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US telecommunications adviser criticizes Canada's approach to Internet regulations
The Globe and MailMay 1, 2017

The widening divergence between Internet regulations in Canada and the United States may threaten investment in Canadian innovation, warns one of U.S. President Donald Trump's telecommunications advisers. “My biggest concern for Canada is that you ...more »

McDonnell on the Rolex: 'I'm a Seiko and Timex guy'
Roanoke TimesMay 1, 2017

But the former governor said his acceptance of gifts and loans from Williams did not set off alarm bells “because I knew that it was completely legal under Virginia law.” In his testimony during the 2014 trial, McDonnell said there were gifts from ...more »

Bankruptcy Law News and Stories

Bad Credit History
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Ways to repair your credit
Southeast Missourian (blog)May 1, 2017

You can't fix your credit history if you don't know what's impacting it. Get a copy of your credit report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, which are the three credit reporting agencies. Federal law allows you to get free access once per year. It ...more »

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Debt Collectors Calling On Behalf Of IRS May Not Be Scammers
Iowa Public RadioMay 1, 2017

The Iowa AG's office says before a person receives a phone call, the IRS first sends a letter notifying that individual a private debt collector will be contacting them. When a collector calls, they'll identify themself as an independent contractor for ...more »

Bankruptcy Law
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Agrokor Bankruptcy: The Balkan Parmalat, Ten Times Bigger (In Proportion)
Seeking AlphaMay 1, 2017

Agrokor, a food and retail giant whose revenues account for 15% of Croatia's GDP, has basically been taken over by the Croatian government in an effort to avoid its collapse. Agrokor's crisis might spread its negative effects to the whole Balkan region ...more »

Disputes With Irs
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Pence Delays Making Tax Returns Public Until After IRS Audit
U.S. News & World ReportMay 2, 2017

Pence Delays Making Tax Returns Public Until After IRS Audit. Vice President Mike Pence is joining President Donald Trump in breaking the Obama-era tradition of making their tax returns public shortly after they file them. | May 2, 2017, at 4:15 p.m ...more »

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KAMAGRA ORAL JELLY - viagra sale online
NewsQuenchMay 10, 2017

KAMAGRA ORAL JELLY - viagra sale online;In deciding whether to grant your offer, the IRS looks at various factors, including your ability to pay and your income, assets and expenses. ... account which I am going to do but can they come after me and sue ...more »

Chapter 11, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
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Suppliers petition to force Central Grocers into bankruptcy
Supermarket NewsMay 3, 2017

A group of product suppliers led by Coca-Cola, General Mills, Post Consumer Brands and Mars has petitioned U.S. Bankruptcy Court for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case against grocery supplier Central Grocers — a move that could force liquidation of the ...more »

Personal Bankruptcy
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How Obamacare Helped Slash Personal Bankruptcy by 50%
Money MagazineMay 4, 2017

“It's absolutely remarkable,” says Jim Molleur, a Maine-based bankruptcy attorney with 20 years of experience. “We're not getting people with big medical bills, chronically sick people who would hit those lifetime caps or be denied because of pre ...more »

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
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Can the US Nuclear Power Industry Survive?
POWER magazineMay 1, 2017

Bradford posed questions about whether or not nuclear cost overruns, construction delays, and bankruptcy should have been foreseeable. He then gave evidence suggesting the answer was yes. He noted that Vogtle Units 1 and 2 overran original cost ...more »


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