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Stanislaus County Sheriff: Pot Farms Increasing Problem
KCRA SacramentoMarch 1, 2012

Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson applauds the US Attorney's announcement that it will be working with local law enforcement to further crack down on marijuana farms. Sheriff Christianson said the Stansilaus Drug Enforcement Agency, ...more »

Can a court force jurors to turn over Facebook posts about a trial?
Thomson Reuters News & InsightMarch 1, 2012

Now, thanks to a case in California state appellate court, we're going to get some guidance on how far a court can go to discover just what a juror is telling his "friends" and "followers." Next month, the Third Appellate District of the California ...more »

Administrative Law News and Stories

Administrative Hearings
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Court fights off attack | Bangkok Post: news
Bangkok PostMarch 1, 2012

Even if the court enjoys independence in hearing cases, its structure allows members of a panel of judges to contest each other. There is also the commissaire du gouvernement to keep a balance at the Administrative Court, Mr Phairoj said.more »

Federal Regulations
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Federal Judge Apologizes for Racist Email About President Obama
Wall Street Journal (blog)March 1, 2012

By Sam Favate A federal judge in Montana apologized Wednesday for forwarding an email with a racist joke directed at President Barack Obama. The the judge said passed along the joke because it was “anti-Obama,” not because he is a racist.more »

Administrative Law
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Wisconsin wind siting rules in effect
WisBarMarch 20, 2012

By Edward S. Marion, Edward S. Marion, Attorney-at-Law LLC, Madison March 21, 2012 – The Public Service Commission (PSC) promulgated rules implementing 2009 Wisconsin Act 40. The act limited local control over wind energy systems, and required the PSC ...more »

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Tenure Charges Against Manalapan Principal Revealed
Patch.comMarch 1, 2012

By Katrina Rossos By now it is no secret that Manalapan High School Principal was placed on a forced administrative leave in December 2011 with pay by Freehold Regional High School District Superintendent Charles Sampson without knowledge of his ...more »

Regulatory Enforcement
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Undercover storefront operations prove successful for law enforcement in ...
The Augusta ChronicleMarch 1, 2012

Storefronts, like the one used in Augusta's latest sting operation, are favorite tools used by law enforcement to catch criminals. During Operation Smoke Screen, investigators located an illegal pawn shop on Peach Orchard Road and convinced the owner ...more »


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