round trips between ...more »

Internal Investigative Services
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Italian player's death sparks probes into ambulance delay
ReutersApril 15, 2012

Pescara mayor Luigi Albore Mascia announced an internal investigation to find out who was responsible and said the probe would be wrapped up by early Monday. Overnight, city police in Pescara were kept off the streets and replaced by federal police ...more »

Commercial Leasing
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Alternative judiciary, legal literacy need to be promoted
Oman Daily ObserverApril 1, 2012

MUSCAT — “The issue of achieving justice is not the responsibility of the judge alone, but there are other parties to contribute to the achievement of justice (legal awareness, lawyers, laws and witnesses), said Yaqoub Mohammad al Saeedi, ...more »

International Transactions
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The budget's business impact
LivemintApril 4, 2012

While the amendments relating to transfer of Indian business or assets through overseas transactions would mainly affect foreign investors, the manner in which the provisions are worded would significantly impact domestic transactions, too.more »

Communications & Media
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Local media under pressure in South Sudan
BorglobeApril 1, 2012

Tom Rhodes, CPJ's East Africa consultant said the odds of any journalists in South Sudan investigating the corruption case further are “slim”. The two publications are seeking to rescind the court decision through an appeal.more »

I Thought that My Michigan Concealed Pistol License was Good for 5 Years (press release)April 2, 2012

A: MCL 28.425l specifies that renewal licenses expire between 4 and 5 years after issuance. The current law has your second, and all subsequent, CPLs expiring on your birthday at least 4 and not more than 5 years after issuance.more »

Construction & Development
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Business Law: Provision to protect goodwill of bought business
Otago Daily TimesApril 1, 2012

Most business sale agreements will include a provision prohibiting the seller from opening up a competing business nearby during a fixed period - this is known as a "restraint of trade provision". The rationale for this is that the buyer will often pay ...more »

Locating Funds
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Law on hospitals removes all doubt
The TennesseanApril 1, 2012

Meanwhile, people who favor maintaining the hospital as a county asset say the proposal simply strengthens existing laws — and the Tennessee Attorney General is on their side. “While this office has not been involved in drafting the bill, (the ...more »

Contracts Involving State & Minicipality
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Minn. Senate saga to cost public win, lose or draw
Coshocton TribuneApril 1, 2012

(WTW) — Legal costs are mounting at the public's expense even before former high-ranking state Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb sues over his dismissal. The Senate has hired an outside attorney to protect the institution's interest and defuse fallout ...more »

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
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Alcoa Appoints Max Laun Vice President and General Counsel; Announces Changes ...
MarketWatch (press release)April 11, 2012

During this time, he has practiced law in several areas, most notably mergers and acquisitions, energy, and general commercial counseling. He has served as Alcoa's lead counsel on several highly visible mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, ...more »

Controlled Substances Law
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Leagle.comApril 2, 2012

Because California law regulates the possession and sale of many substances that are not regulated by the Controlled Substances Act, Garcia-Gomez's conviction under § 11378 must be assessed under the modified categorical approach. See Ruiz-Vidal v.more »

Mortgages & Foreclosures
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Occupy Rockford movement stopped by law enforcement
WREX-TVApril 15, 2012

We're also looking into foreclosure epidemics in our community and how we can form a support network around those," says activist Eric Howanietz. Occupiers were set to call the lot at the corner of Church and State Streets their home, aiming to draw ...more »

Corporate Finance & Taxation
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Reich: Political jujitsu to save health care law
San Francisco ChronicleApril 1, 2012

If the Supreme Court decides that the individual mandate requiring everyone to buy health insurance is an unconstitutional extension of federal authority, the law starts unraveling. But with a bit of political jujitsu, President Obama could turn that ...more »

Non-Profit Corporations
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Jeff Curry Appointed Chief Legal Officer for CBL & Associates Properties, Inc.
MarketWatch (press release)April 5, 2012

M.) degree in Taxation from New York University School of Law in 1986. He is a member of NAREIT. Curry also serves as a vice president and a member of the board of directors for Chattanooga Inner City Outreach, Inc., a local non-profit organization, ...more »

Creditor's Rights
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Big retrans battle may be the last
VarietyApril 1, 2012

