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Sales-Tax Measures 'to Cost Us Big'
Wall Street JournalDecember 1, 2011

But Ms. Strawn, and others like her who operate with just a dozen or so employees, would have to begin collecting and remitting taxes for the more than 40 states that currently charge sales and use taxes, along with thousands of cities and counties ...more »

How claims impact your workers' compensation premium
Smart Business NetworkDecember 1, 2011

Ohio employers are required to provide workers' compensation coverage for their employees to cover costs associated with workplace injuries. Very large employers may qualify to self-insure, but the majority of employers must obtain coverage through the ...more »

Bankruptcy Law News and Stories

Bad Credit History
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State tax credits for donating to charities coming to an end
Hometownlife.comDecember 1, 2011

Starting Jan. 1, all state income tax credits for charitable donations will be eliminated thanks to the tax reform bill signed into law in May. The state legislature hopes the reform will help them work to repair its struggling budget. ...more »

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How Do You Report Someone to Credit Agency?
King of How To NewsDecember 3, 2011

Although you can't directly report someone to a credit agency, you can go about it in a roundabout way. Turn the bill over to an accredited collection agency, and it will do it for you. It will also work on your behalf to collect the debt; however, ...more »

Chapter 11, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
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Regulators Pledge New Rules After MF Global's Demise
New York TimesDecember 1, 2011

The rules were unnecessary, he argued, because federal laws already prevented brokerage firms from mixing client funds with company money. But in MF Global's final days, the firm broke that sacrosanct rule. Investigators now fear that MF Global tapped ...more »

Disputes With Irs
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Internal Revenue Service Says $153 Million In Tax Refunds Undelivered
ThirdAgeDecember 1, 2011

The Internal Revenue Service is holding onto $153 million in tax refunds that are undeliverable due to mailing address errors, the agency said. The refunds of 99123 taxpayers are still in the hands of the agency, with the average refund check valued at ...more »

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Walkout fees case allowed to resume
Fort Wayne Journal GazetteDecember 7, 2011

Fort Wayne Attorney Mark GiaQuinta argued on behalf of Rep. William Crawford, D-Indianapolis, that state law specifically forbids employers from unilaterally taking wages. Instead, employers must go to court to get a garnishment order. ...more »

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
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Developer Garnaas lists liabilities of $458 million in bankruptcy filing
DesMoinesRegister.comDecember 1, 2011

Under federal bankruptcy law, all litigation seeking collection of debts is delayed until a final determination of the petition. Three banks — First American Bank, Northwest Bank and Ames Community Bank — recently filed lawsuits claiming that ...more »

Personal Bankruptcy
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MF Global, Lehman, AMR, Solyndra, L.A. Dodgers: Bankruptcy
San Francisco ChronicleDecember 1, 2011

The holding company's Chapter 11 case is In re MF Global Holdings Ltd., 11-15059, US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York. The liquidation of the broker is In re MF Global Inc., 11-02790, in the same court.more »


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