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FHA Mortgages Could Become Major Choice of Financing
FreeRateUpdate.comDecember 1, 2011

Now that loan limits for FHA have been increased, FHA mortgages could become a major choice of financing for many people interested in purchasing a home or refinancing an existing FHA mortgage. Popular with consumers because of the low down payment ...more »

Attorney seeks mental health evaluation for Cambridge woman accused of killing dad
Wicked LocalDecember 1, 2011

Sragow allowed all the defense motions and one motion by Middlesex assistant district attorney Marian Ryan, asking that Verna's seven-year-old son be appointed a guardian ad litem who will represent the child during the course of the litigation. ...more »

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Bad Credit History
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Student Loan Defaults: Addresses Potential Loan Crisis, Offers Advice
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)December 2, 2011

As an online financial resource center, the company provides direct access to credit card applications, such as credit cards for people with bad credit, secured credit cards, credit cards for fair credit, 0 interest credit cards, cash back credit cards ...more »

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Madoff, MF Global Broker, Real Mex, Tousa, Borders: Bankruptcy
BusinessWeekDecember 1, 2011

20 hearing where Borders also hopes the bankruptcy court will confirm the liquidating Chapter 11 plan. The plan distributes assets in the order of priority called for in bankruptcy law. The disclosure statement says that unsecured creditors with $812 ...more »

Chapter 11, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
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MF Global, Lehman, AMR, Solyndra, L.A. Dodgers: Bankruptcy
San Francisco ChronicleDecember 1, 2011

The holding company's Chapter 11 case is In re MF Global Holdings Ltd., 11-15059, US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York. The liquidation of the broker is In re MF Global Inc., 11-02790, in the same court.more »

Disputes With Irs
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IRS Seeking to Give Back Money
Patch.comDecember 3, 2011

In an annual reminder to taxpayers, the Internal Revenue Service announced today that it is looking to return $153.3 million in undelivered tax refund checks nationwide. In Connecticut there are 909 taxpayers with undelivered refunds totaling $1537617 ...more »

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Citizen pockets and unpaid taxes
The Virginian-PilotDecember 6, 2011

Norfolk has offered employees a weeks-long window to contact the treasurer's office to set up a payment plan before the garnishment kicks in. Like many in the area, a poor economy has affected school workers; they haven't had a raise in five years. ...more »

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
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American Airlines Union Questions Bankruptcy Motive
In These TimesDecember 1, 2011

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) American Airlines' parent company filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, throwing into question the fate of thousands of union members' jobs, their contracts and an eight year-old partnership agreement under ...more »

Personal Bankruptcy
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Enron's fall raised the bar in regulation
Financial TimesDecember 1, 2011

It raised the bar for law enforcement.” The hit parade of fraud also prompted the US Congress to pass the still controversial Sarbanes-Oxley corporate accountability law, which forces corporate executives to take personal responsibility for the ...more »


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