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Groups sue feds over Pacific bigeye fishing rule
Washington PostNovember 21, 2014

The regulation undermines international efforts to end overfishing of bigeye, said the lawsuit, which was filed in federal court by the environmental law firm Earthjustice on behalf of the Conservation Council for Hawaii and two other groups. The ...more »

Tribes work to create sex-offender registries
Great Falls TribuneNovember 21, 2014

The report released this week by the U.S. Government Accountability Office said that despite most eligible tribes being on board to track sex offenders within their borders, the tribes face a number of challenges in implementing the law. Those include ...more »

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Administrative Law
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Tamir Rice shooting: Call for US replica gun law change
BBC NewsNovember 24, 2014

The fatal shooting by US police of a 12-year-old boy brandishing a replica gun in a playground has prompted calls for the guns to be more clearly marked. Tamir Rice was shot twice by police in Cleveland after he allegedly failed to obey an order to ...more »

Health Care Law
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House Republicans sue over Obama's healthcare law
ReutersNovember 21, 2014

Cathey Park of Cambridge, Massachusetts wears a cast for her broken wrist with ''I Love Obamacare'' written upon it prior to U.S. President Barack Obama's arrival to speak about health insurance at Faneuil Hall in Boston October 30, 2013.more »

Admiralty & Maritime Law
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Where Was Republicans' Concern for "Political Norms" When They Took the ...
The New RepublicNovember 24, 2014

The conservatives tenting their fingers, anticipating all the discretion a Republican president will use, would likewise have found reasons to support those acts of discretion whether Obama had acted unilaterally on immigration or not. Two years ago ...more »

Immigration Law
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The President Has As Much Immigration Authority As Congress Gives Him
ForbesNovember 21, 2014

I get most of this from a prescient 2009 article by Adam Cox of NYU Law School and Cristina Rodriguez of Yale Law. In “The President and Immigration Law,” Cox and Rodriguez explain how the Supreme Court has interpreted immigration law in the absence ...more »

Industrial Development Law
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Why 2016s Hopefuls Are Hopeless
Daily BeastNovember 22, 2014

As well you might ask. But if she gets her own casino it will be a fund-raising plus. Senator Warren taught at Harvard and is an expert in bankruptcy law, so she has plenty of direct connections to the smarty-pants Ivy Leaguers who ruined the U.S. economy.more »

Alternate Dispute Resolution
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Dispute resolution in Guernsey
The Global Legal PostNovember 21, 2014

It is clear that the Guernsey courts have risen to the challenge admirably, handling with ease the complex and sophisticated cases that come before it and giving Guernsey a reputation as a first class international centre for dispute resolution and ...more »

Insurance Litigation
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$350M Insurance Suit Was Invalid, Lloyd's Tells 5th Circ.
Law360 (subscription)December 12, 2014

The insurer said the plaintiffs, who were bought out from the company in July 2009, also lacked standing to allege they were harmed by not getting the $350 million they had sought in the insurance litigation Morgan Stanley filed on behalf of Safeguard ...more »

Animal Law
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Animal Cruelty Response Summit was an unprecedented work session to save ...
vtdigger.orgNovember 24, 2014

Barre, VT – On Tuesday, October 21, nearly 50 professionals representing local, regional and state agencies gathered for a day-long working summit to fundamentally change training, enforcement and legislation to improve protections for animals.more »

Intellectual Property
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Workshop to focus on intellectual property
International Falls JournalNovember 25, 2014

Uradnik has 25 years of experience in all aspects of intellectual property law including the development and patenting of new inventions and emerging technologies, litigation to protect and defend clients' IP assets, and advising on research and ...more »

Asbestos Litigation
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Site cleaned despite legal woes
Marion StarNovember 24, 2014

While Stan Rosenfeld's 333 Joseph LLC did not meet the deadline set by Judge Jim Slagle, citing a lack of financial resources, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently completed a cleanup of the property, which officials said contained ...more »

Labor & Employment Law
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Affirmative action
The EconomistNovember 27, 2014

This is the latest legal challenge to affirmative action—and the first to target a private university—hatched by Edward Blum, an activist bent on dismantling Bakke. Among other campaigns, Mr Blum's organisation, the Project on Fair Representation ...more »

Why Darren Wilson Will Walk
Daily BeastNovember 22, 2014

This would, of course, require some moderation of regulatory standards, particularly in reference to climate change. The President's recent deal with China, which essentially allows the Chinese to keep boosting emissions until 2030 while we reduce ours ...more »

Landlord & Tenant Law
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Today was a bad day for renters, landlords, and democracy
The IndependentNovember 28, 2014

A far sadder day for the 9 million of us who rent our homes with little protection in existing law. This bill had been drafted to try to prevent landlords from evicting tenants who complain about poor conditions in their homes. Although the vast ...more »

Bankruptcy Law
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Poll: Employers watching insurance costs closely
Lynchburg News and AdvanceNovember 21, 2014

Yet only 3 percent of organizations that currently offer health insurance and would be required to offer coverage as the overhaul is implemented say they plan to change employee schedules to reduce their burden under the law. The overhaul also created ...more »

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American Creek Resources Receives Favorable Judgement Regarding Costs in ...
Marketwired (press release)November 28, 2014

27, 2014) - American Creek Resources Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:AMK) ("American Creek" or "the Corporation") is pleased to announce that Reasons for Judgement have been delivered by the trial judge on the matter of costs in the Treaty Creek litigation.more »

Business Law
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80% of Parents Think Their Kids are Growing Up too Fast: Is Technology to Blame?
AleteiaNovember 21, 2014

These same parents said they allow their 10-year-olds to own cell phones, have TVs in their bedrooms, have their own iPads, and to search the Internet without supervision by age 12. ... There are the TV commercials advertising a sexually violent crime...more »

