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Research reveals shifting attitudes towards euthanasia
Irish TimesDecember 1, 2011

He revealed some of his findings at a Law Society conference in UCC yesterday, on Assisted Dying and Euthanasia in Ireland. Public opinion towards euthanasia was changing, he said, because patients were better informed to make decisions for themselves. ...more »

Occupy LA camp cleanup takes hazmat suits, masks
San Jose Mercury NewsDecember 1, 2011

"I saw a woman being pushed down the steps, people being jabbed with batons," said Julia Wallace, member of movement's Committee to End Police Brutality. "I saw someone thrown to the ground." Pam Noles, a legal observer at the protest, ...more »

Bankruptcy Law News and Stories

Bad Credit History
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Prosecutors: Blagojevich should get 15 to 20 years
BusinessWeekDecember 2, 2011

... Blagojevich was in a special position of responsibility to the public," prosecutors said. "His abuse of office is particularly grave given the faith put in him by the citizens of Illinois." But Blagojevich's attorneys argued that Rezko did deserve ...more »

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Lehman, Dynegy, Solyndra, Madoff, AMR, Friendly: Bankruptcy
BusinessWeekDecember 2, 2011

The plan pays creditors in the order of priority outlined in bankruptcy law. There are three secured creditors with claims aggregating about $13 million. West End believes the security interest for a $5 million claim is invalid, according to the ...more »

Chapter 11, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
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Numerous anti-Catholic slurs in bankruptcy lawyer's memo
Catholic CultureDecember 2, 2011

Referring to a bankruptcy judge and other court employees as “dirty Catholics,” a Minnesota attorney said in a bankruptcy filing that “across the country the court systems and particularly the Bankruptcy Court in Minnesota are composed of a bunch of ...more »

Disputes With Irs
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Avoid IRS penalties by meeting new foreign account holder tax filing requirements
Smart Business NetworkDecember 1, 2011

That requirement has been in the law for decades, but compliance and IRS enforcement have been lax until recently. Taxpayers must be far more attentive to the question on the income tax return about foreign financial accounts over $10000. ...more »

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Lawsuits filed
Longview News-JournalDecember 5, 2011

First Convenience Bank, writ of garnishment 2011-2558-CCL2 Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, a division of Wells Fargo Bank financially known as Wells Fargo Financial v. Haynes Welding and Oil Field Supply, Scott Haynes and Patti Haynes, foreign judgment ...more »

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
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Money Managers Make Their Distress Your Problem: Susan Antilla
BusinessWeekDecember 1, 2011

No matter the state of the economy or the stock market, it's in your interest to find out if your financial expert has liens, big loans from an employer or a history of bankruptcy. When bad times hit, you forsake that sort of investigating at your ...more »

Personal Bankruptcy
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Ex-Rite Aid executives face off in federal court
Patriot-NewsDecember 1, 2011

Grass said the deal centered on his intended purchase of real estate Brown controlled that was the subject of a bankruptcy proceeding. The deal turned out to be a fraud, he claimed. The transaction culminated in spring 2003, about a year after Brown ...more »


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