Tribune said Saturday night it had no choice but to tell DirecTV to pull its signals in 19 markets, as well as cabler WGN America, as federal law requires a contract to be in place for a multichannel video provider to retransmit local stations.more »

Professional Corporations
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JOBS Act Gives Full Employment To Journalists
ForbesApril 4, 2012

With the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (the “JOBS Act”) awaiting President Obama's signature tomorrow, the pundits are out in full force debating whether the new law will hurt investors. It certainly will. As a personal finance writer whose job ...more »

Customs Disputes
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With little openness, rumors rule in Haiti
Philadelphia InquirerApril 1, 2012

Conille, a newcomer to Haiti's dagger-in-the-back politics, downplayed the disputes until he resigned four months after assuming the post. The gossip continues to churn as Martelly looks increasingly vulnerable. The first-time politician enjoys the ...more »

Public Offerings
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Head to head: Attorney challenges DA in May 15 election
NRToday.comApril 1, 2012

Roseburg attorney Charles Lee says he's among the few lawyers who have experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney. Douglas County District Attorney Rick Wesenberg says his 12-lawyer office works closely with law enforcement to ensure that each ...more »

Debt Collection
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Merger Deals Are Poised for Revival
Wall Street JournalApril 1, 2012

Some bankers and lawyers said they expect the second quarter to be only marginally more active than the first quarter, despite the fact that most of the necessary conditions for a healthy M&A market are in place. That includes huge reserves of cash ...more »

Reorganizations & Restructuring
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Analysis: Shippers make US the port of call for bankruptcy
ReutersApril 3, 2012

By Nick Brown | NEW YORK (Reuters) - When Marco Polo Seatrade BV, of the Netherlands, filed for bankruptcy in a US court in July, lenders fought to get the case thrown out. While the company docks in ports around the globe, the lenders argued, ...more »

Debt Settlement
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Markets in Brief
HaaretzApril 2, 2012

(Shelly Appelberg ) In the midst of executing its debt settlement with bondholders, Delek Real Estate yesterday reported losing NIS 1.1 billion for 2011, and admitted to an NIS 2.3 billion deficit in shareholders equity. The company, which owes its ...more »

State & Minicipal Bonds
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Alabama Fools' Day
Huffington Post (blog)April 2, 2012

On April Fools' Day Alabama's immigration law (HB 56) mandates E-Verify for all employers. E-Verify is a federally run electronic employment verification system that checks employee identification against government records to weed unauthorized ...more »

Directors' & Officers' Liability
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Personal Liability For Failed China WFOEs: The Law And The Reality.
China Law Blog (blog)April 2, 2012

We have received a number of calls from worried general managers and directors concerning their personal liability in these situations. I will describe the normal scenario below, followed by the usual questions and the answer under Chinese law. 1.more »

Trade Associations
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Trade Union threatens legal action over MMP Liverpool factory closure
BBC NewsApril 3, 2012

A trade union has said it will take legal action against the owners of a packaging firm which closed its factory on Merseyside earlier this year. Union Unite said Mayr-Melnhof Packaging (MMP) "unlawfully dismissed" its workforce following the closure.more »

False Advertising
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Solano County DA reaches deal with chiropractor
TheReporter.comApril 1, 2012

The lawsuit stated Altadonna engaged in false and misleading advertising and unfair business practices related to the marketing of the DRX-9000, a spinal traction device. According to the district attorney's office, Altadonna received commissions from ...more »

Unfair Competition
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TripAdvisor Files Antitrust Complaint Against Google With EU
BloombergApril 3, 2012

TripAdvisor said the complaint addresses “anti-competitive and unfair practices by Google that harm the marketplace and consumer welfare,” the Newton, Massachusetts-based company said today in a statement, which didn't give details of the allegations.more »

Federal Contracts
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Tribune Broadcasting: No deal reached with DirecTV
Wall Street JournalApril 1, 2012

Tribune Broadcasting said in a statement that without a deal in place, DirecTV was barred by federal law from carrying the signal of Tribune's local television stations after midnight, when their agreement expired. The affected markets include New York ...more »

Venture Capital
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Venture capital deals
Fortune (blog)April 11, 2012

Tenaya Capital led the round, and was joined by return backers Benchmark Capital and Musea Ventures. OneID, a San Jose, Calif.-based provider of digital identity solutions, has raised $7 million in VC funding co-led by Khosla ...more »


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