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Worker complains to EEOC
Tampabay.comDecember 1, 2011

Five days later, the 30-year-old maintenance worker filed a discrimination complaint with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging the county has failed to take action to ease the hostile work environment created by the co-worker's ...more »

Oakland Park tells contractors to keep hands off residents
Sun-SentinelDecember 1, 2011

"No city contractor should be having disputes with residents at all and we should make it part of the contract," said Mayor Suzanne Boisvenue. She said the fine "is so insignificant it makes no sense. $500 isn't enough to cover my little fingernail. ...more »

Bankruptcy Law News and Stories

Bad Credit History
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Report: US Agency Erred On United Pension Values
SalonDecember 1, 2011

The agency took over the pension plans in 2004 and 2005 after United filed for bankruptcy court protection in December 2002. When the PBGC takes over plans, it pays promised benefits to retirees up to certain limits. ...more »

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Cybersecurity bill promotes exchange of data; critics say measure could harm ...
Washington PostDecember 1, 2011

Stewart A. Baker, a former National Security Agency general counsel and senior Department of Homeland Security official, said much of the online data can already be provided under exceptions built into existing law but that companies are afraid that ...more »

Chapter 11, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
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Vanderpool-Wallace: AA bankruptcy will not effect service
Nassau GuardianDecember 1, 2011

Although senior aviation officials insist American Airline's recent filing for bankruptcy protection won't impact travel to The Bahamas, at least one local executive sees it as an opportunity for domestic airlines to take a greater role in travel to ...more »

Disputes With Irs
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Does the IRS owe you cash?
ABC2 NewsDecember 1, 2011

But the IRS can't send them out because it doesn't have the correct mailing addresses. While this accounts for a tiny percentage of all refunds -- these people are missing out on big bucks. The average refund is more than $1500 dollars. ...more »

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Credit card debt: Indebted mom wants to buy me a TV. Should I accept?
Christian Science MonitorDecember 4, 2011

I know that these loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy (although I do wonder if since I'm in such an extreme position I might be able to rid myself of some of them) – but I almost feel like if I defaulted and they garnished my wages based on the ...more »

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
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Villalobos' attorneys drop him for not paying legal fees
Los Angeles TimesDecember 1, 2011

However, in legal papers, Villalobos unsuccessfully argued that Cooley should not be relieved from representing him until a US Bankruptcy Court in Reno, Nev., approves his hiring of new counsel. "If this court grants Mr. Villalobos' request, ...more »

Personal Bankruptcy
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American Airlines small player at PTI
Greensboro News & RecordDecember 1, 2011

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