Military Law & Military Benefits
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Congress passes defense budget with troop benefit cuts
Stars and StripesDecember 12, 2014

WASHINGTON – Congress approved a defense authorization bill Friday, setting priorities for the military and clearing the way for cuts to troop benefits next year. The bill passed a final 89-11 vote in the Senate, and lays out plans for military...more »

Computer & Internet Related Crimes
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Matthew Greenstein: Suburban Lake Worth man arrested for possession of child ...
WPTVNovember 22, 2014

According to a sheriff's arrest report, a deputy with the South Florida Internet Crimes against Children task force found the internet address to Greenstein's computer in September while searching a law-enforcement database. The database contained a ...more »

Personal Injury
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Prior Medical History: How it Can Derail a Personal Injury Case
Legal ExaminerNovember 21, 2014

When you suffer a personal injury and the insurance company for the at-fault party does an initial evaluation of your claim, they're really looking for weaknesses in your case. If they suspect that the nature or severity of your injury was due to a pre ...more »

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights
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Judicial 'sappers and miners' undermined the constitutional fabric of the nation
Personal Liberty DigestDecember 15, 2014

In the letter, Jefferson was thanking Ritchie for giving him a copy of “Construction Construed, and Constitutions Vindicated” by John Taylor of Caroline, a work on the role of general government under the Constitution (and a book every liberty and ...more »

Professional Malpractice
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California Supreme Court to Review Constitutionality of Medical Malpractice...
Insurance News NetNovember 27, 2014

The California Supreme Court said today it will review the constitutionality of the state's arbitrary 39-year-old damages cap of $250,000 in medical malpractice cases in Hughes v. Pham. Last week, Consumer Watchdog wrote an amicus letter asking the ...more »

Consumer Protection
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Budget Deal May Not Be an Early Xmas Present for Wall Street
U.S. News & World ReportDecember 10, 2014

In the bill is a provision that knocks down part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which mandates sweeping changes in financial regulation following the Great Recession. The proposed spending bill also would ...more »

Real Estate Law
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Legal-Ease: Helping others with real estate sales
Lima OhioDecember 6, 2014

Real estate agents understandably and necessarily charge a fee for their services. That fee is often a percentage of the price paid for the property being bought or sold. In northwest Ohio, that percentage for residential (house) transactions typically ...more »

Ex Tap It Homebrew owner opening Hammonton brewery
Press of Atlantic CityNovember 23, 2014

New Jersey microbreweries benefited from a state law change in 2012 that allows consumers to buy beer made onsite at breweries and consume it there after a tour, according to the state brewer's guild. Breweries can also sell their product for ...more »

Sports Law
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Rule will allow HS athletes to pick their sports gender
myfoxny.comDecember 4, 2014

Minnesota's governing body for high school sports passed rules on Thursday that one critic said could hypothetically put a future NFL linebacker at power forward on a girls basketball team. ... law for girls." (State law already allows girl to play on ...more »

Criminal Defense
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Attorney sentenced for resisting arrest, drunken driving
mySanAntonio.comNovember 21, 2014

A local criminal defense attorney was sentenced Friday for driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest. Kelly Kay Green, 54, pleaded no contest to the Class A misdemeanors in an open plea and was sentenced by County Court-at-Law No. 9 Judge Walden ...more »

Creed's Scott Stapp reveals he's broke and homeless after IRS audit in video
Daily MailNovember 27, 2014

'All hell broke loose' around two months ago when the IRS audited Scott's record company and personal finances. 'The IRS .... The Break Out belter announced he was looking for 'an honest, good attorney that's ready to fight and take it all the way to ...more »

Women in politics
Lima OhioNovember 22, 2014

Because her position is mandated by law, Hursh said there is no room for a pay gap in her line of work. There is no seniority-related pay increase for judges, or discrimination based on age. Willoughby said she is pleased to say she is paid the same as ...more »

Trusts & Estate Planning
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Trust mill peddlers are alive and well
Port Huron Times HeraldNovember 22, 2014

As we discussed in a column earlier this past summer, the State Bar of Michigan Elder Law and Disability Rights Section and the Probate and Estate Planning Section have been promoting A Living Trust Education Initiative. The goal of the initiative is ...more »

Environmental Law
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Vivint Solar's CEO Is Optimistic About The New Congress
CleanTechnicaNovember 21, 2014

Therefore, renewable energy supporters may have been very upset about the mid-term elections. Let's look at some of Butterfield's answers in the ... As it stands, the law will expire after December 2016. There is some concern that solar power should be ...more »

Wills & Probate
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This New Year, Help HNW Clients Plan Ahead with Tax-Optimized Trusts
WealthManagement.comDecember 2, 2014

Otherwise, the estate that you worked so hard to build for your client may be subject to probate, creditors, legal fees and taxes. Clients should create up-to-date wills and estate plans with an experienced lawyer and tax expert. Your financial ...more »

Family Law
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Relationship breakdown puts families in debt and damages business, says ...
Family Law WeekNovember 28, 2014

Family Law Week · Home · Create account · Subscribe to our CPD · Current CPD Courses · News · News Feeds · News Archive · Judgments · Articles · Podcasts · PDs & Guidance · Monthly Newsletters · Recruitment · Advertising on FLW · About Us · Contact ...more »

Workers Compensation
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Commission examining New Hampshire's high workers' compensation costs ...
Concord MonitorNovember 24, 2014

Under New Hampshire's current workers' compensation system, the injured worker's arm will cost far more to fix, a price discrepancy that is driving workers' compensation insurance premiums sky high, say employers and business advocacy groups involved ...more »


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